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I LUV SASUINO! The characters Sauske and Ino are my favorites and them
together is the most perfect thing ever! I love sasuino fanfics and sasuino videos
(whats up peoples why the heck are there barely any sasuino vids???) and
my future sasuino fanfic is: Ino in Team 7?

N by the way, I'd like to thank my friend sasuinobabe201 for ALWAYS cheering me on n being there
for me. I sound extremely lame n wierd, I know, but it is TOTALLY true! I also love her profile
especially the part where she got carried away and Sasuke was ripping of his clo-
NEVER MIND!Shes not the only one, all of u out there r amazing writers, so keep writing!!!

And a heads up, this person does a whole ESSAY when they prove sasuino to have
as much chance as sasusaku or sasukarin. All credit goes to the AWESOME author
and here is the link:
I also found another one, give crdit to this author as well!

(In case you guys are wondering, Ino in Team 7 will be edited(for many reasons) n also
I will do a LOT of uploading for new chapters. This will all start up next week b/c
I'm going to Calafornia for the week! Awesome right? But I will reaaaaaally miss
my bestie sasuinobabe210:( Oh, n the no internet access policy too. Weeeeeeell
talk to ya"ll again next week! Luv ya!).

Some pairings I like:
SASUINO:They are the best damn thing ever, go die in a whole, SUCKURA!!!
Suigu-Karin: Their fighting is so adorable!!!
LeeSaku-:They are funny and cute
NaruHina: They fit together perfectly
ShikaTema: Love/Hate realationship's adorable!
NejiTen: Opposites attract!

So anyway, why do people like that Suckura???Here is why I hate her:
1. She broke her friendship with Ino over a GUY. No matter what, that is a big no-no. Especially
since Sakura was NOTHING before Ino helped her. But after Sakura finally became almost as pretty
and popular as Ino, she broke their friendship off, proving her ungratefulness and selfishness.
2. She keeps promising she will become useful, but she never does.If we go through the episodes,
and see how many times she "vowed" to herself that she would no longer be useless, we wouldn't
be able to keep track! It took her 150 plus episodes to FINALLY do something! AND even after that she still gets in the way!
3. She cries too much! She cries for herself, for Naruto, for Sasuke a billion times. How many times have
you seen Ino cry? Twice so far. For Shizune and Sakura. Comparing these two shows that Sakura has
NO hold over her emotions!
4. She has no useful skills or strengths. Okay,she is smart and has good chakra control and genjutsu, I admit.
But how many times has she ACTUALLY USED THOSE SKILLS ON A MISSION!?!?!?!?! Once in the Land of Waves
during the tree climbing thing, twice to release genjutsu and a couple times she used her brainiac skills skills to show off and
alert Naruto of enemy ninjas, and some healing.Thats about it. And this is out of 220 episodes! Hmmmmmmm...
5. She always has to be saved. Its annoying how she is always the "damsel in distress" and just a way for the enemy
ninja to blackmail Team 7. We cant really blame her if others make her out as the easiest target out of the group, but
that always holds Team 7 up. Now dont tell me its okay to be a target a couple of times, but lets count how many times
Sakura had to be rescued. Oh wait, I dont know if there is a number that high. She had to be rescued A LOT. In shonnen
jump AND shippuden. Theres a limit to everything you know?
6. She always rejects Lee and Naruto because of Sasuke,who doesn't give crap about her! She has two really sweet and
caring guys( but she doesnt deserve it...) and all she talks about is SASUKE. Even after those two keep protecting her
and knocking themselves out for her, she just admires them kinda, but moves on to Sasuke.Ugh.
7. She never apreciates anyone who helps her( Ino, Naruto,Lee, ect...) Ino helps her crawl out of her shell, Ino helped her become
a LITTLE pretty and populer. What does Suckura do? Backstabb her, dicthing their friendship for a guy!!!Naruto rescues her a billion times
and along with Lee, compliments her excessively, even though she doesnt deserve it! AT ALL. In return she just ignores them.
8. She is a manipulative liar! Remember the fake confession to Naruto? Remember
9. She brags about herself for no reason.What's sooo great about her?
10. She has no self confidence and continues to doubt herself.Lame.
11. She "cares for Sasuke" only for his looks how lame can you get?
13. She thinks she understands her teamate's pain, but she doesn't.
14. She thinks that everyone loves her( ewwww why would they?)
15. PINK HAIR! She is girly and weak!
16. People always say that since she is on a team with the last Uchiha,the Copy Ninja and the Nine Tailed Fox
holder, she has an excuse to be weaker then them. BUT, she should be trying HARDER to not look weak compared
to them. People also say she has no chance to fight. But in the Forest of Death, she got her chance. What did she do?
She cut her hair off, did subsitution, threw some shuriken and BIT the enemy. How pathetic.
17. Too many to list!!!
Overall, she is a useless character who is selfish and whiny. She has no motive, doesn't care about
being a ninja, only about Sauske. She is dependent and weak.Yeah she gets over it but when she becomes
useful or whatever she thinks she is superior to everyone and thinks she is the only one who can bring
Sasuke back. Plus she brags about her strength and you know what she a horrible character.
She is still selfish and thinks she can boss people around and hit them and that everything is all about her.


Here is why I like Ino.
1. She is a good friend and comrade. She cares for her teamates and friends and protects them,
whether it's against enemy ninja or mean bullies,she wouldn't let anyone make even a scratch on them!
Remember? She helped little Sakura when no one else did. That was just selfless and kind.
2. She was the top kunoichi who graduated. She was and still is well rounded in taijutsu,
ninjutsu, genjutsu, stamina, chakra control and intelligence. Add that to her clan jutsus and her healing tactics to her quick mind and teamwork skills and BOOM we now have a badass kunoichi!
3. She was popular and pretty as a kid and still is.
4. In battle, she isn't completely useless. She does whatever she can in order to be an asset.
5. UNlike Sakura, she cares about the well being of both her teamates.
6. She isn't shallow. She didn't fawn over Sasuke and forget him. She still remembered him
and noticed every little thing about him like the curse mark for example she was the only one
not on Sasuke's team to notice it.
7. She is actually cute and funny.
8. She tries her hardest in everything, but doesn't try too hard...
Anyways, I really like her as a character.

Now, heres a little something something about Sasuke. He acts this way( selfish, cold, arrogent) because
his family was slaughtered by his brother and he was all alone after that. Then all the girls fawned over
him for his looks and the teachers liked him cause of his skills so that should have brought down his
self esteem. He DOES care about his friends deeeeeeeeeeeeep down inside and will ALWAYS protect them.
He is one tough cookie for surviving all those years. Yeah, Naruto has no family but he was that way from the
beggining. Sasuke experienced having a warm and loving family only to have it all GONE. Now he may seem
like acrazy revenge obssesed freak but he is just confused, that's all. Confused and hurt.Admit it, YOU couldnever survive that but he did and he wants to get revenge to ease himself at the burden of being the only one left to restore his clan's pride. He only wants to beat his brother to gain acknowledgement from his brother.He is really strong and pus, he's cute! Give the poor kid a break okay?

Here's why I think SasuSaku>:( sucks and SASUINO :) rox!!!!!!!
I.Sasuke and Ino are more similar. They both inspire someone:Ino-Sakura, Sasuke-Naruto.
Ino and Sasuke both scored as the top graduates in the academy.
They both are "leaders" of their squads. Protecting the others, leading them to the right directions, ect.
They are both arrogent and over confident.
They both wear arm warmers! Then they both take them off at the same time. Hmmmmm...
They both come from important clans, they could feel each other's pressure and such.
II. Ino liked him way before everyone else. Secretly.Then Sakura came along and USED Sasuke as a way
to prove herself better then Ino. WTF???
III. In the chunnin exams. Ino hugged and cuddled Sauske who looked annoyed yes but never pushed her off.
(unlike when Sakura hugged him...)He has ALSO never called her annoying.
Ino also noticed Sasuke's team made it to the third round and she noticed the curse mark as well when no one did...
She admired Sasuke's strength in a non fangirly way when she saw him fight in his final round match, unlike
Sakura.Keep in mind that Sakura shouldn't have been so surprised n stuff since she sees him fight a lot but Ino sees him fight rarely and when she did she didn't snap into fanfirl mode.
She noticed Sasuke seemed different when his curse mark took over.
She seemed genuely upset when Sakura hugged Sasuke. Not jealouse, but sad. That proves she REALLY likes him and isn't shallow.
She took him a rose, "the flower of love" proving she cares about him, but Sakura got a daffidil or something, proving she only sees him as a friend and comrade, nothing more.


Sasuke hates weakness. Sakura constantly shows weakness, while Ino is confident and keeps her head held high.Everyone else moved on in shippuden, but not Ino. When she saw Sai, she was soooo happy cause it was like a reminder of Sasuke for her. All the 'sasusaku' moments are just teamwork bonds. Also, try to understand that team pairings usually don't work because it would ruin the bonds atmosphere. If sasusaku happened. It would cancel out Sakura's growth and developement. She matured when Sasuke was out of the picture. Them together would ruin everything she has worked for.'Sasukarin' I mean REALLY? She is obssesed with him, but he shows no feelings back except for as a friend. Plus, Karin MIGHT like Suigutsu, you know what I mean? It's like being attracted to the hott guy cause of his looks but not realizing there is a guy right in front of you who loves you more then anything.Again, them together will ruin the teamwork atmosphere. Sure the othergirls consider him cute, but that's just it. Nothing more.Who does that leave? INO!!!!Another thing:Remember, Ino grew her hair long. For Sasuke? Who knows?A guy and girl never fit together if the girl constantly acts like a fangirl around him. Sakura changes her own opinion and puts downothers for Sasuke and Karin does as well. They would bend down at his will. But not Ino. She would insult him, yell at him, punch him( like me n MY bf lol), tell him when he's wrong and be herself around him. THATS what matters.

Ino is like Sasuke's golden sunshine, the one to push his buttons and keep him going. (Ino is like the girl version of Naruto.) Sure the hints are small, but they ARE there if you look beneath the surface...Ino's tough, confident and sunny personality goes perfect with Sasuke's arogant, witty and intelligent complex and they clash and they go together perfectly!

Can anyone say cute? Hottest guy plus hottest girl equals AWESOMENESS!!!!!

So lets all make SasuIno fanfics, videos, fanart and spread the SasuIno luv. SASUINO FANS UNITE!!!!!!!

( Also, these are my opinions okay it's fine if you disagree with me, but please be mature about how everyone is different in what they believe in so let's all not have a huge arguement but appreciate everyone's different views, okay? And I apologize if I was being too er forceful and rudeand harsh while putting down my thoughts. And even if you don't like SasuIno, please read my work!??

SASUINO FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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