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Author has written 5 stories for Kim Possible.

Personal Information:

1) I was born in a log cabin that I helped my father build.

2) My idea of fun is running into a crowded fire station and yelling: "Movie!"

3) Still breathing...

My stories comprise the RSVP story arc and, when completed, will form an epic trilogy. They are:

Part I - RSVP: The Fellowship of the Ron (Completed--but still being tinkered with)

Part II - RSVP: The Two Powers (Ditto like above)

Part III - RSVP: The Return of the Kim (Slowly rolling out now that I have a book contract in my own universe)

Part IV - Tales from the Kimarillion (An odd assortment of missing scenes, alternate universe tales, and various odds and ends. Especially "odds.")

Story Ratings

A word about the ratings for the RSVP stories. When I started, I wanted to be free to tell adult or grown up stories of Ron & Kim & the Middleton masses without the restrictions of an underage audience. That being said, while I do stray into some "adult encounters" from time to time, you're not going to read graphic descriptions of sexual performances, replete with insertions and pumpings and the sorts of things that move the "M" rating into "MA" territory.

In fact, after reading a number of the Kim Possible stories here, I'm inclined to give my RSVP Saga a "T" rating with the addendum of the occasional "M" passage. You be the judge: I'll try to warn the more delicate readers when a chapter containing such passages is coming up. For now, however, I'll leave the overall rating as "M" which means that these stories get filtered out of most searches. If you are a fan, please pass the word along to readers you think might be interested.

Chapter Recaps

I've given some thought to posting short recaps of each chapter here.

It would greatly benefit readers who come and go and want to catch up quickly on where they left off.

And a work this size really needs something different than last chapter's recap at the beginning of each new chapter.

But, if I go back and write a 1 paragraph recap of each chapter, I'm looking at writing over 90 paragraphs at this point.


Unless someone wants to volunteer... :)

A Little Advice for the Aspiring Writers Out There

If you want to improve your writing, here are the most common mistakes that are made on the KP FanFiction site. This is offered in the spirit of helpful advice, not harsh criticism. If you're serious about your writing, you will work to improve it for the rest of your life. If you're not so dedicated...then pass on by

1) Characters who say things like "Me and Kim..." The correct way to say it would be: "Kim and I..." Rather than use fancy grammar termonology just remember these two things: When you (or the character) is talking about their self and another person, you put the other person's name first (that's just polite) and then you use yourself last. Like this: "Kim, Bonnie, and I went to Club Banana." The easy way to remember to say "I" instead of "Me" is to take the other names out for a second and see which sounds right: either "Me went to Club Banana" or "I went to Club Banana." So Ron might say "Me and Kim went to Bueno Nacho" if you want him to sound not very smart or you can have Ron say "Kim and I went to Bueno Nacho" and have him sound like the kind of guy who would be worthy of Kim as a boyfriend.

2) Homophones are a big problem for all writers. A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but has a different meaning and usually a different spelling. The problem is they're not really interchangeable. Like: To, Two, and Too. Here's a sentence with all three in their proper usage: If you're going to Bueno Nacho, I have two coupons for Nacos and I'll share if I can come, too. Three words that sound the same with three totally different meanings. (See next example)

3) Homophone challenge #2: There, Their, and They're. All three sound the same and all three have different meanings. Three sentences this time for context: I'm going there (place). It's their (possessive or belonging to them) boat. They're (contraction for They are) not going to like it.

4) Misspellings where one word kind of looks like another but isn't. Like "quite" (to the utmost) instead of "quiet" (making little or no noise). This is a common misspelling.

5) Another common misspelling on the site is the word "rogue" (villain, trickster, knave) which is the name of one of the X-men if you capitalize it. Unfortunately, it is often misspelled as rouge (a red cosmetic for coloring the cheeks or lips). Oops!

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