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They were separated by their powers.

Every woman born to Spire had the same power, Every man fought for and worked the land. It was the way it always was. Never changing , always dependable. Until she was born. One child driven by powers different then theirs. Isolated by her drive and fierce loyalty to those who shunned her. Destined to be far greater then anyone before her.

It was this child that would bring a civilization to it's knees and breathe new life into it.

AKA TheDriftersDaughter

My life is fairly mundane. I have a soon-to-be husband (October 27Th 2012 is our wedding day). Together we have a beautiful little boy, whom is the love of my life. We share a home and have several pets. My husband-to-be is a gamer and loves punk/rock music. I enjoy reading, writing, and country music. Thankfully my son seems to like country music as well. When our son was little and he wouldn't sleep, the only thing that worked was listening to System of a Down (Interesting I know, I believe it was the bass). I have started to work in a job that I hate (But at least I have a job) and I am learning the guitar. That pretty much covers it. I don't have a favourite band/singer. Nor, do I have a favourite song or movie. My favourite dessert is Banana fritters or cheesecake (not picky).

Quote: Life is what happens to us when we are busy making other plans.

Love you all.