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Dear Readers,

I'm eternally sorry for the lack of update but things are rough. Yeah there maybe a good few of you who will think I'm just overreacting and that finishing these stories should be easy and should be done. But the thing is I can't remember my nine months of chemotherapy, which in itself is a blessing and a curse. I don't remember the pain but I also don't remember any of my thoughts during the time. I have no idea what my intentions were with these stories nor do I have any motivation to finish them. Thanks to a lot of things, depression, anxiety, lack of focus, the list goes on. I find myself rereading what I've written in hopes that I'll be able to come up with a way to finish them, but with having to do both my junior and senior year of high school in one year as well as post cancer tests and side affects there was little I could do. I've had the summer to relax and just look forward to my make-a-wish. I wished for the London Olympics and with the excitement of the that fanfiction wasn't really on my radar whatsoever. Now I'm about to start college and with me going into Nursing and into Honors College, I really have no time for these stories. I hope to continue to write as stress relief and a great hobby and maybe if I ever finish a fanfiction I'll post it on here for you all. I'm so thankful for everything and I just wish there was more I could do with these two. It's not in the cards. If you'd like to continue either of these just PM me and I'll look into it. As of now I'm saying goodbye, the stories and this account with stay and I do read a few fanfictions still but the writing part will be inactive as it has been over the past months. Once again I'm very sorry and I just hope you all understand. Stay Classy, fanfiction.

With Great Sadness,


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