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Author has written 14 stories for Digimon, and Naruto.

Hey everybody. I'm a big fan of Naruto, Digimon, and a few other animes. But Digimon and Naruto are definitely the top 2.

My favorite Digimon characters are 1)Tai 2)Matt 3)Mimi 4)Davis and 5)Sora. My favorite Digimon pairings are Mimato and Taiora. I HATE SORATO IT KIND OF RUINED THE ENDING OF DIGIMON JUST SAYIN'. Otherwise, I'm kind of split on who should be with Kari. Somedays it is Davis and others its T.K.

My favorite Naruto characters are 1)Itachi 2)Sasuke 3)Kakashi 4)Shikamaru and 5)Naruto. My favorite pairings are Sasusak and Shikino.

I'm also big on Kotor fics. Only pairing I like though is RevanxBastila. Bastila is just gorgeous if you don't believe me look at my avatar. Revan just personifies bad ass in every sense of the phrase. When I did my first playthrough I was light side and managed to save Bastila without looking at any guides. I actually guessed the correct phrases to say which made me feel pretty awesome cos apparently it's hard to do.

Kotor 2 was a huge let down. I don't know why I just didn't like most of the characters and the beginning of the game was painfully slow. Not to mention Bastila only had cameos and Revan was only mentioned in the game which is fucking retarded.

I can't wait for the Revan book to come out because I've always wondered what the hell happened when he went to the Unknown Regions. I think he came back to Bastila eventually. I mean how else would Satele exist? By the way, Satele is smoking hot too hahaha. Anyways, Revan is my favorite character in the whole Star Wars universe and I'm including the books I've read and all the movies.

They should honestly make a Kotor movie just to show how badass Revan is. He could kick Vader's ass easy, Yoda's too. Hell no one could touch Revan. Yeah that's how much I like Revan.

I currently have three Digimon fics started called Walking Alone, My Number 1 Fan, and Scattered. I'm also writing a series of Mimi and Davis friendship one-shots so keep an eye out for those. I've posted two of them. I have a massive fic for Naruto which I'm in the middle of writing the manuscript for. The prologue is up and I'm in need of some awesome reviewers for that story so if you're reading this I'd love your help! I also write random one-shots. Anyways I love reading other peoples' stories so send me a PM and I'll definitely take a look at it. Also if you ever review one of my stories there's a very good chance that I'll review yours. Also, I take requests so just message me and I'll do my best to take it. Actually My Number 1 Fan was a request and not planned at all. Considering that, I'm very pleased with it so far.

Now, a lot of people have asked why I don't have a Taiora story posted yet especially when I say that I'm a huge Taiora fan. The reason is because I have like 4 different ideas for one and can't decide which one I want to do first. So please bear with me until I make up my mind. In the mean time check out Scattered. There will be major Taiora in there.

Update patterns: I try my best to update as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that means I don't have a set day for updates. Also, I'm awful at telling people things. I may tell you I'll update by a certain day but completely forget. There are a bunch of awesome stories out there which are abandoned and as a reader I get ultra pissed when I come across them. There have been times when I have been totally engrossed in a story just to find that suddenly it is abandoned. It seriously sucks. So, I promise to update as fast as I can. However, motivation is sometimes lacking. So, if you see that one of my stories hasn't been updated for a while just message me and maybe you can help me get out of a funk.

Reviews: I don't care whether you flame me or not. I just want reviews. Seriously, they help fuel my writing. I take every criticism seriously but not personally. So if you want to say my writing blows go ahead. Just tell me why you say that. That way I can actively improve on something. If you guys want an example of an awesome review I've gotten go to my story Walking Alone and take a look at the first review I ever got. It was from FireFairy219 and is my favorite review I have ever received. I got stuff that I could improve on and also got some positive feedback. Of course, if you can't find fault with my writing I love to hear compliments too hahaha.

The only thing I ask though, is that if you're going to give me a review please make it understandable. Not the shit that Koumiloccness likes to type. I can't understand what the fuck he/she/it tries to say. I mean I don't know about anyone else but I sure as hell can't understand what the fuck he/she/it bitches about. I needed a freaking translator when Koumilocc left a review. I was like what the fuck?? Hahahaha. Enough about that though, just don't do it. If you want to try and take a stab at figuring out what was trying to be said the review is on chapter 1 of Walking Alone. Please feel free to check it out and let me know what they were trying to say. I'm kind of curious LOL.

Why Mimato?- Well everyone knows it should be Taiora. That means that Matt is available. Now let's just look at Matt and Mimi's personalities. Matt is a hip rockstar. All the girls love him. Mimi is the trendy fashionista. All the guys fall for her looks. So you take the two best and put them together. Now look at their pasts. Matt was always quiet and kept to himself because of his parents divorce. He became a loner. Mimi was always very social. Opposite natures attract. On top of that Mimi would probably be the only one who could break Matt's icy appearance. Now look at their crests. No two crests go together better than friendship and sincerity. To be a good friend you have to be sincere. Also in the japanese version where Mimi has the crest of purity Matt would see it as his role as a friend that Mimi remains pure and untainted by the world. Matt knows what the cold reality of the world is and his parents divorce is the perfect example. He would want to ensure that Mimi doesn't have to go through anything like that. The last reason is that they make the best looking couple.

Current Stories

Taking Over My Mind- Mimato, rated K, one-shot, just a quick fic, about how Matt can't seem to get a girl (Mimi) out of his mind.

Walking Alone- Mimato, rated T, ongoing, very emotionally charged, not so much a clear plot as much as just dealing with what life throws at you.

My Number 1 Fan- Michi, rated T, complete, minor plot, lots of fluff, 01 and 02 gang. A few references to characters from other seasons.

Scattered- Taiora, Mimato, & triangle- Davis x Kari x T.K., ongoing, major plot, lots of mature themes, action-packed, focus on friendships through tough times, 01 & 02 gang along with Tamers and Frontier. Huge story. If you're a true fan of Digimon check this out! I promise you'll find something you like.

A New Big Sis- Misuke friendship, rated K, complete, no plot, lots of fluff.

Cooking Lessons- Misuke friendship, rated T, complete, no plot, lots of fluff.

What Itachi Really Wanted- Sasusak, rated T, ongoing, major plot, if you want a realistic Naruto story then this is the one for you. ABANDONED

LOL I am about to dedicate a whole section to one of my stories.

Scattered has been a dream of mine ever since 02 ended. It has evolved over time to incorporate several different themes as I've grown older. It is only now that I felt like actually putting it into words instead of just imagining about it before I go to sleep.

This is going to be huge. It is a very large-scale story. But at the same time, I am going to emphasize the bonds that the Digidestined share. A lot of those bonds are going to be tested and some will be broken. This story could go several other ways though. And that is up to my readers. This story will be told through several different POVs so I will incorporate the ones more people want to see.

If you want to see more of Tai or a certain other character just message me. Also, there will be a lot to keep track of so if you ever get confused just message me.

Epic?- Yes.

Emotional?- Very.

Shocking?- At times.

Fluff?- Not a lot.

Mind-Fuck?- Possibly.

One more thing. I am striving to keep everyone as IC as I possibly can. But there are some things which will be very OOC. For all of those things, there will be a valid explanation in the story as to what the hell happened to so and so.

Also, not everyone is good. If one of your favorite characters happens to be evil, forgive me. They're the characters I tended to hate the most while watching Digimon. Hahaha jk. Kind of.

Some of my goals

Beat FireFairy219 in songfic competition- This one's over before it starts sis :P

Get a story mentioned alongside Blind- I think my best shot right now is Those Green Eyes, and even that is just the biggest longshot ever!

Be the best Mimato writer on the site- MimixIshidax

1000 hits to my profile- Complete! You guys are awesome!

1000 reviews on a single story- lmao.

10000 hits to a story- Just over 66%

100 favorite author- 23%

500 favorites for a single story- hahaha.

Write a 100 chapter story- 11%

Complete a multi-chapter story- My Number 1 Fan

Kill a main character- Not yet.

Write a story with a sad ending- I don't know if I can do it but we'll see.

Have someone review and tell me they like an OC better than a real one- Probably never.

Write 25 stories- 10 right now.

Revive Mimato on this site- Very big uphill battle.

Have someone review and tell me that I mind-fucked them with my writing- I think that would be my proudest moment as an author.

Beta 5 stories- Currently at 2.

Are these goals unrealistic?- Yes very, but that's what makes it fun!

If I was a character in Digimon. I'd be very similar to Tai. We both play soccer. We both don't know when to keep our mouth shut. We both struck out with our first crush. We both have wild hair. We both have moms who are terrible cooks. We are both very loyal. We are both take charge kind of guys. The only differences between us are that I can at times be incredibly lazy, and if I had a crest it would be the crest of determination not the crest of courage.

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6 years after the defeat of MaloMyotismon the world is engulfed in a Digimon war. the Digidestined are scattered but can the return of their leader help end the war? Major Taiora & Mimato read the Author's Note for the rundown. Give it a chance and review! M for a good reason
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