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Sorry that I have not been around at all lately. More will be updated soon, and I'll get back into writing. Sorry for making you all wait. x_x

Currently working on:
Shido's New Friend Chp. 2 (Nightwalker/Hellsing)
Restraining Sanity Chp. 1 (The Bouncer) (I have e proluge up for it. Enjoy.)
Rurouni Kenshin (Stuff. Poems. o.o; Stories. Soon, soon.)

Favorite Games: Bust-a-move, Dance Dance Revolution, Devil May Cry, Fatal Frame, Final Fantasy 6,7,8,9, Kingdom Hearts, Secret of Mana, Silent Hill 3, The Bouncer. (More to be added soon..)

Favorite Anime: Chobits, Escaflowne, Fruits Basket, Hellsing, Master of Mosquiton, Nightwalker, Saiyuki, Trigun, Twilight of the Dark Masters, Vampire Hunter D. (More to be added soon..)

Favorite Characters(1-etc..): Eiri Yuki, Genjo Sanzo, Mugetsu, Sephiroth, Sha Gojyo. (More to be added soon..)

Well, lets talk about Fate. A character that I made up along time ago, full name, Richter Adrian Glory. He is an original, please do not steal. If you do, I shall eat you. -Nods.- But now that someone *COUGHSTEVEYCOUGH* stole my middle and last name for him, I refound him another name. It is Aren Celin Runon. Anywho, he is 6'9", and has hair that comes to the middle of his chest, and from his ears down it is black, the rest is orangish yellow. He has red dragon eyes, with black slits. His wear is pretty normal; a dark green hoodie that reads, "bite me, i bite back" on the front of it. How lovely. His pants are a dark grey, and he has large black boots. Nothing much out of the normal. He does have a tail though, long and slick, maybe about 5 to 7 feet, it has a pointed spade on it. He's around 300 centuries from what I formally know. X3;; Poor thing to live so long. Let us all weep. Boo hoo. Now...lets that I'm done talking about him...

Now for a bit about me. I am a girl of the age 15, and a yaoi fan. Yay. Get over it. Anywho, I'm 5'6", and I dress basically as Fate. Because Fate is like a demonic/vampiric version of myself. Yes, he isn't human. No human is normally 6'9". Anywho, I wear a my blue Linkin' Park hoodie most of the time. (It isn't actually mine, it's really a friends, but since it's too small for her, I get to wear it. Go me.) And I wear my black bondage pants and bondage boots. or my kik wear jeans that are a size 9. X3;;; And that's way too big for me...5 sizes to big, in fact...but, hey, I got those when I actually weighed something. Now I am a size 4. >>; Anywho...I wear my boots, hoodie, and my special kinda of pants, most of the time. My hair used to be the same as Fate, only that the colors are reversed. So, yeah. But now, my hair is short, and spoofy. It likes to spike. Want to see, got to my deviant site. It's fun. Another thing is that I'm an artist. I draw anime, and dark stuffs. I do requests too, and I enjoy them! And yes, I do suck. XD But yes, I will draw if you like. I would make you people pay...*points intentially* but I'm not good enough to do that yet. XD; Just kidding. I enjoy drawing pictures for people. And if anyone would like me to draw a scene from either one of my stroies, or even their own, I can do so. Just send me an email at my new address, Yesh. I got mad at the old one. Anywho... I'm not sure there's much more to say...except that I like to sing. XD Not like I can do any good busines with that, but yeah. My name I shall not say, but you can call me Fate, Fateness (XD), or whatever, really. just yeah. I usually sign things as 'The Fate'. It happens. Anywho, until my next update, or character that I make, I'll leave you people be, and stop boring you with my nonsence...X3; It was fun.

Ashes to ashes,
and Dawn to Dusk,
Forever shall you have my trust.

Ja ne.
-The Fate-

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