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Ok iFight Back is on hiatus for now. I will finish the story just I had some personal problems and during them I came up with the idea for a new story that I really want to write.

Chris but I go by CAGE (Yes all caps...it makes me feel important)

27 male from North Carolina and I fit Pisces to a T. (Wow thatline sounded like I was on a dating sight)

I got into iCarly on accident. I was watching a friends kids and
they were watching iCarly and I liked it it. After watching a few
episodes over and over I got tired of that and went in search
of all the episodes. Have seen every episode multiple times,
some I love some I'm not that fond of but for the most part it
is a well written show open to interpretation.

Which bring me to CAM...First run through of the show I
thought they were very cute together but I wasn't looking for
subtext and stuff. Second time around the subtext of their
relationship hit me like a tone of bricks. I mean I cant be that
far off when I've told people about liking the show and 2 or 3
people have commented on it even though they havent really
watched the show. But it made their relationship that more
special and cuter. It actually reminds me a lot of Buffy and
Willow with a dash of Tara thrown in (Willow being Carly and
Buffy being Sam, the Tara aspect is the fact that they need
each other like Willow/Tara needed each other and feel apart
with out each other).

I mean come on Cupcake, Carls, Carly girl... those are not
nicknames but pet names.

The things they say sometimes with Sam sometimes outright
saying Carly or another girls is attractive which is odd for a
show that has the target audience it has.

The rainbow ring that has been a small fixture on the show,
most shows don't use a prop/article of clothing jewelry more
than once and the ring has been in how many episodes and
they have done things to show it off.

Carly's same sex pajama pants. Don't know if they were male
or female but there were definitely two of the same symbol
next to each other all over those pants.

They both only had exactly 5 romantic feelings for guys and 2
of them were with the same guy. S1 Carly liked a guy and Sam
dated a guy, S2 they both went after the same guy, Carly
Dated a guy and Sam went out with a guy and kisses Freddie,
S3 Carly Dates Freddie, S4 Carly likes a guy, Sam kisses
Freddie. I know they are going to explore Seddie but it still
only counts as one guy. Its like the people in charge are trying
to keep things even. Also add in the fact that none of them till
now have lasted past a episode/special. Edit: I left out Cort
and Steven. So that does put Carly ahead by one technically
but 2 of hers never went past liking the guy.

None of the relationships seem to last long with Steven being
the longest. But still 3 months is pretty short for a

Sam holds Carly on a pedestal treating her the complete
opposite of how she treats everyone else and Carly acts like
Sam is her knight in shining armor some times and mothers
her the other times.

The cowboy and the idiot farm girl (outright flirting and the
last time it happened it was almost like they said "Fuck the
ineunedo's let's throw that shit out the window)

The fact that they act like a couple.

Also this was posted not to long ago..


compare it to this posted around the time of iSaved your life


They might not outright acknowledge a romantic CAM ship on
air but they sure as hell hint at it...using a butter sock filled
with a brick.

Second favorite ship is Felanie. I think those two would be
perfect for each other.

I don't mind Seddie but Creddie is a no go (I mean how many
times can someone say no both nicely and not so nicely
before it becomes weird and a restraining order gets brought
into the picture). Spam isnt bad as long as Sam is atleast out
of highschool, say what you will about love but its just creepy.
I don't mind Sparly when it is just a brother sister relationship
and alot of them written that way are light, funny, and cute.
Make Sparly romantic and I hate it and will not read it after I
realize it is going down. Gibby ships are odd because I don't
see any hint of it when it comes to Carly and Sam in the
show.. I don't look for Gibby stuff but I have came across
some decent ones that were other world fic.

My main problem with the two acknowledged ships is how the
fans act. A good amount of them treat the other ships like shit
and act like total asses. Add in the fact that the fic can go
completely out of character and makes either Sam or Carly
look like horrible people. Also Cam shippers write better fic
and usually get them in character better. I mean you are really
going to stop watching the show because you don't know if
you will get your way Creddies??? I say think because we
don't know what is going to happen down the road, i doubt it
but for all we know CAM could happen, thats what makes the
show fun. iOMG would have been 100x's better if the hadn't
drop kicked the Seddie hint in our faces.

Also I'm not a big fan of straight up smut. I works if you have
a story to back it up, but to just write it to write it just doesnt
make sense to me. Most people though can't do it right and it
just comes out like they watched a porn and described it
using the characters.

Also I am a big fan of the angst... I love it.

As far as me I like a lot of things

TV= Venture Brothers, True Blood, Son's of Anarchy, Game of
Thrones, The walking dead, Victorious, Supernatural, Dexter,
Psych, Burn Notice, Wrestling (Even though I only watch it for
CM Punk these days), Degrassi, Buffy, Angel, Dead like me.

Movies= Scott Pilgrim vs The World, The Ginger Snaps
movies, Sin City, X-Men: First class, Kick ass, The Punisher
movies, The Dark Knight, Dylan Dog:Dead of Night, Hellraiser
movies, Phantasm movies, Nightmare on Elm st, Romero
films, hell I'll watch anything with zombies (got to get ready
for the zombie outbreak, oh it will happen and I have a plan),
Kevin Smith's movies most importantly Chasing Amy, True
Romance, Kill Bill, Crows Zero part 1 and two, Pretty much
every Spaghetti Western, Battle Royale, The Sympathy for
series (No sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Old Boy, No
Sympathy for Ms. Vengeance), All the Halloween's even the
Rob Zombie ones, The Devil Rejects, Back 2 the Future,
Ghostbusters, Twilight :( (Tried not to like them but I couldn't
help myself, I'm such a sucker for the angst), Sucker Punch,
Grindhouse especially Death Proof, Bitch Slap, Harry Potter,
Lord of the Rings, V is for Vendetta.

Anime= Love Hina, FLCL, To Love Ru, Bleach, B Gata H Kei

Books= Stephen King, The Southern Vampire/ Sookie
Stackhouse/True Blood books, Twilight, Harry Potter, The
Hobbit, Lord of the Ring, Anarchist cookbook, The Zombie
Survival guide, World War Z, The Cique Du Freak books,
Dexter, Peter Benchley, The Jurassic Park books, anything by
Clive Barker, a lot of books on science and stuff like religion,
dreams, and psychology, a lot of others that I can not think of
right now.

Comics= Scott Pilgrim books are my absolute favorite,
Anything Deadpool, Anything with the Joker in it, Anything
with Harley Quinn in it, Most stuff with Wolverine, I really like
most of the Ultimate Universe, Kickass, Watchmen, V for
Vendetta, The Boys, Punisher especially the Max line, Gen 13,
Alot of X-Men stuff, The new X-Force, The Walking dead,
Invinsible, The Emma Frost series, a lot more but it would
take forever.

Music= First off Nekromantix is the best band ever, next is
The Dresden Dolls, followed closely by Hank III also, and
finally in no particular order, The toxic airborne event, Broken
Social Scene, The birthday massacre, The Black Dahlia
Murder, My Chemical Romance, Jennette McCurdy, Taking
Back Sunday, Miranda Cosgrove, Dashboard confessional,
ICP, Twiztid, Biggie, The horrorpops, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry,
The Scott Pilgrim album is epic, Boys II Men, Lonely Island,
Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, I'm really fond of oldies from
the 50's and 60's, Everytime I Die, Avril Lavigne, Bloodhound
gang, Bullet for my Valentine, Coheed and Cambria, a little
Ke$ha, Kerli, Killswitch, Lamb of God, MC Chris, MSI, No
Doubt, Rise against, White Zombie, The cramps, The howlers,
Deathklock, The tremors, Tiger Army.

Video games= Left 4 Dead 2, Red Dead Redemption,
Batman:Arkham Asylum, Halo, Silent Hill, Doom, WWF No
Mercy, Fire Pro wrestling, Smackdown, WWE All-Stars,
Madden, I suck at Call of Duty but I like the Zombies and the
single player.

Anyway thanks if you read that and don't forget to follow me
@cagelirious ... We can talk about the show, ships, you can
help me with my story and I will help you with yours if you
want, we can even talk about non iCarly stuff, anything you
want and I will follow anyone who lets me know they are from
here just tweet a hello.

Also check out my fic iStalker. Warning..it is CAM femslash
and has a some dark shit in it and I'm not talking about old
fashion CAM smut so unless you are old enough and mature
enough to handle that kind of stuff I don't suggest my story
for you or your kids. Also I am in the middle of editing it
because for some reason all my quotation marks got deleted.
I don't know how but they did so I will warn you of that. A lot
of people seem to like it and give it good reviews. Also while it
isnt in a sitcom world but they do stay in character and if
anything I am using the real world to grow their characters.
Once again the story is dark and has mature themes to help
out the story. Also it is a CAM story so if you don't like that
ship then don't bitch to me about it, I have warned you
twice.But anyway read and review, I post no matter of reviews
but they help me write better and know what my readers like
and don't like.

Anyway thank you all and remember that while we might not
ship the same things we ship what we want because we love
iCarly and it's characters. So be nice to each other and love
your fellow iCarlys, it makes everything more fun in the long
run. You can discuss the show without being hateful and
mean. bandgrad2008 she is awesome an so is her work, she is also
very funny.

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