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All right then! I don't believe in ridiculously long profiles, as it has nothing to do with the account holder...

So, about me! Okay, so my name is whatever you want it to be (UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION), I am fifteen years old as of June 2012. I go

to a school for academically excelling students. Though, that's nothing to brag about. It's quite boring, really. All we do is learn and we

never get to go on trips like the other classes. Plus, we get loads and loads of homework. Honestly, I don't know how all the other

students complete their homework... Oh, and another thing about me--I'm very lazy when it comes to doing my homework. I've never found the

need to do my homework and I possible never will. My mom always scolds me, "If you can get an 85 by not studying, you might as well

study for half an hour and get a 90!" Oh mum, honestly if you knew how boring it is to study, I'm sure you'll be burning my textbooks in

that lovely fireplace of yours. :)

I love writing stories. I think it lets me get away from who I truly am. That's why if you knew me and read my stories you'll find my

characters to be extremely different than the shy, quiet and scared me. My characters are often out going and stubborn. I guess the

stubbornness is something my characters and I share :) I won't stand by if someone blames me for something I haven't done, or does

something wrong in front of me. I'm also the last one to apologize in a fight. Unless of course, it was my fault. Then, I will surely be the

first one to apologize by falling at your feet and begging for mercy :P

Anyway! Make sure you review my stories. I appreciate all kinda of reviews. But, honestly, if you're here to just flame my stories, you might as

well bugger off cause you're just wasting your time :)