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Author has written 1 story for Harry Potter, and Ratchet and Clank.

Residentidiot, or res20stupid/res as he prefers to now be called (lower case is mandatory), is a video-game enthusiast and amateur writer hailing from the East coast of Northern Ireland. Currently only has one published story, is working on others. Born and raised in Ireland, but for some reason speaks in a mildly American accent due to watching too many US TV shows as a child, he is known to either exaggerate it for strangers or pretend to be Canadian for a laugh.

A fan of the Ratchet and Clank, Harry Potter, Mass Effect, Uncharted and inFamous series, although is willing to play the Halo games with his friends, he also watches a number of fantasy and Sci-Fi movies and whose favourite sci-fi movie happens to be The Fifth Element. Favourite characters from games listed include

  • Ratchet, Clank, Big Al, Plumber, Sasha, Angela, Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr, Orvus, Sigmund, Smuggler, Alister Azimuth, Quark and Nefarious from R&C,
  • All party members from ME, plus Joker
  • The main trio and Neville, McGonagall, Dumbledore, Flitwick, Ginny and Luna from Harry Potter,
  • Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher, Chloe Frazer and Victor Sullivan from Uncharted and
  • Cole McGrath, Lucy Kuo, Nix, the Ice Soldier Ally and LaRoche from inFamous. Have yet to play Second Son.
  • Prefers optimistic movies and storylines, believing that cynical works only make the world a sadder place than it already is. In games with moral choices, he prefers good/heroic/Paragon choices. Has never beaten an Evil run on inFamous.

    Is a troper, which introduced him to, and inspired him to write, fanfiction. Enjoys the occasional crack fic and Umbridge bashing. Despises the Draco in Leather Pants trope when used to 'redeem' a Complete Monster or irredeemable Jerkass. Also hates the Ron the Death Eater trope for derailing his favourite characters. Also doesn't like time travel tropes as he can't wrap his head around the logic of it.

    Swears a bit too much... Please link to Understatement

    Favourite ships include:

  • Ratchet/Talwyn
  • Ratchet/Sasha
  • Ratchet/Angela
  • Ratchet/Talwyn, Sasha and Angela
  • Big Al/Helga
  • Nefarious/Courtney Gears (even if he thinks she's a bitch)
  • Azimuth/Kaden
  • Fem!Shep/Garrus
  • Fem!Shep/Thane
  • Fem!Shep/Wrex
  • Male!Shep/Jack
  • Male!Shep/Tali
  • Jack/Thane
  • Garrus/Tali
  • Ashley/Kaiden
  • Joker/EDI
  • Joker/Wrex
  • Canon pairings of Harry Potter
  • Charlie/Muggle OC
  • Dumbledore/Fawkes
  • Nate/Elena
  • Chloe/Sully
  • Cole/Trish
  • Nix/Kuo
  • Nix/Zeke
  • Kuo/LaRoche
  • Kuo/Ice Soldier
  • Crossover ships are very unlikely... except Samara/Azimuth.

    Favourite band is Nightwish. If asked if preferred Tarja or Anette, simply says 'Yes'. NEVER ASK TO SPECIFY!!

    And now that is done, he no longer has to write this article in second person.

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