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Attention!:For those looking for updates for Reno's Reality, A Puppy and his Baby Angel, Life After You, Dr. Yao, Here for You, Aru, and Changes: France x England, will find them under my other account listed under talinsquall.

Heya! talin2073, once talinsquall, here! Due to a personal life-changing epiphany, all my post-epiphany stories will be posted to this account.


For the new readers who don't know me from my talinsquall account:

I'm over 25 years old, so I figure that makes me legal for almost anything and everything.

Oh, I'm also a Leo. Born two days before Cloud Strife's birthday.

Yep, there's my birthday. Cloud's is on August 19th and Squall's is on August 23rd.

Watch out for us Lions! Grrr! Kitty Claw!

For visual references, for my fanfiction, I, of course, look to the source material itself. (Games, Anime, Manga, etc.)

I'm also a rampant lurker on Deviantart.com and Y! Gallery.

If you have a preexisting y!Gallery account, look me up there: Yeah, the site won't let me direct link and you have to be CERTIFIED OVER 18. It also doesn't run on Internet Explorer. I had to download Mozilla Firefox for it to work. In my opinion, totally worth it for the man-love content.

My main pictoral archive site is also my listed homepage: . You can see the pretty pictures I've favorited, along with my own art work. Don't be surprised to be dazzled by the FANSERVICE. Also, if you have a Deviantart account yourself, refer me to it. I'll be happy to take a look. Since my particular style of writing is considered "Pornographic Literature" on that site, I've pulled almost all of my fanfiction. However, I have started to post a few "edited" versions of my stories, already posted here. Heck, since you've already read the real thing here. Why would you want to read the watered-down version? Right?


All of my stories are going to be Mature, dealing with psychosexual aspects of mostly non-healthy relationships. I write YAOI (male/male) only. If there's any Het, it's only there to keep the plot going. There's going to be sex, mental manipulation through sex, Mako-induced, Magic-ritual, Darkness-induced, and Spirit Energy-induced MPREG, Mako-induced, Magic-ritual, or Darkness-induced sex change, Non-Con, and BDSM. Hell, when in doubt, blame the Mako for everything, I say.

Oh! You won't be seeing any Vincent/Sephiroth originating from me. To me, Vincent is Sephiroth's daddy. This is gospel. I refuse to believe something that beautiful had Hojo's genes anywhere near it. I don't care how much enhancement Sephiroth got. I've also recently made Riku into Sephiroth's son and Vincent's grandson. Yes, the Valentine beauty, and Hotness, move forward through the generations. I regret nothing!


Youtube Inspiration Videos - Copy & Paste, if y'all interested:

"Kitten" Leon (Can't believe I almost forgot this one. Shows all Squall lost and what Leon never wants to lose again. Squall dances! Squall smiles! Squall drives! Ellone! LAGUNA!) - Deviante16 - Dream Catch Me - Newton Faulkner - Final Fantasy VIII: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zRqbl0I9d8

Crisisjamjar - FFVII - Cid & Vincent AMV - Creed "Higher": http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlMRoLoG0dA

GotBeefFan - Disarm (Cloud/Leon - #1 help whenever I was stuck on "Strategy."): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dodVWRkR9Bs

SilverThorneIris - Final Fantasy VII Tribute (For all writing dealing with Cloud-Zack-Sephiroth-SOLDIER... and pretty much everything else.): http://www.youtube.com/user/SilverThorneIris?blend=2&ob=1#p/u/10/hCmw5s6Nqrs

SilverThorneIris - Lie To Me (Zack Tribute) [Always reminds me Zack's not a happy-go-lucky doofus. He was a true Hero who got majorly fucked over.] If you see a Zack/Sephiroth one-shot posted soon (with son, Riku), it's purely coincidence. Swear!: http://www.youtube.com/user/SilverThorneIris#p/u/4/1WMuxcF8jOc