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Gleeman Bob writes:

a big hello to you discerning Wheel of Timers out there... I be the merry Gleeman who roams the hamlets on an old wheezing horse that he might have borrowed from a field somewhere, entertaining the rural-types with many a song & tale & balloon-animal...

(balloon-animals are especially popular with Aiel audiences for some reason...)


it is not always easy to walk in the Light, if surrounded by others who do not, but when a great & talented writer gives you clear, human, often amusing & always sincere examples of the pleasures of doing so (alongside the necessary examples of the pain caused to oneself & others in not doing so) it certainly helps. I wish to dedicate this fan-fiction story to the memory & legacy of Mr Rigney Jnr. may the Hand shelter you, sir.

Gleeman Bob types: my old Profile was confused and overlong (I checked - 15pgs, 17,000 words... what is wrong with the foolish Gleeman? can not he write anything SHORT?!?) it also read like complete gibberish in places!

so here goes with the new and improved user-friendly Profile! enjoy!

Upcoming HSUtH... next up; Chapter 11: Upon the Dead Sea, in which the reunited good-guys boldly fight their way to freedom, three young Aes Sedai jointly experience a Horn of T'oph-related flashback and then endure immense rolling waves and in one case, experience extreme sea-sickness. Warning: this chapter contains rude Sea Folk songs about lewd mermaids and drunk sailors and stuff like that...

SfBtB... a Christmas Mystery! (if the procrastinating Gleeman has time, there is this other thing he is supposed to be doing first and angry messages are being left on his call-ring...) it could always be a New Year mystery... a Chinese New Year mystery, even... I mean, they don't have Xmas back in the Age of Legends, after all... or DO THEY?!?


(may the Creator bless you for taking the trouble to R after you've R'd!)

the following Reviewposters have been good enough to provide the grateful Gleeman with considered criticism, useful suggestion & encouragement:

Reviewposter Blue Dragon

thank you for your review and for being such a good sport about me having Twin Warders in my story also. And You Are Absolutely Correct, I DO overcapitalise!

Reviewposter Aderran

thank you for your reviews; Yurian Stonebow wasn't the Dragon, but he WAS insane, so he THOUGHT he was the Dragon. & shocklances aren't ter'angreals! I don't know, that Moridin guy had a big closet full of ter'angreals and there was a shocklance in there too... he really should have kept it in the other closet, the one that is for non-ter'angreals... it is not really the confused Gleeman's fault that he was tricked by the poorly-organised storage practices of the Shadow! you are now the proud recipient of the Gleeman Bob Award 2nd Class as you have forced me to CHANGE SOMETHING!

anyway, sorry you find my novel too long but then, it IS a novel and not, like, a pamphlet or a brochure... perhaps you do not appreciate this? well, you just keep on working your laborious way through that huge stack of Harry Potter! oh dear, I shouldn't have said THAT name, I think I have just been sick inside my mouth... urhg...

Reviewposter Dave

thank you for your reviews and for your suggestion; all overlong Chapters to be divided into three parts from Chapter 6 onwards, I swear it upon the Light!

nice to hear from you again after all this time 'Dave' I was worried that some Trollocs might have eaten you! I divided up my chapters just like you told me to, though one of them had to have four parts in the end... I am aware that I have taken way way way way too long (you missed out a 'way' by the way) to get to the POINT, but please consider that my writing background has pretty much been exclusively screenplays so producing this novel has been a bit of a learning experience for me...

I have only ever written short-stories before, most of which I never finished, as well as one novella, which I did finish but kind of wish I hadn't since it sucked... talking of which, looking at some of the stuff in HSUtH Book 1 makes me cringe since I was still finding my fantasy literature feet back then and I would love to revise it when I have time, maybe when I stick the completed novel up on a wordpress blog...

...but I have made my feelings about revision clear in the 0:prologue intro, as well as encouraging new readers to jump straight to Chapter 5 where there is a 'story-so-far' which probably needs revising too. I can only apologise humbly for the incurred boredom you have suffered, commend you for reading Book II which is hopefully more relevant, and ask you to bear in mind that the effusive Gleeman lacks that noblest & usefulest of all things... an Editor. I have had editors before for non-voluntary-sector writing and they often helpfully and thoughtfully hit you with a stick when you try to prevent them from deleting things.

Reviewposter SilverFox

thank you for your reviews; Vora's sa'angreal to appear again - and Vora, also! though Ysmet will unfortunately NOT be appearing again in HSUtH, the story of her voyage along with a reluctant Roth to be told in the sequel. sorry if the jumping back and forth in time was confusing; the first scene takes place immediately after the last scene. I have done this again in Chapter 8, just to warn you!

(& I have always thought Rand and Mat's interminable journey to Caemlyn in EotW one of the best sequences the Master Gleeman ever wrote...)

Reviewposter Manetheran man

thank you for your review; you are perfectly correct about Cadsuane - it states quite clearly in one of the WoT books that she is undoubtedly still a 'maiden' & grenade-launchers aren't ter'angreals either! you are now the prouder recipient of the Gleeman Bob Award 1st Class (which is not quite so prestigious as the Viggen Award but more prestigious than the Gleeman Bob Award 2nd Class) as you have forced me to CHANGE TWO SOMETHINGS!

I have followed your suggestion regarding 3 part chapters to the LETTER!

Reviewposter MRDraeon

thank you for your review; though I am not trying to mimic Robert Jordan’s style, but more attempting to write in the same vein – a small, but important distinction, I feel!

Reviewposter syed

thank you for your reviews; the Silver Horn of Legend summons poets and bards bound to the Wheel.

Reviewposter fnal death

thank you for your review and for laughing out loud!

Reviewposter Althelion22

thank you for your review; I am sorry to hear about the itching sensation, perhaps you have a Talent and there are ter’angreal about?!

Reviewposter West-Wanderer Sedai of the Urple Ajah!

thank you for your reviews and for not bale-painting me; but there is only one Master Gleeman of all things Darkriendsome - the bit where Hadnan Kadere recalls murdering his poor sister still makes me shiver. serves him right what happened - the peeled onion treatment! ouch!

I have beefed-up the Draghkar basket-carrying contingent so they should be able to manage now... though I have also added a bit that hopefully fluffs over the fact that they probably wouldn't be able to lug the basket about in the first place... and your impressive knowledge of physics and aerodynamics and goats and other stuff has earned you the Gleeman Bob Award First Class and if I ever get my Viggen Award then you can have that too! I wonder what it looks like, perhaps it is made out of pine?

Reviewposter Haley1144

thank you for your reviews and for using the word 'marvelous' I am still blushing; but it is not MY living, breathing world - all respect to the Master Gleeman for providing us fanfictioners with such a wonderful environment for our characters to exist in... the World of WoT is the sea in which my Ellythfish and Shrinafish swim, without it they would just be flopping about on the beach, gasping and gulping and waving their dainty fins about helplessly... ulp! a disturbing image!

indeed, the irreverant Gleeman shouldn't be sticking the tongue too far in his cheek, it is disrespectful, but he cannot help having a foolish & inane sense of humour! making up silly songs is fun too! thank you for squealing and clapping, that is the second best compliment I have received. the best was in a msg from someone saying they wanted the completed novel bound in leather, but they have never bothered to write me a review (maybe they are too busy with their Dragonriders of Pern fanfiction?) so they can do their own book-binding... I am not sure how one would bind a book, anyway... perhaps string is involved? anyway, your kind reviews have heart & detail too, so Bravo back atcha!

Reviewposter Thorondor

thank you for your review; the sword is Saldaean and is described in WoT as having a forward curve... so not like those used by Warders, especially in that it has rude poetry engraved all over it! there would have been a Shrina swordfight in Chapter 6 but it was already too long and will now appear in flashback form in Chapter 8. unless that is too long as well... but I had a look at the picture of the sword you provided an @ddress to. it is a nice sword, I like the engraving particularly, though the hilt might cause Ellythia Sedai to snidely comment further on 'overgrown bread-knives...' but it does not seem to curve forward. unlike the Master Gleeman, I am no sword expert, but I believe there is an Indian sword called a 'tulwar' that might be more like it - though I take your point that it would have to be quite a wide blade for all of that sordid verse to fit upon!

will take your nautical advice about rope-work under advisement!

Reviewposter Nynaeve's sister

thank you for your reviews; there shall be further Age of Legends flashbackery I so promise you! there may be a future story about Taw but I hint at the manner of his meeting his future wife in a Chapter 9 flashback... he is less creepy than when he was a child by this time, and his wife is no ordinary woman...

Reviewposter Mahgy Inc

thank you for your review and for patiently awaiting the Feast of Lights too!

Reviewposter Bleck

thank you for your reviews & it WILL be loads of fun when the whole gang get together - there shall be note-comparing and amusing misunderstandings and a big five-way sword-sparring match! on the deck of a ship, no less!

Reviewposter BloodDrunk

thank you for your reviews; the Truth Oath is purely optional and non-binding and is not to be confused with the First Oath, though I did not make this particularly clear! oh, and you are quite right, Darkhound saliva is of course poisonous so you have won yourself a Gleeman Bob Award (second class) as I will have to change this... though perhaps it is only the male of the species that is poisonous? Darkhounds could share this distinction with the duck-billed platypus!

I still haven't altered that Shadowdog slobber-segment, I keep meaning to... I will get around to it one day I am sure... & in answer to your question; yes, it will be rewind time at the start of Chapter 11, the dreadful 'grandpa' is introduced and our Hero shall have a 'Horatio on the Bridge' moment... I wrote it all out ages ago, it just needs typing up and editing, groan... all will be revealed, there shall be destruction (& distraction) aplenty, I so assure you!

Reviewposter qmickm

thank you for your review; it is hard work, this channelling!

Reviewposter madmuo

thank you for your review and for saying please!

Reviewposter Arhu

thank you for your reviews and for being an eager awaiter! and please thank your friend on my behalf for making so flattering a suggestion but I definitely might not be Robert Jordan, since unfortunately the Master Gleeman has gone into the Light... I'm just a humble Journeyman Gleeman who couldn't be bothered to invent his own meticulously-detailed fantasy world but is using someone else's without first obtaining permission from the Rigney Estate! but since I am not getting paid for doing so, unlike Gleeman Sanderson (hope they're not paying him TOO much) I guess it is alright? well, it will just have to be.

Reviewposter chibimin

thank you for your reviews, though there is only one Master Gleeman and it aint me! (there are but few fluttering patches on my tattered cloak as yet...) & hey, go ahead, use whatever you want except for the characters I invented of course... why would I be offended? it is kind of flattering, really...

in answer to your most recentest question; I type fast and drink far too much coffee!

Reviewposter DarkBlade the Damned

thank you for your review and for using the word 'remarkable' this is my new favourite word! I suppose I don't get that many reviews as this story is a bit of a slow-burner and does not provide much in the way of wish-fulfillment or instant gratification. but I am happy with the quality of my reviews (if not the quantity!) and anyway I am not really writing HSUtH for praise but because, since I have come this far, I kind of want to find out what happens too! well, I already know what happens, but writing this story is all about exploring HOW it happens. also, the Creator told me to write it, in a weird Dream.

Reviewposter Malkieri Jester

thank you for your review but hold! are you certain you want to trawl through Book I? some think it (gasp!) boring?!? well, only if you are sure... I wrote the epilogue the other day, hope you will find that mysteriouser and portentouser... it is more of the 'dialogue-only' same, I love doing that since you get to avoid having to DESCRIBE THINGS! wish I could draw! well, I can draw penguins. but that is about it. dialogue is fun, description isn't. that is why us lazy Gleemen prefer to write screenplays...

Reviewposter Sassla

thank you for your reviews and as long as the operative word is 'good' then I really don't mind if you find the story 'jolly' in places!

Reviewposter maja

thank you for your review, this is the kind of constructive feedback and (blush!) praise that keeps me going. I shall certainly never stop writing provided that you and your fellow appreciators promise to never stop reading!

Reviewposter Dobraine

thank you for your reviews, 'enigmatic' is certainly something that I aim for!

Reviewposter Rena

thank you for your review and for loving Tro!

Reviewposter Stars in the Void

thank you for your reviews.

Reviewposter HSUTH fan

thank you for your review, I will get on with the sequel when time (and inspiration) allows.

Walk in the Light!


* MRDraeon

I was very sorry to hear about the tragic events of 8th November 2011.

may the Light shine on you, Matthew, and the last embrace of the Mother welcome you home.

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