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Things to know about me.

I'm a purebred District 11 citizen, I'm not kidding you, right now, since there was a riot in D11, I'm staying at CHB, its nice here.

I'm currently living on Planet Earth.

1) My name is Matt, I have brown hair and eyes. I'm tall, and a wallflower.

2) I Love Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter, all great reads.

2.5) Favorite Characters! Iggy Ride, Tyson, Rue, Thresh, Hermione, Cato, Clove, Peeta, and of course.. Percy

3) Mary Sue and Gary Stu, if your OC is daughter of Zeus, her name is Sundrop Lily-Pad McDouble, can shoot lightning out of her eyes, is immune to harm, and is a totally "attractive" and is dating Percy? I think she's a little Sue-ish..

4) I'll read almost any Fic, I'll review and Etc. And I'm a nice person, but every one has a limit.

5) Pairings!

1. Percabeth, 100% I sport it all day and everyday, if I had a shirt that said "I am in love with this pairing" I would wear it without a doubt.

2. Prachel, Eh.. I thought about it for a couple weeks, I decided, NO. Annabeth is such a better other for Percy. Rachel is nice and all but ugh. No way.

3. Thalico, YES YES YES. I love that pairing.

4. Uhm.. BeckendorfxSelena My by far favorite couple, they are so perfect for each other, it's like west side story almost, the ugly, not liked god, with the beautiful goddess for a mother Selena. They are just so different.

5. Traitie, *Clears throat* YES!

6. Keeta, of course!!!

7. Kale? KatnissxGale? nonononono. Never-ever. Gale is SO not fit for Katniss, I think they should just.be.friends.

8. Heffie, MHM!

9. HarryxHermoine, I ship these two so much!

10. HarryxGinny, NOPE NEVER. Little Ginny? No way.

11. Cant think of any others...

Well this is a LITTLE about me.


I say I'm getting a lap-top soon, honestly, I doubt it xD

I HOPE! Please review .

Italics are cool, anyways, The Ice Within is my best friend!!! She is so talented, were Co-writing a story right now, I won't tell you much, except the main character is a demi-god. Lotta info right xD

When I'm bored, I go on a copy, paste frenzy.

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14. Have actually exploded marshmallows in the microwave
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