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Author has written 6 stories for Song of the Lioness, Beka Cooper series, Angel, Once on This Island, and Les Miserables.

Name- Mac

Gender- Female

Age 14

Hobbies- Singing, dancing, gymnastics, and playing the clarinet. I was in marching band, too. This one time, at band camp...

UPDATES- All of my stories are on indefinite hiatuses. My muses have all left my little head, but I'm trying. Thing is, I'm so ADD that I'll start a story, and abandon it when I get an idea for another one. I need help.


Favorite Color:


...Black's not a color.

Excuse me. Black is a legit color.

Don't argue with me!

Fine. Red... Sheesh. *mutters*

Favorite Song:

Too many


Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?!

I'm a figment of your imagination. Well, that, or a result of your schizophrenia...

I'm not schizo!

I am.

I'm so confused.

Favorite TV shows:

NCIS, NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Leverage, Angel

Favorite Books:

Anything Tamora Pierce, James Patterson, or Suzanne Collins. Ooh, and we can't forget the Brick of literary genius that is Les Miserables.


GOD! Take a pill... Hunger Games, Maximum Ride, and Song of the Lioness, to name a few. I'll read anything and have read almost everything.

That's still somewhat vague.

I hate you.

Thinking of coming out with any new stories?

I am thinking. I will continue Steel Eyes and Rogue's Wolf, as soon as I get over my Buffy and Angel obsession. I'm working on a new Angel story now, with an original character that I hope I can use again, and thus set up some universe-bending crossovers. It'll rock the casa.

What are you planning to cross?

Well, I'm really into Leverage now, and I've really been giving thought to a Leverage/Angel arc revolving around Eliot and Lindsey. Not sure how I'm gonna play it; brothers, or the same man with a new name. Actually, I could go anywhere with a Leverage crossover or an Angel crossover. When the Leverage team was in LA is an interesting prospect; it makes an Angel crossover easy. OR, an NCIS: LA crossover. Ooh, that would kick butt! OH GOD an ANGEL? NCIS:LA CROSSOVER! 0.0 crossed again with NCIS!

Well, that should keep you busy for the next year or so...

Are you doubting my awesomeness?

...What about this musical you're in?

Once on this Island? I got the part of a Storyteller. It's pretty awesome. I think it's better than the lead, considering I get to sing in every single song, unlike any major role. I really love singing; I made it into a Regional chorus this year and couldn't be more excited. I can't wait for this musical, either. My best friend is Ti Moune, and my guy friend is Daniel. But my favorite character is Papa Ge...

Don't do it.


You did it.

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Blackbird reviews
As the flames of the Revolution burn higher and higher around him, Enjolras finds a broken bird, and brings it into the light of a new tomorrow. Eponine strives towards redemption, struggling to get out of the shadows of the streets of Paris.
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Wolfram and Hart hires an assassin for private security, and gets more than they bargained for when they learn what this assassin really is. Lindsey wants to know how he fits in to this.And Angel just wants the ring.
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