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Author has written 12 stories for Castlevania, and Devil May Cry.

I've never written anything on my profile page. I suppose I was never sure what I was supposed to write here. For now, I'll keep it as a log of any changes/updates I make to the stories I've written.


Castlevania Tales: The Rose Garden

So a little over a year later, and I've updated / revised another one of my stories. The Rosa Garden started off as a response to what I saw as a growing lack of variety in the types Castlevania Fan-Fictions that were available at the time (this was 2005/06). Stories about Castlevania 64 / Legacy of Darkness characters were rare enough, so I decided to go with something even more off base and make Rosa the protagonist of a story. I don't remember where the idea that Reinhardt would be away came from. I have a vague recollection of wanting to write some epic globe trotting story about Reinhardt hunting Galamoth all over the world. There would be some climactic final battle in Egypt. But ultimately that remained a vague idea that never really took shape. Rereading this story 10 years after having written it, I am surprised that my memory of the story was that it was much better. The reviews are far too kind. I don't think I did Rosa's character enough justice. The cliffhanger at the end of chapter 4 is pretty good though. That is, by far, my favorite part of the story.

The edits this time consists mostly of grammar mistakes and typos. I've changed the phrasing of things. I find that sometimes I am not very clear in my writing. That is a defect that I have not fully fixed...let's face it...I am not exactly a very good writer to begin with. I hope the changes make some kind of improvement. The biggest change is the final "battle." Upon rereading that final encounter between Rosa and the Venus Weed, I didn't really have a firm idea of exactly what Rosa did to defeat her. The idea I wanted to convey was that the Venus Weed had planted herself into the ground and that Rosa essentially ripped her roots out from the ground. The original text did not create this image successfully. So I did a small re-write in which Rosa now uses a hand saw to sever her roots from the ground. I hope its clearer. If not, maybe I will try it again in another 10 years...


Castlevania Tales: Blood Under the Moon

Divided story into chapters. I had a very annoying habit of uploading stories as one big chapter.

Deleted second chapter which was one big "Author's Notes." In addition to being against policy (at least that was a rule at some point), this page was one of the most pretentious, cocky, self-important pieces of trash I am sad to say I ever wrote. In fact the only reason I decided to revisit this story was so I could erase that. It was physically painful for me to read what was going through my head over a decade ago. I apologize to anyone who actually read it.

Changed Inspector Gajette's name to Cunningham. Why I thought naming a character after Inspector Gadget was a good idea...I will never know.

Continuity Issues: Added minor references to "Thy Brother's Keeper" and "The Rose Garden" in a couple scenes. These are other stories in the "Castlevania Tales" series. Since "Blood Under the Moon" is meant to be chronologically further along, I thought it would be a good idea to mention 'past' stories that I wrote after the fact.

Gave Rosa a little more dialogue. I wrote this story before "The Rose Garden." I think I managed to develop Rosa into a stronger character in that story. So re-reading this story, I realized how little I gave Rosa to do in this one. Yes, she's pregnant, but it still feels like I short-changed the character. Particularly given what happens to her. So when it came to the scene where she sits down with Henry, I decided to change it. Originally it was a fairly one-sided conversation, with Henry giving exposition and Rosa just sort of nodding her head. Hopefully reads better now with her giving Henry some emotional support and applying her own detective skills to the "mystery."

Made Henry a member of the Order of Ecclesia. I wrote this story before the game Order of Ecclesia was released (story published in 2003, game released in 2008). At the time, it seemed to me that the games were pushing the idea of non-Belmont's taking over the fight. You had the Baldwins and Graves from Circle of the Moon. Reinhardt...who though a Belmont descendant, didn't have the name. Plus the game does have Charlie Vincent doing his own hunting. And Bloodlines, which in 2003 was chronologically the furthest the series had gone...again a non-Belmont named hero in the lead. So there's an idea that in the future there aren't going to be any Belmonts, in name anyway. I embraced the idea and as originally written wanted to have Henry and Cornell start a sort of Vampire-hunting school. This was an idea I never followed up on. Given that IGA came up with a much better idea, I decided to drop mine and retcon Henry into the Order. I had always had in mind that Henry was trained by some organization in the church. Order of Ecclessia works fine by me. Also helps that the Albus from Order Eccelsia uses a magic gun...not unlike Henry.

Other than some other minor edits and revisions, I think that covers it. Hopefully reads better than it has these past 12 years (yeesh!).

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