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Let me say this once and for all, just to lessen confusion. I don't discriminate against anyone for their tastes, but:
The only context in which ANY Vash/Wolfwood pairing will exist in my writing is a HUMOROUS one, and one in which NOTHING HAPPENS. I do not see this pairing, and I don't like this pairing. Thus, if that is what you're looking for, please look elsewhere. I hope you find something good, and enjoy it; it's just not my cup of tea. Please don't try to convince me otherwise; this is one of the beliefs I'm adamant about, and I simply will not budge. (However, if you'd like to talk about KxL, that's a whole other cup of tea, and one I will gladly partake of. ^^)
That being said, you may now return to your regularly scheduled profile:

Hello! :Wave.: I guess it's about time i got myself an account here, so... HI! Hehe. I'm just your average lunatic here, don't mind meeee... mostly in existence for the purposes of flooding the Trigun section with my amazing spectrum of intense angst and hilarious stupidity. I can't really write, but I like to pretend I can. ^.^

So... um... If you really want to know, I'm a high school senior with far too much time on her hands and a lot of unhealthy obsessions. Namely Trigun, Lord of the Rings, X-Files, and Everything Else that Appeals To Me At The Time. I also love writing spoofs of things I dislike (which will be posted. Eventually.)

Mmnn... what else? OH! Go to my website above; it's actually my webcomic, Anathema. Read it. Love it. Obey it. Send us money (please? I'm broke.) ^^ And I'd love to chat, so feel freeeee to IM meh. ^^

In sum... Ore wa baka, aku, otaku.
I like juice.
Sporks is good. ^.^

Mmn... I'm only writing here because I'm bored and I don't want to do my homework. Heee. I'd rather be... writing? Watching anime? Yes. I'd rather be asleep, for pete's sake. Gaah... I needs me some more Pepsi...

10/15/02: I've started with the Trigun posting. Read them. Love them. Review them? I do so love feedback...!

11/24/02: Eee! After my longlong absence, I return with Chapter 9 of Business Meeting! Preacher Man, BM, and Salvation all have chapters coming up (and I've plotted out endings for the former two; the Legato one has a long way to go, I fear, before I have any idea what I'm doing with it.) Also, I'm going to post the first chapter of 'Carryon," (pronounced like carrion, if you're curious,) a strange little thing I got the inspiration for, started, and like everything else didn't finish. It's going to be fun writing, though. ^_^ Eee. Well, I've muttered and self-glorified more than enough. Ciao!

11/30/02: My favorite travesty, Preacher Man, has a new chapter. ^.^ Other day I added Dark Dreams, a foray into slightly yaoi territory.. an original poem.. and i updated some stuff. Carryon and Salvation, if i recall. Everyone read and especially review! I starve without my reviews, you know. :Puppy dog eyes: Dear god is it late. Goodnight!

3 February 2003: I'm sorry things are abandoned! I intend to start up again soon. Promise. Like, tonight or tomorrow. ^_^

April 9th, 2003: ACK. I suck. ^^ I managed to add a new chapter to Preacher Man... my old fav'. ^^ :Sigh: Poor Adam... I don't know why, but I love the guy. And I started a new thing... all that could have been. Yes, the titles are all NIN lyrics. Yes, it's silly. But I. Like. The idea. :Sticks out her tongue.: So there. ^_^

November 27th, 2003- Making an effort to write things that are actually worth posting. Le sigh. New chapter of Carryon up; hope you all like it. I'm sorry everything's taking so long. I've honestly not felt inspired to write any of my old stuff as of late. I really ought to, I know, I know. >. Aaanywho. Grandiose plans I well may never realize. For the moment, enjoy what's here, and send lots of reviews! ^_^ They brighten my day like you would not believe.

December 22, 2003- Instead of writing college-application essays which are due next week, I wrote you a new chapter of Carryon. ENJOY IT! ^_^ I'm not bitter, don't worry- just irresponsible. XD Other updates to come.. soon? I hope? Weeee'll seeee. For now, read, review, rejoice in the Trigunness. Love and peace, my friends! Cheers.

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A city destroyed, but the angel to blame nowhere to be found. Choices to be made and orders to be followed; kindness and cruelty blur together. All that remains is the question, of where everything began. Spoilers abound.
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After a looong absence, i return! || We're judged not by who we are, but by what came before us. The outlaw and the wolf cub set off to find their peace, one through vengeance, the other through saving the world. but what prices do we pay? SPOILERS!!
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