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Hi! Ummmmm, about me...

Age: Not important

Name: Not important (again XD)

Country: United States

Sports: Tennis, Basketball, Softball

Hobbies: I love writing and reading, but I guess you could say I'm a stickler critique. I work for my school's literary magazine committee, which is fun, but demanding, so if I ever do get to writing stories on fanfiction, forgive me for my lack of time and complete laziness. =D

Notes about me: Probably the most lazy person ever. Just sayin'. Also, I find it incredibly hard to write non-yaoi, especially when the anime that I watch is pretty much only guys. Except for Sakuno and Tomoko, but I kinda sorta have PROBLEMS with them. -_-

Currently I am enjoying Prince of Tennis, and I've never seen any other anime, so if you have any suggestions please let me know. As for my favorite pairs (which are VERY likely to change, depending on which fanfiction stories turn out to be most brain-pleasing:

1: Royal Pair, Thrill Pair

2: Sensual Pair

3: Pillar Pair

4: OT3, OT5, OT6, OT7

5: Kevin&Ryoma I don't know this pair name

LEAST Favorite Pairs:

1: Perfect Pair (bad, Bad, BAD! I know there are tons of Perfect Pair fans, but I'm sorry, Fuji and Tezuka are Echizen's. I don't mind them together, as long as Echizen is in there somewhere XD)

2: Imperial Pair (same reason as above)

3: Ryoma&Dan (Petit Pair, I think? Anyways, Dan is too clingy and thinks everyone is his idol. Ok, sorry for the Dan Bashing. But still. Ugh.)

I hope you enjoy my fanfics, and sorry for any grammar mistakes, bashings, and oh-so-commonly the awful plotlines. Thanks! ^_^

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