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Author has written 4 stories for Fruits Basket, Final Fantasy VII, and Gundam Seed.

December 21th, 2007 ~ Merry Christmas to all and enjoy your holidays. I'll still be writing. Don't worry. I started on my novel too, so things may get a tad slow but things are still moving.

If you have questions, please e-mail me or send a message, via

Critiquing Notes ~ For those of you following my profile because I didn't give you a review you agree with. Know this: when I give you a critique, it is meant to help you, not hurt you or insult you. Whether or not you take my advice, is your choice. But the oldest excuse I hate when people message me back concerning my reviews is that "it's just a fanfiction". So what? It's a extension of your mind. The thoughts that come from you and how you interrupt them for other people to read. It's still a story and it still needs to get better in some way. No one will ever be perfect.

And one more thing: if you didn't like being critiqued or can't handle criticism, why are you posting on an online site where such a feature is included?

If you want your ego stroked, ask your friends to tell you what they think of it. I am going to tell you what I think needs to be done to make it better.

Writing Style Explanation ~ I can guess that many of you are confused over how I write stories. I take an anime/manga and add my own OC to it, thought still following the original basis of that anime but with a different plot that I create up, though I still have all the main characters in some way. I do, at times, write Canon only character stories, much like the Final Fantasy one "Maglinant Misletoe", though I do have other Canon couples get together, my character is usually the heroine of my fics, obviously. If this bothers some of you, then I just ask you not to read, though your passing up a really great fanfiction.

Just as a brief added note, I will be doing more Canon Only stories as time goes by.

Story Progress

Make Me Like You, Whatever You Are Chapter Two ~ 26 Percent Complete

Timeless Serenade Chapter Three ~ 44 Percent Complete

Wind-blown Melody ~ 22 Percent Complete (On-Hold)


Name ~ Miyuki Rina

Age ~ 17

Birthday ~ July 7

Hair Color ~ Red/Orange (Pink with blue tips)

Eye Color ~ Bright Green (Orange)

Height ~ 5'6

Weight ~ 124 1bs.

Blood Type ~ O Negative

Occupation ~ College Student (Freshman)

Personality ~ Two-faced. Wait, well maybe that's not quite the right word. Or, maybe it is. Just not in that way. Miyuki can be a very sweet person when you first meet her but that doesn't mean the kindness she is extending to another is the truth of what she feels. It's sort of an issue she has with no wanting to hurt someone's feeling but within the contents of her own free mind, she allows herself the liberty of being brutally honest without regret. Lying isn't something she prides herself on, but feels the need to shield someone from something she can't at times bear to admit. Sometimes, though, she crosses the line into being brazen and/or even rash and the truth just pops right out her mouth. If and when this happens, most of the time she just laughs a little though most people who have come to know her simply accept it as part of her that she can't change.

Most of the reason people forgive her impudence is because she is otherwise a very tender-hearted, easy-going and cheerful individual. Those who know her can't help but smile when they see her just because she can be very comical at times, even without intending to be so. The one thing that remains a constant betrayal to her "lying-in-wait" personality, is the guard she puts up when she first mets people. Miyuki acts quite friendly for the most part and is rather talkative, but only those who carefully note it, can see that she never says much about herself in-depth except at odd and rare intervals. With her, it simply takes time, understanding and more than anything trust. Though she wishes she could change, so far, it hasn't.

In addition to all of this, Miyuki is very sentimental dreamer despite the way she may present herself. She holds love in the highest regard and can be very hesitant when it comes to giving in to it because she doesn't want to be hurt. Even so, she never falters when it comes to placing her trust in another, believing nothing can be accomplished otherwise.

One of the good and bad attributes Miyuki has is that she isn't angered easily. But when she does become angry she is almost violent in her ways, but she seldom holds a grudge to a person for very long at all. Mostly, because near anything can capture her attention and shift her mood. Even with all of her flaws and good points, a lot of people simply feel drawn to her because she's unique and wouldn't have it another way.

Notes ~ I'm sure a few of you are wondering why two different physical descriptions for her. Well, one was created probably eight or so years ago and was linked to a now somewhat distant yet still beloved friend. I've changed her name just to say, but I can't bring myself to completely remake her for every story because I owe it to my friend. So I just use whichever version I want. If that bothers some people, I'm sorry. It's just a personal issue.

Real Name Michelle

Nickname(s) ~ Fiona, Fi-chan, Mimi, Mimi-chan, etc...

Pen Name ~ Fiona Aliece Lenet

Occupation ~ College Student

Pursued Major ~ Creative Writing

Current Anime/Manga Obsession ~ Special A & Love Monster

Current Game Obsession ~ Final Fantasy X-2

Favorite Anime ~ Too many to name...--;

Favorite Games Series ~ Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts

Favorite Bishonen(s) ~ Lio Isumi, Kira Takuto, Kyo Wakamiya, Kiba, Tasuki, Yuki Sohma,Takanari-sama and others I can't think of right now. x3

Plans for 2009

New Full-Length Anime Stories, Including ~ Genbu No Kaiden, Vampire Knight, Gentlemen's Alliance, Special A, Godchild, Ouran High School Host Club and more!

Several One-Shots ~ SakuraxFai, MiyukixSasame, MiyukixTakanari-sama, HowlxSophie, HaruhixTamaki, MiyukixKyouya and more!

Stories To Come/Future Fanfictions

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

None Planned Yet

Full Moon Wo Sagashite

No Title Yet ~ "It wasn't supposed to be this way.Why couldn't my body let me let go? If not or my sake, but for your's...?"

Gentleman's Alliance Cross (Shinshi Doumei Cross)

No Title Yet ~ A shadow of a man. A marionette of a girl. Both bound to another. Will fate finally teach them how to draw tight that strings they hold that can bind them to one another?

Howl's Moving Castle

You Miss Me Yet ~ Sophie was never the apple of Howl's eye, that is, until she made it sure that was the only one he saw. Too bad it had to come at the cost of someone who also beloved the dark-haired wizard on her own. (Summary Under-Revision)

Ouran High School Host Club

No Title Yet ~ In a place where love comes at a simple question, is it possible for the flower of love to possibly bloom in the darkest of shadows...? (Summary Under-Revision)


None Planned Yet

Princess Tutu

Storybook Endings Can't Happen In Reality ~ A promise made. A promise kept. Even now. As the days go by, he can't help but want to return to the story if just only for one reason.

Tsubasa Chronicle

A Discarded Feather Means Destiny ~ Love is often said to be much like the feeling of flying. But in order to love one another, they must rip away their wings to soar. (One-Shot)

Vampire Knight

The Beat of My Heart ~ To support a vampire through one's blood is an unforgivable sin. But for one gaze-distant human and one inferiority-complex-ridden vampire, it is all they can do to stay together in a world where their entire relationship is a taboo. (Title & Summary Under Revision)

Weiss Kreuz

Scars Can't Fade ~ One mission. That's all it took to bring them down. That's also all it took to begin healing the scars that tainted their hearts. (Title & Summary Under Revision)

Removed Stories

A Digi Dream't Nightmare ~ Possible Comeback/Renewal Planned

Shadow and Memory ~ Completely Discontinued

"Princess Tutu..."

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