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Author has written 2 stories for Kuroshitsuji, and Naruto.

Hello! MY NAME IS G_ I am not going to tell you the rest because I don't feel like it. I love to dance, and I am a boy. I act a lot like J.D. from Scrubs.

I seem to turn everything to dust, when I touch them of it. Even if I wish it not to be so

Please pray for all the starving people and needy people in the world, especially those who are less fortunate, and may not have the chance

to go to college, or learn how too write and read.


So if anyone could answer this riddle I will be amazed.

What's big red and eats rocks?

I know sounds simple right.


Duck walks into a bar and asks the bartender "Got any grapes?"

The bartender replies with a simple "No, sorry we don't."The duck promptly gets up out of his chair and leaves. The next day the duck comes to the bar sits down and asks the bartender "Got any Grapes?"

The bartender gives a stiff "No." His tone the irritation behind his voice. The next day is the same as the last, except the bartender, becomes a little more annoyed. The next day the duck sits down at the bar and asks the bartender "Got any grapes?"

The bartender, thoroughly annoyed at this point, responds "If you ask me one more time I'll nail your beak to that wall. The duck then asks "Got any nails?"

The bartender replies "No"

"Got any grapes?" the duck asks.

What you see here is a list of my OC's I may add another here and there but these will be the main OCs

Andrew Steerfeld


Abilities: The ability to summon spirits and specters who did not go to Heaven or Hell. Also the ability to control his own blood to a limited extent.(Yes, I got that from Deadman Wonderland :D)

Taijutsu: Mediocre. Andrew is extremely capable with a scythe and a sword. Though both are one of a kind

Genjutsu: With the spirits, Andrew can be quite deadly in this category, but other than that Andrew himself can't really do anything amazing

Ninjutsu: Doesn't know any.

Past: You don't need to know.

Nicknames: The Eternal Nightmare, Witcutter, The Death Bearer, and The Bloody Specter

"I warned you but now... now you've just made me mad, and when I'm mad I start killing things, and when I start killing things people die, and when people die people cry, AND WHEN PEOPLE CRY... I dont know what happens"

"I looked behind myself and saw pain, unimaginable pain; pain that should never been felt by anyone. I died that day. I was reborn as well, but as silent spirit to go unnoticed for the rest of my days."


Thane Dread


Abilities: Control of Shadows (Now do you really think I would leave out the control of shadows out of this story)

Taijutsu: VERY GOOD. Not Rock Lee good, but pretty damn freaking good

Genjutsu: N/A

Ninjutsu: N/A

Past: Too long. Need a book to tell it.

Nicknames: Haven't thought of any

"You don't know pain. You think you do but you don't; because when everything around you turns to dust, when your best friend commits suicide, when you have no strength to fight back, when nobody will listen to your cries for help, then come to me and tell me you know pain, but let me say this again you do NOT know pain."

Amy Sorenson


Race: Slanyin O.O Explaining time: Slanyins are basically humans except they are very adept at metal craft and magic. They can combine the two together to create kick ass weapons, but nobody other than the OCs will get enchanted weapons

Abilities: Dragonformer: O.O More explaining: Dragonformers are people who can create and transform into dragons EXTREMELY RARE. You can only be born with this gift. There are many types of formers. Basically every element except light and dark. (To me Shadow is an element. Maybe that’s the reason my name is the way it is. :P) Any way so yeah that is why there was a dragon who was THROWING FLAMING ROCKS.

Taijutsu level: SUCKS BIG TIME. Amy literally has no Taijutsu skills what so ever. You’ll love it when the meet Gai and Lee.

Genjutsu: She can’t do anything with it because one she has no talent for it and doesn’t understand it. So yeah…..

Ninjutsu: Again Nothing…… at least not yet I haven’t decided what elemental affinity she will be, or have I its been a while if I have IGNORE IT understand

Weapons: Sword and Spear

Her main power as you can see comes from the dragons as you can see and nothing else , sooo really don’t worry if you’re saying she’s too powerful.

“First, Shut the hell up, Second, You can go to hell, and Third ….. damn I can’t think of a Third. Well just get ready to die.”

“My name is Amy Sorenson. You killed my father prepare to die.” Amy

“Amy, please don’t use lines from movies that are too awesome for you.” Rayan

“What it’s a really awesome line, and I have always wanted to say it.”

“You should not have fucked with my friends buddy.”

Zach Haverdin


Race: Human

Abilities: Shadowformer: GUESS HE WILL BE HANGING OUT WITH IT COULD NOT BE SHIKAMARU CAUSE THEY BOTH DON’T USE SHADOWS. Shikamaru will be using his shadows in the future much like Gaara uses his sand after Zach gets done with him. BTW for element formers they can transform into a creature of that element, just thought I’d let you know.

Taijutsu: Amazingly good: Explaining time: Ok, so this guy is an assassin type OC if you will. Extremely fast and hits hard. This is a guy you DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT want to fuck with he will destroy your very soul. There is a reason Voldemort, Kyoya, and Honey are scared of him. (Tamaki goes without saying, and yes I just pulled a OHSHC reference into a Naruto fanfic, sooo GET AT ME!!! NOW!!

Genjutsu: Finds it weird and complicated (and when he says that it usually means it. He will try to figure things out if possible.)

Ninjutsu: Can you guess what my answer for this one will be? If you guessed Cheese and Crackers you are right. ………… You don’t believe me ……… Ok fine I lied you were right……. He uses Lighting jutsus. Very helpful to speed up or blind people if u use it right.

Weapons: Scythe or Knives preferably knives

Enlightening quotes:

“Your inferior intellect wouldn’t be able to comprehend my big words, so I’ll use small words. I WILL KILL YOU!”

“You underestimate those who lie wait in the dark. Those who creap and crawl. Next time don’t make that mistake. Oh wait there won’t be a next time.”

“WHY ….. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MENTION THOSE DAMN THINGS!!! They are evil…. Pure evil. Please no more squirrels”

One of my more powerful OCs, but the next one is more brute strength strong.

Jason Alenster


Race: Slanyin

Abilities: Earthformer , and Golemformer (I know sounds like a lot but really isn’t not many Golems are around, sooo you can cross that one off and Earth well…. That’s his main thing.

Taijutsu: TWO WORDS: He’s clumsy. Jason is a fighter of brute force. There is a reason that his abilities are what I say they are.

Genjutsu: Don’t even think about it he has no skill in it what so ever.

Ninjutsu: He will become a BEAST with Fire jutsus and Earth jutsus

Weapons: Hammers and Axes

“I don’t understand. Nevermind I’ll just go on a frontal assault.”

“When all else fails. Use brute force. Oh, and by the way, you should have used that first.”


Rayan Breval


Race: Elven

Abilities: None

Taijutsu: Pretty good. He moves faster than he hits hard.

Genjutsu: With a little help from Kurenai, he will be Konoha’s expert in Genjutsu

Ninjutsu: Water style, but after Haku is picked up he will develop ice style as well.

“BAD IDEA. Try again please.”

“Which way?”



“Because it’s always right”


Rayan “That’s a secret.”



One more thing if you have not read Yet again, with a little extra help u are an extremely deprived child. READ IT NOW!!!!!

If you feel like telling me what your answer to this question I would actually be really interested

If you had 3 wishes what would u wish for?


Fav. Animes: Fairy Tail, Naruto, One Piece, Durarararara (way to many "ra" I know) Ao no Excorist, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Baka No Test To..., Highschool of the Dead, Soul Eater, Air Gear, Buso Renkin, Infinite Stratos, Darker than Black, Fate Stay/Night, Freezing, and Toradora

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