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Lady Solo and Crystal Rose are crazy whores . . . or so we've been told . . . multiple times . . . by everyone we meet . . . . 0.o . . . should we be worried? Nah.

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*crazy-whores (joint) FFN profile: this one.
--joint email:

LS: Okay, it's finally happened.
CR: What's that, LS (who, btw is my most favorited author in the world because she wrote "Merletto")?
LS: Well, CR (author of the bestest-story-in-the-world-besides-"Merletto" which is called "Wounded Souls" b/c it has over 800 reviews), we have started writing a story together.
CR: Solo, that's not insanity, is it?
LS: *stares* Define insanity.
CR: Celine Dion is insanity.
LS: Candians are insanity. Are all Canadians like you, CR?
CR: . . . no. They all say a-boot and eh? and know mounties.
LS: I thought so. You seemed a little strange to me.
CR: Yes, I'm a weird one.
LS: No shit, sherlock.
CR: You better watch it or I'll run you over with a lawn mower.
LS: No problem. I regenerate. *slits eyes* You better watch it or I'll get my primate hubby to come after you. He thinks you look like his mother.
CR: ". . ."
Neo: :-P
CR & LS: EGAD! *run and barricade themselves in a windowless room*
Neo: :-P
CR: HE'S STILL HERE! How'd HE get in!?
LS: He's SUPER-NEO! He's . . . faster than DSL, can leap PHP in a single bound . . . he's SUPER-NEO!!
Neo: :-P
LS: -_-;;
CR: How do we get rid of him?
LS: hmm . . . we can . . . try to . . . confuse him. *light bulb goes on*
CR: You have a lightbulb over your head.
LS: *looks up* Oh, yeah, that. It's rather annoying though.
CR: . . . do you have an idea?
LS: Let's . . . um . . . run HIM over with a lawn mower. HE can't regenerate like you and me!
CR: Good idea! How aboot then you eat his liver for good measure?
LS: Okay.
CR: Okay.

to be continued . . . .

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Moomoo Stink and the Hell Raisers reviews
Usagi and Mamoru are dumped off on a deserted island for a month by their so-called friends. With LADYSOLO and CRYSTAL ROSE pulling the strings of fate, what will happen to our fave duo? R/R or we hunt you down and eat your livers.
Sailor Moon - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 27,059 - Reviews: 79 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 11/6/2002 - Published: 10/9/2002