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Favorite Couples:

As for couples. I have come to have a decent respect for all couples. I still have my preferences, so does everyone else. It works out better that way since you get more variety. As for couples I dislike, I maintain the believe that any couple is workable to an extent. Some are easy, some require a fair amount of skill. I don't like it when couples are paired up just because they are the main guy and girl, nor do I like cheap perverted scenes used to establish a relationship. Take episode one of RAVE! for example. I guess my personal preferances go you would say... people who balance each other out. Grantedm it's amusing when they start out hating each other like with Ash and Misty, but it's in vain if they're too similiar because it's just not interesting.A couple that come to mind are Rukato (Digimon), Keichi/Mokoto (Love Hina), and Megaman/Tronne (Megaman Legends... they should make a sequel).

Of course, not all couplings are romantic. I, for one, have always been interested in how well the timid but strong Takato would get along with someone like Ryo, who just radiates confidence. ANd think of what they have in common, and Evil power (Hazard/Milleniumon) leader of Digidestined (Tamers/Ken and 01 digidestined), and of course, the infamous love triangle with Ruki.

Others include Jeri and Alice since they boy lost their partners, even if one wasn't a Tamer, Takato and Impmon, and Henry and Renamon who are both very mature and wise.

Characters I Like

All hail Lelouch!

As for characters I like. I generally like certain arctypes that go against the norm. I like male heros who are a lot more heart than fight. That have compasion and kindnessthat overshadow their strength. I like it when they have occasional mishaps, that shows they're human and that they make mistakes, and I like it when they are forgiven. Above all I look for empathy in a hero, something that has been described as 'Your Pain in My Heart'. I can't think of a more fitting circumstance thanTakato when Leomon was destroyed.

Another fundamental trait I look for is meekness. People who think meek means the kind of guy who'll just stand aside or not fight for himself make me laugh. The true defination of meek, means to be teachable. you should all be so lucky to be meek. (The reason I like Guilmon's character.) On a side note, Davis was never smart, be he a willingness try and learn (some things)that I enjoyed. Thus, he is also a fine character in my mind.

For girls. I look for strength, intelligence, and ellagence. I, however, am disgusted when I see arrogance. Off the top of my head I can think of Electra, a Marvel hero who is quoted as saying death isn't so bad. (I've heard the original isn't that bad, which I believe. But the movie was crap.) That is crap.If death wasn't so bad, no one would mind dying. It because the opposite is true that we value life. Death sucks. Also I cannot stand when they are portrayed as weak willed and weak minded. Nothing wrong with being feminine, but since when is that part and parcel with being a footstool.Women are not, nor have they ever been the weaker sex. It's true men have more muscle mass. I'm not saying woman are the same as men, I am simply stating the truth, that they are no less than men.

For villian's I look for heart and intelligance. Simple 'Oh, I've decided I'm going to rule the World today' plots (Such as the one in Digimon Frontier) annoy me. Same with revived evils. I'm against revivals in general, death should be final, that is why it is so badly feared. This is probably one of the reasons I never really got into 01 or 02 of Digimon. The best villian I have ever seen, is Envy from Full Metal Alchemist. Oh, and Freaking Lezard Valeth. In fact, he's one of my all time favourites.

As for Specific characters I like...

Heroes (Male) :Takato Matsuki (Digimon Tamers), Megaman Bolnutt (Megaman Legends),Edward Elric(Full Metal Alchemist)Also, Junpei from Digimon frontier is pretty cool and I feel he deserves a mention. Please note I didn't list any of the portrayed 'cool' characters in anime like Naruto. They annoy me, but that's a different dicussion all together.

Heroes (Female): Rika Nonaka and Renamon(Digimon Tamers), Lenneth (Valkry Profile), Tron Bonne (Misadventures of Tron Bonne), Sakura Avalon (Card Captor Sakura)

Villians: Envy (Full Metal Alchemist), Id (Xenogears), Lezard Valeth (Valkyrie Profile), Kefka (FF3/6)

Characters I was less than impressed with: Izumi (Digimon Frontier. This is the most compelling reason I can think of not to make a frontier fic.) Lan (Megaman NT Warrior... It must be nice when a miracle saved you every time something bad happens. Wish my life was like that.), Naruto (More idiot than hero sadly and definately not a ninja.), Sasuke (Even when he stopped listening to his brother he stilled turned out to be a slave to his past. He wouldn't be so bad if he could just man up and let it go), Sakura (From Naruto, Commited to being the weakest ninja ever and still somehow pull off being a Mary-Sue. Even in Shippuden she got knocked out by a flying body...), Yuna (Didn't have a problem with her before she got a second game and became the queen of Mary-Sues)

I'm totally against char worship and char bashing. I am intensely against OOC unless a plausible reason can be established for it. I have done some ooc myself, but thanks to Omnicrom I'm getting better. Sure I sulk for an hour or two, but it bugs the hell out out of me when mistakes like that are pointed out like that so I'm compelled to fix it.

Another thing I hate is morons who shouldn't be allowed on I recall one piece of crap called 'Ten things I hate about Kari' It was poorly written, some of the ten reason's were reused and none of them weren't over five words long. That's the kind of crap that ticks me off.

Also, I despise fics that are given credit simply because they have a well liked couple. If a fic is bad, then it is bad. Not all the mindless praise in the world will fix that. Also, people who type in update fifty times without spaces also tick me off. Please, if you're going to do that, then don't review at all. I don't mind if you just type the word in once though, support is always nice. And lastly, people who bug me about updating in my E-Mail. This hasn't really happened to me yet but I know it has to other authors. If you want the Original Version to a story, or have some questions about the plot you want a one on one reply too? Fine, give me a hollar. Same thing if you disagree with me about something in my profiles. The reviews are for the fics, everything else goes to me. However if I get an E-Mail saying

'When are you going to update' or something like that, I will hold off on the update just to spite you.

I like all sports, and am in Kickboxing, snowboarding, and soccer. I might be doing baseball soon too though.Ienjoy art.And I draw much better than I write, sadly I don't have a homepage. I like reading certain things too, if it holds my interest I can read for hours. If not I only last halfway through the first paragraph. I wanna make video games and get rich or die before I become poor and homeless.

Regless: What's up, I decided to add a new section to my profile. It basically gives stats about the various stories under this account. Alright, so the first one:

Perfect Hazard - AU: The fight against Megidramon went a little differently than expected. The evil dragon, in fact, erased Takato from the timeline. Now he has to become real while keeping his friends from killing each other, and what about the voice in his mind telling him he can only fail? Rukato, Henry/Jeri. (Ch 25 up and story is finished)

Phantom Hearts: Meet Black, an abnormal kid devoid of speaking or doing anything, including standing up for himself. But when he meets a memory from the past and a nightmare from the present he almost cares enough to do something about it... Then again, maybe not. (Black's working on this but he's not posting it. Says people's reviews make him want to rush and I agree entirely.)

Digital Hearts:
Suspened for now. It takes place just after Ansem was beaten. While the manufactured heartless have been defeated. The real ones are starting to be manipulated. There first destination is the Tamers universe, little do they know something conspires to take them all down.

After Thoughts:

Okay now this is my newest fic. It's basically life after Parasimon. The ongoing adventures of the Tamers as they get older and such. Various couplings but mainly Jurato, Rukato, and Ryuki. As well as Kazu/Ayaka. She was a VERY minor character but I felt the need to bring her in for a bit.

Reviews: Digital Hearts

YumeTakato - Thank ya kindly for the review. Damn this on really took a while, huh.

newbi - Cyberdramon is generally more versatile and can fly. Which is better when your planning on tooking a wide group of enemies. That why the enemy waited beffore attacking. And yes. Takato apretns will playact to the younger one, but tha'll have to wait for the next chapter. Thanks for the review.

RockBane - Let's see... There no telling what'll happenen to the mini-Takato if he tries to get back in the Digital Field it's entire possible he'll be reformatted if he goes inside. (I got plans for him, I'm just thinking about how to execute them.) And yes, whent he Digital Field reformats, almost everything disappears. I don't have any major plans for Beatrice, but Calumon was saved. Go Ryo.

Thank you kindly for the review. With the battle that happened int his one, hopefully I'll be able to go back to the more personal stuff.

Dokami-San - Oy, I hope you don't mind I'm replying to most recent review. Sorry for the long reprieve. I actually started writing again specifically to break the slump. I think this chapter may have been a little dry, but it did get afew things out of the way that I had been meaning to sort through. Like how dangerous the Digital Field can Be, and reintroducing an old character. Take care till next time.

Peter Kim - Unfortunately I didn't get to introduce the new Tamer. I think I might hold off on that for a while longer after all since I want to get a handle on the current characters. Thanks for the review.

2nd Rview - That's an interesting idea. Jeri teaching the twins to play the card game would be... extremely awakward. However that would require the twin to want to take a ore active role in being Tamers, which, I don't think I'll do...yet. You did however give me another idea,I just hope I remember it long enough to post the next chapter.

Lord Crayak - Thanks for the review. Sorry for the wait.

SaturnStorm - Thank you kindly. Here the next chappy.

Blue Bragon - Thank you kindly for the review. Take care untilt he next one.

gerjomarty -Thank you. This chapter, despite what I wanted turned out to be mostly Ryo centered. It's kinda unusal but we never really saw what he's like on his own. The short time he was with the tamers he always had back up so this was interesting to write. i just hope it wasn't boring. But anyway, I digress. Take care of yourself and see you next chapter.

Myt.Chan - Thank you. I hope you found this on enjoyable as well. Take care, and thanks for the review.

Crazyeight - Wow thank you. I'm in the middle of reading your unbroken hearts fic and it's kept me quite entertained since I came back to (Hopefully for a while) The Digital Fog still has many surprises in store for our heroes, I just don't want to introduce it all at once.

Second Review - Quite perceptive of you. I did in fact chose that are because A: It's a perfect place to put a field that's convient for the Tamers to reach, but not for random people to walk in. B: It's alocation feature in the show and most readers would be able to easily picture it. C: Weird stuff happens down there. Strange Digital Traps appear and Gogglehead randomly hit on tomboys. Ooooo~ spooky. Heh, thanks for the review.

K9 the first - Your partner want to shoot a harmless digital anomoly shaped like a 6-year old... well everyone needs hobbies. Thanks for the review.

shademaster - You know, it's odd but Takato and Rika are still my all time favourite characters. As for the actually writing, I find it's been getting choked out by other plots and drawings. Heh, you should see some of the weird ass stuff I have on DeviantArt. Rukato and otherwise. Take care and thanks for the review.

Viral State- Chapter8 Reviews

Pokemon 35055 - Heh, thanks for the Reivew. Myotismon always overestimated himself in the series and had a huge ego. Now that he's just a tokenbad guy again i figured it would be interesting if he was taken down a peg.

newbi - I've been tinkering with the idea of the bracelets having tracers or recorders, but I think it would be better since Takato needs to keep his actions a secret if he's going to live through his current ordeal. As for how strong they are, let me just say this,MetalEtemon's voice isn't the only reason he wasn't brought back, the braceletsdon't work on anythingof the Mega Level unless it's an increadibly weak one. Sakuyamon would own pretty much everyone in that room except Lilithmon herself.

RockBane - I remember last time I always did things with the intent of having all the Viruses become allies. That isn't really what I'm going for this time so it's easier to play on their personalities. Devimon, I didn't have a plan for, but it's almost because of that he turned out so well. I wasn't trying to force him into the conversation needlessly so it turned out good.

Lady-Azura - Thanks for the review.

Bluesv20 - Thanks for the review.

YumeTakato - Heh, thanks for the review. I'm quite happy with how Devimon turned out as well. Although sad to say it butdon't count on update for a while I'm been swamped with work, mainly art related. I've barely even started the next chapter of after thoughts. But it will come eventually. Ciao.

Kara - Heh thanks. Although the next update might not come for a while. And yes Takato has some serious problems to deal with. They're only going to get worse though, especially when he finds out what his next job is. Take care and see ya.

LanHikari2000x - Heh, just wait it gets better.

QuestionDeca - Thanks for the review. I can almost picture Myotismon meeting the evil Takato and getting tackles by him. But that may not happen for a while. need to take care of the boys next job first.

FireHedgehog - Thanks for the review.

Peter Kim - Hmmm, I'm not sure wheather Devimon will become an Ally or not yet either. I do have plans for finishing off Myotismon though. And at the very Least you are correct about Mummymon. He has no problem working with others and doesn't seem to have anythng personal against the humans. Take care.

2nd Review -Yep, you pretty much hit the nail on the head minus one thing. By the time Takato gets back to real world he'll be blacklisted Impmon Impmon was lying about Ken's Digivice. TheyKNOW he stole so things are gonna be harder for him. Davis and Veemon will start to have their doubt about him too although it'll take a little more them to believe he could do something as bad as steal a Digivice. But that'll just take time. See ya.

Xenos Tiger - Who? Impmon, Takato or Myotismon. Right now Lilithmon pretty much has control of everything. And as for traitors. Well, the three I just mention are primed candidates for that and she knows it. It's part of the reason she's so callous towards the Vampire. She believes Takato is less likely to be a serious problem for her since Impmon hasn't even shown he can get past the Rookie stage. But anyway, thanks for the review. see ya.

Goldfish Demon - 'IN' Basically means Takato has been accepted by the dark side. He will be provided for to a minimal extent, supposedly he has a degree of authourity (Although no one is going to want to take order from a human and neither Takato nor Impmon will be to eager for their help either.) but the biggest changes are that he has nearly free access of the underground castle and will be part of Lilithmon's future plans instead of pushing up daisies.

Sora Potter - Yeah, although I'll have to seperate Rika and Takato soon (Being close to someone that can level pretty much level anything in one blow kinda kills the plot) Anyway There'll be at least one more chapter with her in it so see ya next update.

Ultra8 - Heh, thanks for the review. And yes Myotismon does have a major ego. Although Arukenimon doesn't want to strike so much as she want to just stop being someones servant... and punch Mummymon. See ya later.

K9 the First - ...Sorry, but if anything the enxt update will be longer. It's getting to be crunch time my portfolio so I'm going to be pretty busy. I'll see ya when I can.

Hitomi no Ryu - Sorry, the next update may not be for a while. But none the less, I shall try. Take care and see ya later.

John on 'da John - Sorry for the delay. I'll send over the old version sometime today. Thanks for the review.

2nd Review -Hmmm, Well I had originally planned to bring in one more character from PH, but I don't want to overload myself and I already seem to have what I need, so only time will tell.

Wild Dude - Sorry for the delay, but everytime I sit down at the computer I have a million other things to do. And obviousally I'm not doing chapoter seven because it's just too bloody much. But anyways, see ya later and thanks for the review.

Already Fallen - That's another idea I've been tinkering with. Having One of the Dark Master in her army. At the moment I think I have all that I need. However if that changes I've considered bringing in Puppetmon or Piedmon... These two have the most interesting personalities, but Piedmon might be a bit too strong. Well, that all a big if anyways. Take care and thanks for the review.

someone - Thanks for the review.

blah -Thanks for the review

sevant of the almighty (You're name doesn't fit in the box, LOL) - That's interesting, that acid is probably how her dissolving attack works. Thanks for that little tid-bit. and thanks for the review.

powerpee -Thanks for the review

weeee - Thanks for the review

Blue Dragon - Well in the series it was basically stated that higher Digivolved form are just adding more data onto the base. So yes Impmon just evolved to Beelzemon, but at the moment he doesn't have anywhere near that potential and if he wants it back he'll have to do it one step at a time.

Kuroy - I think I took care of your request. (I get it a lot so lemme know if I missed you)

After Thoughts

Ch 15:

CrazyEight: Long time no see. I made the changes you caught. Form some reason it's like ayaka's name it permanently saved in my head as Ayeka. Maybe too much anime finally fried my brain. ._.

Kara10: Oh, thanks for reading. Not sure if I'm actually 'back' but yeah. But yeah, got bored last night and remembered I had most this chapter done already sooo... ta-daaa. *rolls over and goes back to bed*

Katsugi: Thanks for reading, cheers.

RockBane: I have no idea... I think I used to... now I'll just making something up involving bananas.

rgm0005: Ah yes, grammar, my mortal enemy. no doubt a side effect of my naturally terrible spelling skills, shoddy keyboard, and sleep deprivedness... deprevity... de...dammit!

Plot Ideas:

Hackers Folly:Basically, due to certain extreme circumstances, The Tamers are merged with a friends Digimon. Together they must cope with each other while trying to find a cure and keep some level of nomrality between them. Possible combos include. Takato/Renamon Rika/Terriermon Henry/Impmon Ryo/Guilmon Jeri/Cyberdramon.

Limitless: Anything:
How far would you go to bring back someone you cared about? Would you forsake your ideals and beliefs for this person. Takato and Ryo are about to discover something about themselves...
that when it comes to friends...
they are limitless...

The Return: How many have disappeared in Anime, never to be seen again... Not dead... but virtually forgotten. These creatures strive to make their way home, and now, thanks to the will of one, they're all about to have a chance. "Here I come... Tiara..."

Ryo's One Fine Day: Shortly after the Parasimon, Ryo returns to the Digital World to continue his work for the Soverign as something of a Time Cop. (Courtesy of Milleniumon's influence, of course) However when he bites off a little more than he can chew he ends up causing a massive disaster. The Legendary Tamer must rise again. (Ryuki/Jerato)

I want to try writing couples I'm not used to using at least once, pity I don't have enough ideas for this one yet. Hopefully that'll change.

Matsuki Saga: Two years after the Parasimon Takato begins to think more about his future. He gets a job, and a nice one at that. Plenty of employee benifits, good pay, friendly co-workers, and the work is easy. Just take over the world... that's all... ALL HAIL IL-PALLAZZO

Regless's Ten Commandments of (Try not to take them seriousally like one guy did. This is more for my own amusment):

Thou shall post chapters with 1000+ words for a chapter under 1000 words isn't a chapter, it's a quicky.
-Thou shall know there are no bad charactors, just different charactors. (I wrote this before I saw Zoe/Izumi from Digimon Frontier mind you)
-Thou shall give Comments and Constructive Critisism to all...
-Thou shall know Piedmon/Myotismon are not a couple.
-Thou shall know Mummymon/Arukenimon are a couple.
-Thou shall mind that Cynthia, Piedmon's lady is a good writter and her critisms should be valued... but don't expect me to read one of her Dark Master fics any time soon.
-Thou shall mind that CC is good... and Flamers need a punch in the face. People who call CCer a Flamer also need a punch in the face.
-Thou shall not give Mindless praise (Giving someone a 20/10 just because it has a couple you like)
-Thou shall put new speakers on different friggen lines
-Though shall use spell check at least once or read over it. For crying out loud it's not that hard.

"It's not every day you get to meet your dream girl. heh, sorry, couldn't resist." Takato Matsuki to Rika Nonaka.

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