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Well 'Ello there visitor! Freerider2901 here after finally deciding to get off his fat ass and actually put something on his profile.

If your here right now reading this, you probably just read my review I most likely left for your story and your trying to find out as much as possible about me so you can execute your well timed revenge against me... Or most likely you’re wondering why the hell I haven't posted anything in over 5 months... More on that later.

Anyway, some stuff about me I guess... Well I live in Ohio, if you find that information relevant. Exactly where I live I'll omit since I'm pretty sure a few people would like to see me dead.

I'm Currently 19 in college living in a rundown apartment in one of the major cities. I'm currently studying to become a Nurse Anesthesiologist. Again still living in a rundown apartment and my neighbors are the biggest fucking wankers on the planet.

Another thing I suppose I guess I could say is that I'm not originally from the United States. Shocking I know! And yet I can still write better English than most of the bumbling twats on this site. I used to live in the Jolly old England! You know that one island nation with all the tea and greasy food. I was ten when I had to leave when my dad, who is in the Air Force, was ordered to report to Nellis Air Force base in Las Vegas, which is, and I don't mean to offend anybody, the biggest piss bucket in this country.

Anyway, more stuff to talk about... Well I'm a gamer, if that's not very obvious enough. I like Mostly FPS, but then again, what kind of gamer isn't these days. I mostly into Halo if that also isn't abundantly clear to you, but that's mostly because Halo Combat Evolved is the game that got me hocked on most of the current FPS's today. I also love most of Nintendo's work, mainly The Legend Of Zelda and Metriod series, mainly because those are the games that got me hooked on gaming altogether.

Yes, I am also a brony but then again, who isn't these days? One burning question I seem to get sometimes is "Freerider2901, how did a big strapping handsome God bond in human form get into a show about magical talking ponies?" Well I guess if you really want to know I guess I can tell you.

It all started last year the day after the death of Osama Bin Laden. I had just got through an entire day of Nurse training and a frat party and was browsing Memebase in between shots of Johns Soda mixed with Imported Russian Iced Vodka when I came across a strange picture of Rainbow Dash standing in front of an American Flag with her salute with the slogan "We got him" above her head. OF course at the time I didn't know who she was or anything about My Little Pony at the time so I was just sitting there thinking "What the hell is that thing sitting on the homepage right now?" A few days later I started to find more pictures of the strange rainbow haired monstrosity in a number of memes so I decided to do some internet research and I made the discovery that it was from a show about magical talking ponies. “What did I do next with this information?”, you might ask. Nothing, that's what, because I had school and shit and a desire to retain my manhood. One boring day after a big test and having nothing to do, I decided to see what the hell the fuss was all about. So I went onto Youtube, typed in the first episode, then closed the window and played Halo when I got to the opening theme. I swear to god the moment I heard the first the words of that song, I felt my testicles retract into my body. So after a few days of putting it off, I pulled up the video and skipped the opening cinematic because I learned a long time ago if I wanted to make fun of anything, I had to know a bit about it. When I played the episode, I was expecting to view the gayest thing since anything came out of West Hollywood. But to my surprise, it wasn't. The First two episodes’ still weren't very good.

Another thing about me, I'm overly critical of everything. When I saw the first two episodes, it was so full of cannon establishment that it was bursting at the pours. Still, it interested me a bit into the source material so I decided to watch an episode at random. The third episode I watched was Winter Wrap Up. After watching that, I was hooked instantly.

Let’s see, what else… Oh below are a few future projects I guess. Now before you get your hopes up about remember, I’m a nurse in training in college and lazy as all fuck, so whether or not I’m make them is up to fate.

Reviewer Vs. The World

This is something I’ve actually come up with to try to get myself to write more often. Every week, I’ll pick apart fanfiction, episodes, and even other forms of media from everyone’s favorite show about multicolored talking four legged ponies in the manner as critical and funny as all fuck. I also hope to make a few fanboys cry in the process.

Rays of Moonlight

This is something I plan on doing after I finish Apple of Creation (If I ever write it that is.). With not wanting to spoil anything, the story will depict a 22 year old homeless stallion with a life soaked in tragedy. From the beginning of his life he has witnessed the murder of those closest to him, and since has traveled foreign lands to find a purpose in life. One day, convenient circumstances force him to return to Equestria to a small town where a certain lavender unicorn might be his only hope to ending his loneliness. A bit corny I know but what do you want from me? I’m a new author trying to get his name out and so far the only rep I get is from my brutal reviews.

MLP: Knights of the Lunar Republic (CANCELED)

I also have a few other projects lined up, but I’m not going to reveal them till I’ve completed Apple of Creation. Also remember that I’m a college student, so right now these are just ideas, with no real idea if I’ll write them or not.

I guess That’s all right now. Glad you actually took some time out of your day to read this I guess. Remember if you read my stuff, be sure to leave a review and tell me what you think. It helps me improve my writing skills and I use the number of reviews and hits to track my worth as a human being.

I’ll update my profile if anything ever come up. They’ll be down below.


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