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Hai! So I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooVE writing!

Harry Potter:

I am Harry Potter's twin, also with a scar. Wickedly awesome scar on the inside of my arm/wrist. I was taken away from the wreckage of the Potter house when Voldemort killed my parents by a Death Eater and brought to the Malfoy Manor to be locked up in a cellar, no one knew I was there except for Lucius Malfoy. I was rescued by one of the Order. Probably Dumbledore with Snape's help at the age of 8, to be brought to live with the horrible Dursleys. I have this connection with Harry, so that, whatever he sees I see, Example: Voldemort visions. I am in love with the wizarding world.

Wand: 9 3/4 inch, Oak and Pheonix feather.


Quidditch position: Chaser YEAH!

Patronus: White lioness

I'm adopting a story and rewriting it completely sooo you better watch out! Also I love my kickass stories almost as much as I love you guys

As for Why me and Adventure Time and any other story involving the characters: 'Michelle' and 'Paige' well as you all can guess they're based of of my friends. Well now ex friends. But I don't know what to write anymore and, we can all agree, I'm kind of immature, so moral of the story? Don't erite friends in. I'm working on other stories too. They're really interesting! But I'll keep updating the others, and being the super immature person that I am I'll be ridding the story Adventure Time of the characters somehow so if you're somehow attached to them I advise you become unattached. Why me needs them so I'll have to continue that too.

I like reviews :)

Soooo for the dresses for Why me, here they are:







(Danica) {Just want to add something about this dress... it's supposed to be darker so imagination!}



Danica's wedding:



Hanna's wedding:


(Faith and Hermione)

Hermione's wedding:


(Hanna, Danica, Faith)

Luna's wedding:

(faith, danica, hermione)

Ginny's wedding:


(Faith, Hermione, Danica)

Pansy's dress:


Heyhihellotherepeople: I am an author, writer, poet, lyric writer, ACTRESS, singer and smiler. Smiling is a career. Or it should be. I dance too. Although I'm not amazing or very good. But I keep my head up. I'm bubbly. Nice. Genuine. Quick to anger. Although I like to shy away from situations to keep friends. My motto is: I'll hold my anger in if I respect you or if I'm not in the mood to handle drama. Wrong loving, blah blah.

TV shows: Supernatural, BSG, Doctor Who, Being Human, Accidentally on Purpose, Community, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Fringe, Criminal Minds, CSI whatever one is on, Merlin (

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