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Hey, Rick Dias here.

Obviously I'm here, it's my profile.

MSA-099 Rick Dias - Quattro Bajeena Custom

Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 1833 kW

Dimensions: overall height 21.6 meters; antenna height 18.7 meters; head height 18.0 meters

Weight: empty 32.2 metric tons; max gross 54.7 metric tons; mass ratio 1.43

Armor materials: gundarium γ alloy

Optional hand armaments: 2 x beam pistol, power rated at 2.2 MW, powered by rechargeable energy cap, can be stored in backpack storage racks; AE/ZIM.C-BAZ-531 clay bazooka, clip-fed, 7 rounds per clip plus 1 round in chamber; beam rifle, powered by rechargeable energy cap

Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 2 x 37400 kg; vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 7

Performance: maximum thruster acceleration: 1.37 G (unmodified), 4.11 G (Custom)

Equipment and design features: sensors, range 11500 meters; 2 x "random binder" ejectable external propellant tank, mounted on backpack; birdlime launchers in hands; flare launchers in hands

Fixed armaments: 2-barrel 55mm vulcan phalanx anti-missile gun system, mounted in head; beam saber, power rated at 0.4 MW, stored in recharge rack in backpack, hand-carried in use

Remarks: The Rick (Remake) Dias is an MS whose contemporaries are the GM II, Marasai, Hizack. The Hizack is (in a sense) an improved Zaku II, the GM II is an improved GM, and the Marasai is an improved Gouf. During the One Year War, all of these were pretty much weaksauce mooks. (not counting aces) The Rick Dias, an improved Rick Dom, which is considered to be a powerful machine, only produced near the end of the war. Of all the mass-produced types of Z Gundam, the Rick Dias has pretty much the highest performance rates, capable of combat and at the same time has launchers in its hands to seal colonies (which for some reason is unique, I know of no more MS capable of sealing a colony)

The Rick Dias is my favorite mass-produced MS, hands down. It is a Dom that isn't specialized in fast attack squads. Unlike the Dom, which relies on fast land mobility and good firepower (Which leads to its ichigeki hissatsu: the Jet Stream Attack), the Rick Dias receives beam weapons and special armor that allow it to rival the Gundam Mk. II in these properties (The Gundam Mk. II has an advantage in the form of its transformable frame). Armed with a clay bazooka to emulate the scattering beam cannon, it could probably emulate the Jet Stream Attack, but for some reason, never does. I kinda think of it as a Missed Moment of Awesome.

Man, I'm rambling.

I don't like having to write fanfiction that I like.

I'm afraid of sucking. Professor Takamachi is pretty Mary Sue-ish. Nanoha is the hero, and always wins, boring. I do like the idea of creating jokes out of someone who is unreservedly broken and imbalanced, but it's bad practice in writing. I know I made sure to put Prof. Takamachi in Humor, but I'm still feeling like I shoulda put work into making good characterization.

I also like to think that I suck at writing prose. Prose is something I do without. I don't like to explain things. Really.

I like reading fanfiction. It kills time, and I get to see more into the 'verse of my favorite stories (Although it won't be canon. I'd call it Speculative Fiction, but Sci-Fi stole that term.)

I like crossovers, a lot. The what-ifs involved keep it really interesting.

However, I don't see crossovers of the things I want to see, usually. How come there's no

- MSLN/MSGundamSEED crossover? I'm currently fiddling with the idea of Hayate trying to use Dimensional Transfer but ends up in Morgenroete, and ends up supporting the Archangel through Bloody Valentine War.

- decent HP/MSLN? Prof. Takamachi is still kinda weak. How about someone write a serious one instead, maybe Enforcer Harry?

- more interesting Negima crossovers? The only one I liked was Kitsune on Campus.

That's like, my only reason for writing. No one else is writing what I want, so I gotta do it myself.

I think I use the word "However" too much. It's habitual.

In Tagalog, there's "Ngunit", "Subalit", "Datapwat" (with that one Filipino teacher saying all three in that pronunciation, "NGU-nit, su-BA-lit, da-tap-WAT").

In English, there's "But", and "Although". It's kinda odd though for me to start a sentence with those two.

How about a drinking game? If you're reading something of mine, take a shot for every time you read a sentence that starts with "However".

When I write, I imagine the general idea, and once it's finalized up there, I just start typing, without thinking consciously any more. It's like instinct kicks in.

It's kinda how everything seems odd when I read through my own work. It's also my excuse on why the stuff's kinda odd compared to fanfics I like.

About the Dimensional Sea in Nanoha, I never though of it as a gateway between parallel universes. That makes no sense in Sci-Fi.

Parallel universes would require time-travel at the very least, which no one is capable of in MSLN. They say exactly that in 1st season: "Going back in time [and reviving the dead] is impossible."

No time travel means the Bureau is restricted to it's own timeline, and therefore would not be capable of going to alternate realities (AKA going sideways in time).

The use of the Bureau to get different 'verses together would not make sense.

If anything, the Time and Space Administration Bureau should probably be better called the Spacetime Administration Bureau (with an awesome acronym, STAB). They operate on the Dimensional Sea, which is bent spacetime. Think Tesseract from A Wrinkle in Time.

When I explained the use of magic to bend space to someone who never saw MSLN, he said, "You mean gravity?" Maybe magic there is a means of manipulating gravity, or gravity-analogue.

Theoretically, by curving spacetime far enough with gravity, you might be able to go back in time. However, it seems that spacetime distortion can damage and rip apart the universe. (Maybe it's Spiral Nemesis.)

So anyway, it kinda puts me off when the Bureau is shown to be able to travel to alternate realities, in certain Nanoha crossovers.

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