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Looking over this... I find my younger self rather immature... so I'm changing it

Name: none of your business

Age: Somewhere between 14-20

Likes: Anime, Manga, Gaming, Reading, Soccer, Chilling with friends, watching movies

Favorite Games: ME Series, Dragon Age Origins, Star Wars Battlefront II, Star Wars Jedi Outcast 2, DBZ Budukai Series, SSB, Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest 8, Digimon World 3, Tales of Series, LOTR BFME 2 and many more.

Pairing Philosophy

I really don't care much who a protagonist is paired with in a story, although I rarely read Naruto fanfics with either Sakura or Hinata in the pairing. I don't mind romance in a story, as long as its well done... and not overly angsty or drawn out :P.

Fanfic Dislikes

Naru/Hina: Hmm, my original description of this was badly done I won't lie. I actually didn't mind this at all pre-shippuden and me reading fanfiction. Really it wasn't until I read a constant stream of very badly done romances between the two that I disliked this pairing. Post shippuden... I don't recall really seeing Hinata outside of when Naruto first returns, going after Sasuke and... her jumping out of no where to tell Naruto she loves him as she tries to fight off Pein. She just sorta slipped into the background, so I don't really see her as a possible contender canon wise :P. Overall, like her better than Sakura. That being said, there are some gems hidden on this site. Team 8 for example written by S'TarKan, is quite well done.

Naru/Saku: She beats on Naruto, he has Stockholm for her. I really dislike her...

Bashing: Hmmm, unless I actually go out to find a story and read it for the sole reason of bashing... It just seems rather pointless in a serious fic to just needlessly have a constant stream of insults go towards someone. That being said, I think basically ignoring a character and making them only have random cameos is pretty insulting... especially if its a 'main' character.

Yaoi: Not my cup of tea

Itachi died: enough said

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