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Okay, let me explain my stories:

Our Promise: It's taking some time for me to finish since I'm busy with a lot of stuff so please forgive me. Plus, it seems that I have a case of writer's block. Please help me.

Best Friends, Right?: I know! I know! It said that the next chapter would come quick! I thought it would but it didn't! So many apologies!


Dear People Who Know Me/Read My Stories,

I'm sorry to say this but I'm disappearing off the face of the planet. I'll still check my inbox and finish the two terrible stories I attempted to write but no more will be uploaded. Maybe I'll make a new Penname and try harder this time. I am sorry to say this but really...I'm not a very good writer.
The aura's icky here. I must move on to a purer sanctuary. I plan to continue reading the stories of my favorite authors and actually, review more. I'll try harder under the new Penname.
I'm sorry to the friends that I've made here. Especially omega.alphawhiskey and OsinR. But when I have my new Penname, maybe we'll become friends again.



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