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Aaaand she's back
Updates may become less frequent since I'm busy with studies. I hope you'll all still follow and read my stories. As always, it is truly appreciated whether you fave, follow, review or simply read a bit. Thank you all so much

Hello, Sirup here, presenting herself

I am an 19-year old university student, who is studying Biotechnology. Even so, I have a huge passion for writing and I have been writing stories ever since I was around 6 or 7. Fanfiction first came into my life after I watched the series Fruits Basket, where I was very disappointed with the ending. So, I decided to write my own little story about it. Mind you, I had no idea at this time that the manga already had an ending. Before this, I had been making up alternate endings and continuations of various series, movies and plays that I had watched, but this was the first time I wrote it. I wrote fanfiction for a while up until two or three years ago where I began writing original fiction. Now, I work on both things alongside each other, going between the two on a whim.
I like to keep track of my projects and plan out what I want to write next. Further down, you can find a list of my current fanfiction projects. If you are interested in my original fiction, you can find me here: Sirup The Rising on FictionPress

Sirup's Randomness Random fandom-related fact
When I write fanfiction (and usually fiction in general) I tend to hear the characters' voices. I find that it is much easier to imagine how a scene flows when you can actually hear the characters in your head. I tend to hear them in English since that is the most common language for me to write in. However, for series that have not yet been dubbed in English I do one of two things:
1. I make up an English cast of voice actors I think would go well with the characters. I have a huge obsession with voice acting in general, so it's pretty easy for me to pick out voices from the "database" in my head.
2. I actually try to hear the characters in Japanese. Most of the time the phrases in my head make little sense, but it still helps to get a feel of the mood in a certain scene. I also use this method for series where I can't stand the English cast x'D
So yeah, I (almost) constantly walk around with at least 3 different voices talking in my head. I hardly ever stop thinking different scenarios through that I can write xD

What kinds series/movies/games do I like to write FF of?

Any series that I like, really. I have no set favorites, but anime is certainly dominating the picture. It has meant a lot to me since childhood, so I am very influenced by it. I prefer shonen because of its action and characters, but there are exceptions. The series I currently prefer to write are Fairy Tail, D.Gray-man, Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and Durarara!!
There quite a few games that I like to write as well. These include Persona 3 and 4, the .hack series and Touhou.
Other things I like to write are Vocaloid and Warriors (by Erin Hunter).

What kinds of characters do I like to write?
As much as I would like to say that there are no particular characters I prefer, I do have my favorites. I love writing from the viewpoint of intelligent and observant characters, who tend to be a little on the emotional side. If I can feel sympathy for a character and on top of that, identify with them, I can enjoy writing from their point of view. If I still like the character, but without the whole identification thing, I usually do not write them in first person.

What are some of my favorite pairings?
KandaxLavi - Because I (for some unknown reason) think Lavi is uke (by choice) in their relationship xD This is my OTP
TykixLavi - Good stuff. Really xP
JellalxErza - My number one straight pairing. With the latest FT chapters, it's basically canon
GokuderaxTsuna (aka 5927) - It does not get any more canon than this in a shonen series xDD
DinoxHibari (aka D18) - Despite the age difference, they are a perfect match.
ShizuoxIzaya (aka Shizaya) - Been loving this pairing since the beginning. I do ship IzayaxShizuo as well
KuhnxHaseo - My favorite .hack couple. I mean, you can ask Kuhn to marry you (Haseo) at the end of the game!
GakupoxKaito - Yeah... just saying

I do ship a bunch of other straight pairings as well: ShinraxCelty, AllenxLenalee, LokexLucy, MukuroxChrome... the list goes on xD

My favorite part of writing?
Understanding the characters and identifying with them. I go as far as to imagine that I am them and really try to get in their head. When they go through bad parts in a story, I feel sad as well. Some may say that this is going too far, but this way I can fully enjoy the entire writing process.

My general writing style?
I prefer writing from first person POV, but about half of the things I have written are third person. In first person, I dive into the mind of a character and get to write their thoughts. In third person, I sometimes do as well, but usually I feel less tied to the character. My writing may also not be very descriptive and artistic, mostly due to my limited English. My main vocabulary includes more terms from science than litterature, so scientific subjects and explanations can occur in my stories.

Bad habits of writing?
I am afraid I tend to repeat myself. My English is still kind of limited, so I often use the same words over and over again. Sometimes, I also get a bit too attached to my stories, so much, that I cannot stop thinking about what happens next. That is also the reason why I have a notebook with me almost anywhere I go. Another thing is that I tend to base my characters partially off people I know in real life and I feel that every now and then, it might be too obvious.

Current projects:
Legend of the Connected Worlds:
My biggest FF project, which includes pretty much every anime series that I have ever been a fan of. I have planned out a storyline over the past 5-6 years and it has not ended yet. There will be several hints to fan pairings. Only a few chapters have been written and are always done on a whim. The title might change, since it sounds silly. An on-off project.

Legacy of the Fairies: My first Fairy Tail FF, written from the viewpoint of Jellal Fernandes. It will probably have hints of several pairings including Jellal with various people, but I have no plans of having a specific pairing in this story. So far, I have planned out most of the storyline and know how it is going to end and I have written drafts for almost 20 chapters. Currently my active project.

Gensokyo Monogatari: A Touhou FF written from an OC's point of view and is generally about life in Gensokyo. I have written 2 chapters and have the draft of another. New chapters are written on whims.

.hack//Re-frain: A .hack FF with original characters, placed in the far future after .hack//LINK. Character intros have been written, 4 chapters have been done and the main storyline is finished. Working on new chapters whenever I find the time.

Persona 4 -MYSELF-A Persona 4 FF written from the viewpoint of an OC and takes place after the original game. 1 chapter have been written and 7 more have been planned. Currently on hold.

Vocalegends: A Vocaloid FF taking place in an alternate universe, inspired by the "Daugther of Evil"-series of songs and written from Kaito's point of view. This will have GakupoxKaito as the main pairing while LukaxMiku and LenxRin are side pairings. I have yet to write any chapters and the storyline is not complete. Currently on hold.

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