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Hello There Fanfiction World!

I must admit i didn't expect to get any feedback for a long time, so was putting off doing up a profile until I thought of something witty to say. I feel a bit bad leaving this page blank though, so i'll throw something together quickly.

I'm Grae.

The only thing that I'm really any good at is procrastination, and it usually results in whatever you see uploaded here.

I'm a MAJOR shipper and have a tendency to get too emotionally attached to fictional characters. I especially like writing happy endings for people (CHARACTERS!! THEY ARE CHARACTERS GRAE!) who don't necessarily get them in whatever brilliant work of fiction they belong too. Major couplings that I support (and am likely to write about) are as follows:

Agent Six and Doctor Holiday from Generator Rex - I know this is cause for debate because all the ladies out there want Agent Six for themselves, but I think this couple could be...interesting. I still don't see Six as a dad though.

Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley from Harry Potter - Come on! Ron totally jinxed this when he warned Rose about Scorpius! It just HAS to happen ;)

James Potter and Lily Evans from Harry Potter - I love the Marauders/Marauder Era stuff but I'll warn you right now: don't expect Peter @#$%! Pettigrew to get a big mention, if any, in any of my stories. I'm sorry but I just can't forgive him (I know they're fictional characters but it's still not fair!)

Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks - this is one of the sweetest and saddest couples going around and I'd love to see more stuff for them. I also wish I was Tonks (fictional character Grae...fictional character)


And...I think that's about it. I'm bound to think of more and I'll add that when I have a little more time and energy.

I love writing but know all too well that it's not something I particularly excel at. I'm trying out new styles at the moment so any help you could give me would be nice. Just no psycho-angry messages please. I don't deal well the psycho-angry messages.

I should also mention that I'm currently studying therefore I doubt I'll be uploading regularly. I'll probably only get time in breaks and between periods of extreme stress. Also, one of my biggest problems when it comes to writing is that I very rarely finish anything - I never seem to be able to make up the beginning, middle, and end. I usually manage two out of three and then fail. Maybe uploading will inspire me to be more consistent. Who knows? Rest assured, I will do my very best to finish things. Promise :)

I would also like to say a very special thank-you and hello to, MacGaulyver, Akita, and NaaraHatake as you were the first ever reviewers I got and have given me the confidence to hopefully write and upload some more. I thank you all greatly :)
(Oh, and I think 'Arguing' will have at least another chapter, I'm just trying to iron out the kinks first)

Anywho! Until next time,

Grae :)

Stories So Far:

Memories and Ghosts is my personal favourite of my own stories. I would love if you (whoever you may be, whether there is a you at all and I'm not just writing this to have no one look at it) took the time to read it, even if you don't watch Generator Rex and were, presumably, led here by other stuff. It's sad but I feel it's my best.

Arguing was written very late at night when I was amped up on caffeine. I originally wrote it with plans for it being the prelude to the much deliberated first Holix kiss, but then found that I couldn't quite follow on from it. I'm working on the second part, I really am, I'm just not really sure how I'm going to go about it.

Excuses was a lot of fun to write and I am so pleased I got so much feedback from it. I know a lot of people are asking me to continue (or are saying they can't wait for more) but I wanted to get this clear - THERE WILL NOT BEING ANY EXTRA CHAPTERS FOR EXCUSES...But there may just be a sequel or two ;) I'm working on two more four-parters thats all connected, I will keep you posted :) (Also, in case anyone was interested, I was listening to 'Flowers for a Ghost' by Thriving Ivory when I wrote chapter one - i highly recommend checking it out)

Addiction was written in the lead up to my exams and therefore is a little jumbled. I had a lot of one liners and stuff I wanted to get in there but I wasn't completely sure how to go about it. I just love Six and Holiday and let's face it - the only reason there isn't proof of them sleeping together on the TV show is because they wanna keep it kid friendly. Seriously, if this wasn't PG, it would have happened already, or at least have been eluded to by now ;)

Dismissive Explanations was uploaded, perhaps, a little prematurely. I was just pumped and felt the need to write and upload something happy after I'd done Memories and Ghosts so I just threw this one out there. I think, if I hadn't rushed it so much, it would have been better with some more banter between the three of them. Who knows, I might upload a better, longer version later.

Morning Sickness I did intend to make a 3-parter with a chapter from Holiday's perspective and then another about what really happened. However, I have not been able to watch any Generator Rex for over a year now and can't get my hands on it anywhere hence my inspiration has run low. I will try and finish it, but it will probs be a long way off.

Compromising Situations was supposed to be a considerably large multi-chapter fic but, as mentioned above, my inspiration has run low. I hope to get back to it these holidays, so you just may get another chapter or five after all.

The Birthday Present is gunna be a long one, but I warn you, for the most part, I'm just making it up as I go along so if it gets a little muddled and stuff I apologise. I'm really quite proud of this one and, in all honesty, am writing it because it's fun. It's not supposed to be showing off any amount of prowess or maturity because, lets face it, I'm kind lacking in both when it comes to writing, but it is a hoot to write so I just continue with it. I'm a massive sucker for banter so expect to see A LOT of it here.

The Hospital Bed Monologue was just fun to write. I was feeling kinda blue and really couldn't work up the energy to write another chapter of TBP, knowing it was going to include some arguments, so I decided on something light and fluffy to pass my time. This is what came out. It's nothing extraordinary, just plain old Scorose fluff. But hey, who doesn't love some good old fashioned Scorose fluff ey? ;)

Update 19-09-12

I honestly don't even know if anyone out there reads this, but just in case I'll update for you all :)

My main reason for updating is to issue a disclaimer - The photo i have chosen for my Avatar is not of my own creation. Through many hours of procrastination and looking up random things i came across this rather beautiful piece and have decided that I like it muchly and that it kinda suits me for some strange reason. I would like to say that I recieved it from this website - - and that all credit goes to its marvellous creator, whoever you may be you talented little bunny. Alas I cannot draw so no pictures i put up at any time will be my own.

Next: Just a bit of a bitch on my behalf - when I rate a story M it is done so for a reason. If sex makes you uncomfortable then please don't read any of my stories with this rating because you can be guaranteed, eventually, there will be smut. You have been warned.

Also, for all those faithfully following The Birthday Present another chapter IS coming, i promise. I have had people ask me to update quicker and to try and keep to some kind of a schedule. Although I know it is frustrating (I myself am following a number of stories that I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of) please understand that I cannot stick to any kind of a schedule or specific timeslot. I love writing, and believe me when I say that writing many chapters for TBP is number one on my list of 'Thing I Want to Do'. Unfortunately, it rates rather low on the list of 'Things I Need to Do'. College work comes first, as annoying as it is, because unfortunately my lecturers do not accept 'I had to finish the next chapter of my fanfiction story' as a viable excuse for an extension. *sigh* if only they did. Anywho, it is on it's way and I promise it will be up before December. How long before, I'm not sure, but most certainly before December :)

Update 7th of Feb, 2013.

EXCITING NEWS EVERYONE!!!! Thanks to the dedication of the fabulous and altogether AMAZING grint eliloca (whose profile can be found here: ) 'Excuses' has now been translated into Spanish!! That's right - SPANISH! How awesome is that?!? I would like to extend my sincerest of thanks to this fellow writer - I could not be more proud or honoured to have someone take the time to translate the whole fic for those whose English isn't that strong. Again, my absolute sincerest thanks and upmost respect to you Grint Eliloca.

For anyone interested, the link to the translated version is here:

All my love,

Grae :)

Something to consider...

I'm getting on my soapbox for a minute here and I hope you don't hate me for it, but I really needed to say something and I'd like you to hear it (or read it. Whatever).

Depression is one of, if not the, most common mental illness observed around the world. It doesn't mean you're weak - it means you have been trying to be too strong for too long. And it doesn't mean you're crazy - in fact, statistically speaking, its normal (but by no means easy). Sometimes we just need help, and guess what? Thats ok.

In fact I want you to really think about that for a moment - It is ok to ask for help. It's ok.

If you find yourself having thoughts of suicide, or feelings of worthlessness, of feeling tired constantly, and have stopped enjoying the things that used to make you smile, please talk to someone. It can be a friend, a family member, a doctor, a mental health professional - whoever makes you feel comfortable and who will listen without judgement or contempt. You don't have to battle by yourself, because you're not alone - millions of other people around the world are battling with you. Including me. But you know what? We can get through this. We can look past the labels they give us, the names they call us, the voices in our own heads - we can soldier on, and we can win this fight.

I have seen too many people leave this earth too soon because they felt there was nothing here for them anymore. No matter how worthless they felt, their passing starts a ripple effect that hits their family, their closest friends, their distant friends, friends of friends, work colleagues, school peers, old neighbours, new neighbours, people who never met them but knew their friends, people they haven't seen or spoken to in a decade. The list is endless, the ripples continue, and the pain is shared.

There is never one victim in suicide. The pain of losing someone you love doesn't fade quickly. In fact, there are many who would say it never fades at all.

So please, if you think you might have depression or any other mental illness, seek help. It is ok to put your hand up and say you can't do this alone, because no one should have to do this alone.

When everything gets you down just think - the Earth has been here for an estimated 4.5 billion years. During that time we've had dinosaurs, ice ages, The Black Plague, crusades, epidemics, world wars, and natural disasters of epic proportions. And guess what?

You made it here.

To this very day, your ancestors survived long enough to pass on life to you so you could be here. Isn't that pretty fantastic? You practically come from a line of superhumans. Or at least super-survivors. So whenever you think of yourself as a failure just stop and remember - your ancestors were some tough bastards, and with their blood running through your veins, you won't go down without a fight.

Shine bright you crazy diamonds, and stay happy.

All my love,

Grae xoxo

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