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Do you really wanna know anything about me? I'm not that interesting.

I was checking my own profile after 5 years of ff and I was honestly surprised at how foolish I made myself look with the description I gave myself... such an embarrassing profile I had. I'm changing it a bit.

My writting style may be diferent, and it may have some mistakes because I'm Brazilian I also don't have a beta reader so be patient, ok?

I was wondering how people manage to make such big profiles, unfortunately I found out, I admit that I looked other people's profiles to have ideas, but I'm not really interested in the 'copy and paste it on your profile' stuff.

Likes: Original ideas.

Interacting with smart people.

Expressing everything I feel in form of some kind of art.

Seeing things in my own way.


Writing poetry/fics.

Playing games/guitar.

The few people I can call friends, real ones.

My family, even though they can be quite annoying some times.

Dislikes: Nowadays music, (Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and the list goes on)

People who steal or take credit from other people's work.

Unoriginal things.

Anime main characters.

People who flame other people's hard work on this site for no reason.

Non-sense (People included)




There are two quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche that I find really interesting.

He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

We have art so that we may not perish by the truth.


I always aim for the impossible pairing...

For example, on Naruto: Sasuke x Ino, do I need to say anything here? I'm so sorry to say that, but I honestly don't believe it's gonna happen, actually I think I'll have children already when this anime is finished.

I've been wathing/reading Fairy Tail, and I intantly knew I would support Gray x Lucy, but the thing is, I know Gray likes Lucy, the manga gave enough hints to make me believe that, but Lucy sees him only as a good friend, she might like Loki or Natsu.

And Fullmetal Alchemist, one of the best animes I've watched so far, can you guess the couple I support on this one? Roy x Winry... Wth? You ask me, he killed her parents and she hates him, beside he is much older than her. It only proves what I said before, I always go for the impossible ones.

Have you noticed? If you don't know all the characters I mentioned above, look them up on google, you'll notice something interesting.

Yes all three of the parings have a black haired boy and a blonde girl. Unusual I know.

Anime main characters

I utterly hate main characters, I hate Naruto, I hate Natsu and I hate Edward... well Edward not so much, but why do I hate them?

Because they never lose. What's the point of watching a fight that you know who's going to win? There is more than just a character in the anime.

Even though there are a lot of stronger members in Fairy Tail, Natsu is always the one to beat the big bosses, he gets all the attention when actually there are coller characters in the guild, Gray and Loke being examples. Natsu is annoying as hell, everytime he opens his mouth I feel like turning the volume of my laptop to 0.

Main characters look and act all the same, they are always the stupid but caring type, that won't ever let their friends get hurt, and will find strength from who knows where when they are about to get defeated.

Now come on, how many times have you seem this scene?

The whole group defeated on the floor, the enemy laughing and telling his plan out loud instead of simply finishing them off and them from all the people laying on the ground the one to rise is the main character, because he simply refuses to lose, even with all the bruises, broken bones and torn skin.

Then comes the best part, he's been severely beaten during the whole fight, but when he recovers after seeing some flash backs or after seeing how many people depends on him, he is brand new, ready to fight at least 2 more bosses, and he beats the boss with just one blow or two.

It's really frustrating...

I've noticed another thing and I can't help but sigh everytime I see it. During a fight between characters of the same team, they are smashed against walls, beaten until they can't stand, just to stand again and fight.

And then in another situation, one of them give the other one hit and make him/her unconscious.

They smash rocks and whole building with the force of the blows directed at them, just to stand up and fight like it was nothing, but when it's convenient to the author, they will just pass out with one hit?

Just so you guys know, I'm not talking about fics here xD

I don't want to receive angry messages.

I hate Natsu from Fairy Tail, when I think he can't get more annoying, he surpasses my expectations.

Random stuff I feel like writing here

This site gave me one or two good friends up until now. I really consider them friends, I'm not sure they do the same. The thing is, I'm glad I joined fanfiction, there are smart people here, who can actually put up a good conversation and still be playful.

My previous name was IceShelter, someone might have seen it, but I had to change it after I googled it. I don't want people to see an ice tent whenever they think of me xD

This new name is a mix of Sieghart from Grandchase and Squall Leonhart from FFVIII, I honestly like it way better.

I was reading the latest chapter of fairy tail, and once again got fed up with Natsu, I mean... all the team lost, and all of them were sad and stuff, but the idiot Natsu had to be the one to make the emotional speech and display the determination, plus everyone loved it, damn, why can't another character rise once in a while? Why does it always have to be the main stupid character? It bothers me to the fullest.

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