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Access: Hello, and welcome to Access Time and Fin Fish’s Talk Hour!

Fin: Please give a big round of applause for our guest, Arafel the Dragon Mastress!

applause as Arafel enters*

Arafel: Hello, everyone! *takes seat between Access and Fin*

Access: So Arafel, this is your fanfic storehouse?

Arafel: That’s right, Access. I put my better fanfics up here, though some of the not-so-great ones are up on my webpage.

Fin: Have you been writing fanfics for very long?

Arafel: Sort of. I started out writing them in a little booklet, long before I got my computer. I’ve started putting them up on fanfiction.net since about the fall of 2002.

Access: I’ve noticed that none of your fanfics feature shounen ai or shoujo ai. Why is that?

Arafel: Because I’m Just Not Like That. I never intend to do any yaoi or yuri fics, ever. Sorry to the viewers who are disappointed.

Fin: In some of your fanfics, you refer to yourself as “Chi”, but other times, you call yourself “Arafel”. Would you explain why?

Arafel: That’s a little bit complicated. Sometimes I just feel like being “Arafel”, other times, I feel like being “Chi”.

Access: In some of your author’s notes, you’ve mentioned your sister. What’s she like?

Arafel: She’s... A nutzoid.

Fin & Access: A what?

Arafel: A weird person... Haven’t you ever heard that term before?

Access: No...

Fin: Not really... Do you get along well with your sister?

Arafel: *shrug* Well enough. We don’t mind sharing characters and writing fanfics together. If you notice, in several of my ‘fics, (note Zelgadiss 1/2) I borrow her characters... Of course, in Zelgadiss 1/2, I also borrow characters from my little siblings...

Fin: Do you like getting reviews?

Arafel: Very much.

Access: How about flames?

Arafel: Not so much. In fact, I think I put enough warning on my fanfics... So if, for example, someone who is the biggest person against self-insertion reads one of my SI fics, they deserve what they get. “KISS OF THE ROSE”, I AM TALKING TO YOU! *clears throat* But I hope people will read the warnings and stay away from fics they don’t want to read.

Fin: Would you like to make some observations about your fics for us?

Arafel: Sure. Fire a title at me, and I’ll tell you what my thoughts about that fic are.

Access: “What? I need a new title?”

Arafel: The first thing that brings to me is “Why don’t people like Sea Blobs?” Sure, they take some getting used to, but they’re not so bad...

Access & Fin: SEA BLOB?!!

Arafel: Yeah, that’s what a lot of people have said... I just don’t understand it.

Fin: What exactly is a Sea Blob?

Arafel: Uhm. Read the first paragraph or so of “What? I need a new title?” for that, please. More or less, it’s a shapeshifter that can control every cell in its body.

Access: How about “Can anyone say Obsession?”

Arafel: As anyone who knows me can guess, I have quite an obsession with Magneto... And his family... But not the well-known ones. (I don’t mess with Quicksilver or the Scarlet Witch...) I prefer Anya, his eldest daughter to feature in my fics. And I have flocks of romance ones involving his wife Magda, but I don’t have any/many of those up here. Uhm. I’m personally leaning toward the “any” option, but I plan to involve her in the “Obsession” fic.

Fin: And would “Time Traveler Luna” have anything to do with this obsession?

Arafel: *whistles innocently*

Access: Will you tell us anything about the “Luna” story?

Arafel: Only a little... It will be delving in to the past, beyond “present day” that everyone else fiddles with... You can probably witness the Grand Scale Miscommunication.

Fin: Okay... Let’s discuss Zelgadiss OneHalf, since you were eager to talk about that one before.

Arafel: What about it? Poor Zel. I feel bad for him. But you must admit, he is awfully cute as a girl.

Access: Do you prefer him in the female gender?

Arafel: NO! I’m not that kind of person... I like guys, which is all good and proper for me, being a girl and all...

Fin: Do you think you offended a lot of people with that statement?

Arafel: Sure. I’m positive they all hate me, but by this point in the interview, I would expect that from anyone.

Access: How about “Poor Kurt”?

Arafel: Huh? Oh, we’re going back to the fics. It’s kind of fun. It’s actually scary how easy Evolution’s Kurt is to work with...

Access: How do you intend to end this one?

Arafel: Now, that is a secret! |||^_^||| The one and only time I’ll quote Xellos...

Fin: What about “I am Amelia?”?

Arafel: I’m really surprised how many people like this one. I thought I would be flamed off the face of the planet for this one. Of course, those who have flamed have been nasty about it *cough cough* but there have been some reasonable people who didn’t like it and were civil enough to tell me politely... I want to thank those who have flamed the flamers for me, though.

Access: And “End of Evolution”?

Arafel: I’m sorry, I just don’t care for X-men Evolution. And besides, it makes a perfect universe for Anya to take out her problems on.

Fin: What series do you have the most stories about?

Arafel: Uhm. I think it would be X-men in its various forms. If not, it has to be Slayers. For sure.

Access: Do you intend to write a lot more stories anytime soon?

Arafel: That’s such a complicated question, Access, dear. I like writing fics, but it really depends on my mood. I really want to do a Weiss Kreuz and Hana Yori Dango crossover, but I haven't had enough time yet... *sigh*

Fin: Do you have any closing statements for us and the audience?

Arafel: Yeah! “I will not be held responsible for any insanity or frustration gained from the reading of my fanfics.” “If you read this whole thing, you must be brave! Eat a doughnut for your hard work!” “Go to Go! Collect 200 dollars!” Uhm... “Love and peace!”

Access: Ah—That’s all for today’s show! Thank you for joining us!

Arafel: “Take a ride on Reading Railroad”? No, how about “I love BISHOUNEN”? No, uh...

Fin: Please join us again!

Arafel: Maybe “Watashi wa hen gaijin desu yo!”?

TV clicks off as Arafel trails off looking for the perfect closing statement*

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