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It's show time!

Hello, everyone! And how is everyone doing? -Doesn't wait for an answer- That's awesome! Thank you for not clicking that back button just yet--I'm pleased that you would actually be reading my profile!



Ohisashiburi desu ne?

So…yeah I’m back after forever. College does take a crapton of time. Like, really, a lot, I didn't have time for a lot of things (no one does here, it's amazing no one is insane at this college...unless we were all insane to come here in the first place). But it’s summer and I’m doing research, which means five minutes of work, one hour of waiting for antibodies to wash and stuff aka reading fanfics! And then I was going through my fanfictions, saw that the Take 2 Challenge wasn’t completed, and so…yeah, I will finish that challenge before the summer ends! Or I'll try, anyways. :P

I’m also currently in Japan (yeah, research in Japan, whoo-hoo!); I am making somewhat video diaries/vlogs about my experiences here, so if you want to see them, you can always ask if you’re interested. :3

Let's see, more updates...I'm about to be a junior in college, aaannndddd...oh yeah, I have to start thinking about med school and the med school process shebang. It won't be fun I'm sure, yay! I'm already studying for the MCAT (test you have to take for entry into medical schools in general) but it's really hard with the distractions that Japan has to offer. Like fish!! Guys, I LOVE FISH OM NOM NOM. And Japan has fresh and cheap fish everyday, all I have to do is buy it, cook it, and then I am SOOOO HAPPPPYYYY. So many good foods, I can cry. TT.TT When I come back to America/dorm life, I'm just going to starve to death because I'll be so picky and say that they don't have fish... Actually, Boston probably does have fish, I would just have to go to Chinatown, but it's a lot of effort, and I rarely leave campus. XD But since I'll be living in a non-dining dorm (THANK GOD YES) and I have to cook for myself, I have more of an excuse now. :D

Okay, enough ramblings, thanks for reading this far!!!


Long time no update!! I am having SOOOO much fun here, and I'm glad that I chose to come here to this university. But ahthere's the hurricane that's coming our way, and my state declared a state of emergency aka school is closed on Sunday (though school's not even really in session yet...but they just mean the campus, which kind of sucks if I need food from the student center and my dorm's dining hall is still closed...oy. >.>).
Anyhoo, I did a freshmen pre-orientation program...and it was a blast. I made plenty of new friends (as well as probably gained some new pounds because of all the free food, and I can't exercise because of a small yet irritating health problem right now) and met professors where I can research in their lab if I wanted to. Oh, and the experiences that we had together (that is, my friends and me)! They are truly awesome people, and I'm so thankful I got to meet them. I'm pretty sure we'll see each other around. I'm really glad that they were in my group--and the counselors were freaking awesome people too!
Boo-freaking-yah. That means I'll be using up so much of my school time on Pottermore now...hello, failing grades.
Okay, I kid. The work here I heard was very hard, so I probably won't have time to do anything BUT work. But's Pottermore, it's interesting, and I finally get to go on. SeekerOwl162 is finally online and ready to go!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO QUEEN JK ROWLING AND HARRY JAMES POTTER! And I'm especially pleased to say that I was able to register on the FIRST DAY (today) for Pottermore! Now, hopefully I get to beta-test early! That would be so exciting! See, waking up at 2am in the morning was totally worth it, becaue I got to register! By the time I woke up this morning, I think the day 1 registration was already closed, so I feel extrememly lucky. I texted my friend once the clue came up (an hour after I woke up at 2am), and we were chatting about it for another hour afterwards. I should probably go to bed early...


Look, guys, I'm not dead! I saw the pre-premiere for HP (at around eight o'clock) in 2D, then the actual midnight premiere in 3D! God, it was awesome! And I guess my Bellatrix Lestrange outfit was convincing enough because many people knew who I was, and one person even asked if I could take a picture with him! And then there was a professional looking photographer who took my picture as well, but I never asked what she was going to do with it...I wish I knew, so that I could get that information. Kind of regretting it now, because my camera isn't the best quality, and I didn't get to take a picture of the whole outfit...maybe I can go to the theatre again to take pictures and see if I can find her... Anyhoo, I'm thinking about using one of the pictures as my profile picture because I thought it was freaking awesome, but like I said, the camera quality isn't the best...we'll see.
Anyways, yes, I did cry/tear up on at least two or three different occasions (I started really crying and not just tearing up during "The Prince's Tale". Alan Rickman did an awesome performance), but that was during the pre-premiere. I didn't cry during the midnight one (I got all of my crying jags out of the way, though I did tear up still), but my friend couldn't see because of the 3D glasses. The best part of the whole thing (well, one of them that made my life magical) was that my sister and I got to see the movie both times for free (my sister's friends have connections, apparantly...tee-hee). I am SO going to take my Bellatrix outfit with me to college and dress up as her for Halloween; the Quidditch Team (as well as every other HP fan) will get it. ;) I still have my Dark Mark on me...and you know what? I think I'm going to redraw it over and over again for a while...
Unfortunately, my town isn't as cool as, say, big cities like New York and Boston (and my city is considered a big city) because I haven't found an event to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday, and some of my friends aren't "OH GOSH DIE HARD" fans of Harry Potter like I am. I'll think of something.
One of the best nights of my life? Definitely. I'm so glad I got to experience it. Hmm, I wonder if I can go tonight and see if there are other people dressing up and I can "duel" them and take more pictures...the movie theatre workers will probably think I'm some kind of creeper, but at least I'm in disguise! XD


I just saw the live premiere of the Deathly Hallows Part II live via webcast (it would have been awesome if I were there), and...I don't know how it happened, but I ended up crying at the end when Jo said her piece. Oh, gosh, I just can't put it into words...the magic will live on--the story will live on, because we will carry it, I know it. Still, it's just...gosh, what's life after Harry Potter?
Also, I haven't updated because I was busy reading Harry Potter, and...did anyone else do this? There was the "Magic is Might Experience" event on Facebook where we got to pretend to be anyone and fight in the Final Battle that happened in the last book! It went on for two nights, but gosh, it was so fun and awesome! It was a wonderful experience...I followed them on their official websites ever since March, So amazing; they put in so much effort into the whole experience...thank you. I think you can see the whole thing Facebook...just look up "Magic is Might Experience", and I think you guys can go from there...
And, yes, I'm still going through my "HARRY POTTER IS ALMOST OVER WITH" phase, so put up with it. Gah...I can't put all of it into words; "Words are powerless here..."


I read Dani-Chan's Harry Potter rant in her story "White Knight", and I really agree--I'm going to die on July 15th. It's Harry Freaking Potter (points for those who know this reference)--my childhood, my comfort, my...everything (well, with Kingdom Hearts as well, but still). Oh gosh, I can't believe it's more midnight preimieres, no more trailers, no more books, no more anticipation for the movies...eep. I even saw a video where it showed some of the actors' last days on the set, and I just had to clutch my heart. If it's hard for the rest of us, think about those who actually lived with the magic on the set for those ten's just so sad. T.T Oh gosh... But, I shall always let the magic live on. It's not truly over until we truly forget Harry Potter and we're not loyal to him anymore (and yes, that's a reference to Dumbledore's quote on about how he shall truly never left the school if there are those still loyal to him at Hogwarts), and I for one won't. On the off chance that I ever have kids, I will make sure I let them read Harry Potter, for I think it's my duty to let something so touching and magical carry on through the generations. I'm just glad that I'm the generation that got to see it begin, movies, books, and all. :) It's just a bittersweet thing, and I...oh, wow. Anyone else getting affected like I am? It's just amazing, really, that the series have gone on for so long, and This is when I start listening to AVPM/AVPS songs to ease my heart now...
Well, I want to watch all of the movies now--it's quite exciting seeing Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson all grow up. They were my childhood as well...
Even though you'll never read this, thank so much for everything Ms. JK Rowling.


I just haven't had the time to write...and also hadn't had the energy/mood to write (it was an effort for me to reply to my emails, and I love emailing my friends!). It's not writer's block; I still have plenty of ideas, and I'm going to keep writing. I guess I just haven't had the spirit lately... Especially since I'm getting really tired and rather cranky easily (which is the inspiration for the first version of Snoring). It's not insomnia, but my sleeping pattern is crap. Rawr.
In other news, I have to learn how to swim.I mean, I don't drown if you throw me in the water, but I pretty could only do a doggie-paddle or the frog.
At the college I'm going to, they require a swim test as a graduation requirement AKA pass the swim test or take the swim class and pass it. I already wanted to take another PE class, so I hope to pass the swim test. Which might explain why I'm also tired... But no worries! I've gotten better at swimming ("officially") and I've gotten better about my sleep (AKA I've been taking power naps throughout the day). I'm also doing stuff on MuggleNet Interactive (so fun!), and watching college lectures so I don't fail miserably this fall. So though I'm staying at home most of the summer (I know, I'm an exciting individual), at least I'm being productive! Though I hope I can hang out with my friends at one point (ice skating, maybe Six Flags, um...and other exciting things that I haven't thought of yet).


I graduated last week. Whoot! I'm finally done with high school forever. Next stop; that one place of higher learning called...uh...coo-legge? :P
Anyhoo, the reason why I haven't been as devoted to writing (even more, right?) is not because of my PSP now, but because my laptop hates me and won't recognize any wireless networks! Hur-freaking-ray! This means I have to spend precious time trying to figure out what the problem is. I'm going over to a friend's house so he can help me find the wireless card to see if that got loose, and that's it. Hopefully that's it, so I don't have to buy a new laptop (and also stop depending on the Ethernet cable, which is what I'm connected to as I type).
Oh, and I'm also trying to finish up some forms and applications (still) for college. Oh, that reminds me; I have to submit a photo so that they can use it for my ID. And maybe look at my housing lottery form again...oh, crap, and finish the freshmen advising seminar form before the 17th! And here I was thinking, "Hey, look! I have time to write (no, seriously, I have the word document minimized right now)", but alas, it isn't so. Adieu to you all for now.


Yesterday was my birthday, and it was such a blast! For the morning, I went to this BIG trampoline place with three other friends, where we just jumped and played and had loads of fun!! I even got to do a front flip (though I couldn't bring myself to do a backflip, no matter how high I was jumping). But now, my entire body is so sore from the attempted jumps and other tricks we were playing around with. At least I got a good night's sleep...
...after playing on my own copy of KH:BBS and getting my own PSP! Finally! I'm so freaking happy; after I played on my friend's PSP and BBS on it, I've wanted my own for months and I am. And I learned how to use the Command Board (I was impatient and on a time-limit with my friend's PSP, so I didn't have time to explore), and it's fun. I played on proud mode before, so now I'm doing critical. I hope I can get through the whole game on it! But of course, since it's my own PSP, I think I have plenty of time to finish, right? XD


OWLs--I mean, AP exams are done and over with forever! Huzzah! I've been taking a little (read as: a lot) of R&R, especially since I'm going to work my butt of once I hit college. Whew.
In other news...uh...yeah, school's almost over. I need to reply to emails/FF mail, write more, read, sleep, eat, exercise, play video games...will I have time to do that? Well, let me say it this way: Is the Earth round?
And today, we started dissecting cats for anatomy and physiology. These next two weeks are going to be awesome (unless someone throws up...then not so awesome).
Whooo...oh, oh! My sister decided to randomly get me into K-Pop, so now? I'm listening to K-Pop. Thank you, lovely sister. Now my mp3 is an odd mix of Yoko Shimomura, Ayumi Hamasaki, Lady Gaga, Brintey Spears (her older songs, anyways), Kanon Wakeshima, Utada Hikaru, other stuff, and now K-Pop. Very diverse (well, not really, I guess. It's either Asian or American music! XD).


I mentioned that I went to the book convention that's held annually in chapter...what, 23, I believe of "100 Moments and Angles"? Well, that was mucho fun! I haven't read the books of most of the authors there, so I didn't have a book for them to autograph (and the few that were there...we missed! Ack, darn, and it was my last year to do this as well since I won't be a "teen" and I'll be out of state for college!). However, I got to hang out with some cool people, so that's all good, right? I was super-duper-ultra-mega (ha, I spelled that as "mage") when I found ARCs (Advanced Reader's Copy) of Libba Bray's "Beauty Queens" and Meg Cabot's "Abandon". I'm going to have plenty of books to read!!
I also just realized I never did update about the campus visit. Well...I know where I am certainly going! And if I wrote all about it, this profile would be too long, so I'll just cover the highlights: Quidditch with AVPM/AVPS songs! I'm home!!; Disney sing-alongs, anyone?; that brain and cognitive class was fun, even though I was so tired, I did nod off at a few points; pancakes! And even more pancakes!!; LARPing is really fun, so I'll do that next year; same with the theatre guild/improv group--I would like to join them; I finally got to meet the bloggers and meet my new classmates for the next four years. Awesome!
I'm going to have a blast as a part of the class of 2015!!


I can't get myself to go to bed because of the campus visit tomorrow. I hope I can update while I'm there, but I don't know if I will be able to; there are events going on literally 24/7! I should sleep, because I know I won't be able to sleep this weekend, but...if I go to bed now, I'll have to wake up in about 3 hours anyways. Perhaps I shall play some games? And don't worry; I can sleep during my flight. I'm just paranoid that while I'm asleep, someone will take my stuff...heh, hopefully that doesn't happen!


Wow, life has been on fast foward for me! I've been checking up on things lately, and I can't believe a month has passed already!
Anyhoo, we had out district competition today, and I'm happy to say that we moved on to regionals for mathematics and calculator as a team (and individually), while I moved on to number sense individually (I did really bad, yet ended up in second place. Eep...the other schools at regionals are going to eat me alive! >.And now, this week, I'm not going to worry too much about school; I'm going to visit the college that I'm going to for their special campus preview, if you will. I bet it's going to be tons of fun; besides, they have Quidditch!


1) I have two X chromosomes.
2) I'm half-Japanese. It's fun letting other people guess my other half!
3) I used to do fanfiction writing, but something happened to the other website (and that was a few years ago...)
4) Alacquiene is the wonderful writer who (indirectly) inspired me to write again.
5) I do, however, write poetry. Will I publish them? Ha ha, don't hold your breath; I don't know.
6) I actually started playing Kingdom Hearts 01/17/10 (or whenever that MLK holiday was), and up to date, I've played KH, KHII, BBS, Re:CoM (which I just finished playing 03/16/11), and 358/2 Days (finished 05/27/2011, a day before I bought a PSP to have my own copy of BBS--I bought this for my birthday, which was a day after I finished 358/2 Days).


God; my sister and mother; life; piano(! My life!); books ("I can not live without books." Thomas Jefferson); Harry Potter (rereading them again for the midnight premiere in July); Kingdom Hearts (especially Riku, Vanitas, Ventus, and Axel. But mostly Riku :3); FOOD! No, seriously, I'm called the garbage disposal at my house for a reason. 0.o; Operationbeautiful; and Sparknotes. Maybe if I think of more, I'll add some...


Twilight. No, really, I can't stand those series. I don't know why I wasted my life reading them. Er...I really don't hate or dislike things a lot...I just either deal with them as they come or focus on other things. Keeping positive is the way to go!

And if you guys see any typos or what not on my profile, feel free to comment on them! And if you need to criticize me about those mistakes (or mock me), feel free to PM me! (_);

I realized I didn't write that on my 100 Theme Challenge story, but I don't have the time write now to update every chapter to mention that. And thus, it's written here. Hopefully that's okay!

And...done. On to my stories...thank you for being brave and actually reading my profile!
Peace, love, and plenty of Chocolate Frogs! (3')v

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