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Okay, time to update the bio again, I don't feel like writing different bio's for ffnet and fpnet, so it's gonna be the same. All the stories that I've wrote myself are on fpnet, I have never written fanfiction, maybe one day I will...

Personal Stuff (that doesn't change, for now)
age: 17
g: girl
country: The Netherlands
RL name: Marieke
nickname: Puck (easier to pronounce than my RL name,if you're not from around here *g*)

Favorite Authors:
If you like fantasy/LotR:

Emmithar, fave story: A Fateful Journey
This is my absolute all time fave story, I say: THIS MUST BE PUBLISHED!!! Beside the story, Emmithar is a wonderful person (though I've never met her in RL) and I'm glad that I got to know her through ffnet> Emmithar, thanks for everything!!

Elanor (An Estel Story: Yesterday's Fears)
Elanor is my very best friend and a great writer, if I should point out anyone who really knows me and understands me, it would be Elanor> Girl, thanks for always being there for me, even in my writer's block...*g*

Carrie-n-Emmithar (Feaear: Spirit of the Sea)
this story is an absolute must for LotR fans, especially the final chapter, I _loved_ that chapter!

I recently ran into another story that fascinates me a lot:
'Endless Journeys' by IntricateOne (not LotR, but general fantasy)
I like the way it is written out of different POV's and I love the descriptions.>go read!

Even though I read a lot of LotR, I don't know enough about it to write LotR-fanfiction, so I'll just stick to writing original fiction. Together with Elanor I wrote a short story called 'She'(romance) and the sequel is now in progress (chapter 3 up- adventure/romance, but probably more adventure). We actually put a touch of LotR into it!!!
These (and two other stories of mine) can be found at FictionPress.net. I'd say: please R&R!!

Ah, before I forget: If you read&review my stories, remember that English is not my native tongue, so if you find any spelling/grammar mistakes, be so kind to let me know, but do not flame me with it!

that's all, I have to quit now before I'm gonna keep blabbering on and on and on...*g*

With warm regards,

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This one is being published.
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