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Hey there, hey there, everyone. Just your friendly neighborhood RDP here.

Feel free to call me Gent, Man, RDP, Darius, Dari, Dare, Dar, or the fantastically genius and gracious ruler of Spencey land. Spencey land? As you either already know, or will shortly know, I am hopelessly and ridiculously obsessed with Spencer Reid / Matthew Gray Gubler. The funny thing about this, is that I happen to be a straight man. Now...where does admiration become obsession? Hell if I know. Really...I have no clue. Also, I have no idea why I like to write homosexual smut so much. I should be writing about hetero-relations, or at the very least about lesbians...but no, I've tried both and they just don't work. On this account, you will be treated to endless tales involving the character Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. He'll probably be paired most of the time with either Derek Morgan or Aaron Hotchner. Hell, maybe even Tobias Hankel, or his awesome jazz musician friend Ethan from New Orleans. Either way, I'll be avoiding anything that isn't related to Criminal Minds on this pen-name.

Yes yes, as you can plainly see, I have obsessional problems. Criminal Minds, Spencer Reid, and Matthew Gray Gubler being my biggest obessions of the moment. If you engage in conversation with me, you expose yourself to the chance of being bombarded with Reid quotes, and endless advertisements for Team Reid. Hell yes. I also don't mind telling you that I haven't worn matching socks since I began watching Criminal Minds. Hurk. Oh yes, I'm that nerdy, it's so very painfully true. However, believe it or not, there really is more to me than just a hopeless little fan...creature.

Now that I've covered my severe case of Gubleritis, let's talk about me. M'kay? Firstly, I've already introduced myself. Now I'll tell you that I am a twenty-one year old male. I was born as a girl, and I'm currently on my way to becoming a legal male. If you have any questions regarding my gender / sex, I don't mind asking...unless you ask me if I have a dick. In that case, I'll let you know that 'no,' I don't have a dick. Not yet anyway. Ahem. I live in America, but I'm not telling you where exactly, since I have severe paranoia when it comes to the interwebz. I currently live with my grandmother because I am too poor to support myself, and my stepmother kicked me out on account of the living room window being shot by a pellet-gun. What does that to do with me being kicked out? She thinks that I did it when my parents were vacationing. Really...I don't even have one of those! confusing.

Anyway, I'm currrently attending my local community college. Technically speaking, I'm studying illustration, but upon deep critical thinking, I've decided to change my major. Funny enough, I'm switching to to criminal justice. Before you ask, long term goal is to be in the FBI, and IS because of Criminal Minds. I'm a hopeless nerd. Oh well.

Frankly, I'm very sick of writing in paragraph form, so let's do some lists now, yes? Yes. No question. End of discussion.

Favorites ~

Actor; Matthew Gray Gubler, Shemar Moore, Thomas Gibson, Mandy Patinkin, Johnny Depp, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Jackie Chan, Will Smitch, Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, Cary, Elwes, Mel Brooks,
+ Actress; Drew Barrymoore,
+ TV shows; Criminal Minds, House M.D, Bones, Hawaii five-0 [The new one, cus it has many sexy Asians] NCIS, Castle, Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, Ace of Cakes, Good Eats, Iron Chef [The classic Japanese version] The Naked Chef, Cupcake Wars, Food Network Challenge, Chopped, Restaurant Impossible.
+ Movies; The SAW franchise, The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, The Lord of the Rings franchise, Battle Royale, Suicide Club, Edward Scissorhands.
+ Anime; Elfen Lied, Death Note, Rurouni Kenshin, Tegami Bachi, Gantz.

Music genre; Jrock, Jpop, Kpop, Alternative, Metal, Trance, Techno.
+ Solo singers; Miyavi, Gackt, G-Dragon, Tae-yang.
+ Bands; Big Bang, B'z, SHINee, MBLAQ, Dir en Gray, D, An Cafe, Alice Nine, Exist trace, Lolita23q, Aicle, Zoro.

Breakfast food; Stuffed French toast, Strawberry stuffed crepes, Eggies in a basket, Toast with cinnamon-ified oatmeal.
+ Lunch-y food; Ham egg and cheese sammiches, Meat-ball subs.
+ Dinner time food; Mum's 'white people' enchiladas, Chicken 'n' dumplings, Chicken alfredo, Hamburger pie, Anything with fish involved, Especially sushi-rolls, Rice with shredded tilapia, Meat-balls, Clam-chowder, Pot roast with carrots and potatoes, Tacos, Hamhock soup.
+ Anytime food; Matthew Gray Gubler [Fuck yes, I went there] Stuffed mushrooms, Jalapeno poppers, Home-made chicken soup, Sugar-cookes [With no frosting] Tortilla chips with spicy cheese-sauce.
+ Dessert; Strawberry cheesecake ice-cream, Better-than-sex cake, Spice cake, Triple-chocolate cake with triple-chocolate frosting, Chocolate cheesecake drizzled in raspberry sauce, and chocolate coated Spencer Reid.
+ Drink; Mountain Dew [The classic green-beast] Coffee, Green tea frappucinos from Starbucks, Hawaiian punch, Pineapple Shasta.
+ Candy; Starburst, Those awesome little sour watermelon chewy gummy things, Chocolate covered strawberries, Lollipops, Practically anything fruity and chewy, Skittles, Sour Punch stuffs, and anything that is either dipped, coated, or filled with chocolate - especially dark chocolate.

More to come eventually!

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