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H2n4 Flu is a virus I invented, which turns you into a tree and infests you with termites. Thus, H2n4 can also be called the Tree Flu.

Reviewing my stories makes me happy, so review my stories or you will catch the Tree Flu too.
I take anonomous reviews. Don't flame, but you can criticisize my work nicely.

I am a relatively new writer, and have had an account for a few months now. Nevertheless, I have completed THREE stories and am brainstorming a few more. I come on the site about once every other day, and update some of my work, loading new files on, editing my profile, and so on. I have a few original characters, but the only one posted being Seretni, a big blue dude who I introduce in Digital. He's my main character in Spore Hero for the Wii, and he ended up looking more awesome than I had planned, so now he's being trapped in my fanfics! Muahahahaha!!!!!

I felt inspired to describe Seretni on my profile, just because it would probobly double my profile length lol. Stuff in parenthasis is what the part is actually called on Spore Hero. So here goes.

In general, Seretni looks like some sort of strange mantis. He stands about six feet high, eight feet long and weighs about 150 pounds, really light for his size. He has two large, compound eyes, like a dragonfly (seeodesic). He has four jaws, arranged like a bear trap (Dietrap) and has a large crown thing on the back of his head with blue crystals that can shoot like a missile and explode(the Spor-o-mega). He has large, angelic feathered wings on his back (cassoworry), and a dorsal fin thing between the wings(Pool party-foul). He has a smaller pair of wings in the back, but they are not feathery (crestacean). His tail looks like a spur or a rotary saw (spur-prise!). He has two pairs of legs, the front, smaller pair with feet that taper to a point like a spider's (taptoe), and the back being large, five toed feet with the toes arranged like the legs of a chair that rolls around (Starfoot). He has blue crystals on his shoulders (stealing crystals). He has a pair of large, four clawed hands, also arranged like the jaw and stuff (dexterorrous). His entire body is a neon blue, even his wings and everything.
Whew! Quite a mouthful.

Seretni has an IQ of 250, can swim, fly, shoot exploding blue crystal thingies, charge like a bull, use his tail like a chainsaw, and glow in the dark. Noone really knows how old he is. He can manipulate and trick people easily, but is anti-social, and only interacts with others simply to get them to do something he needs. Basicly speaking, he can fight and lead, but doesn't have many friends.

Btw, Seretni's name spelled backwards almost spells interest, which is how I thought up his name. Most of my OCs will be things I make on Spore, and most of their names will probobly be some random word spelled backwards. Like Emosewa, who I havn't actually made yet. Glitch, who is in Digital along with Sereti, however, I did not make. He's some random bad guy from a random game that I tweaked a bit. And his name is also not a palendome

I like math and science, and hate laguage arts. Mostly because I learned half the stuff in LA in first grade. Science is awesome, and those who say otherwise will have a scary face come on your screen and scare you or something. Maybe.

My favorite book series is Chaos walking, which kicks the Hunger Game's rear.

My favorite band is Depesch Mode. So... yeah.

I am an anarchist. Deal with it.

Favorite quote(s):

Winners never quit, and quitters never win. But those who never win and never quit are idiots.

It's not so much what you look like, it's what's INSIDE that he can't stand.

Now please excuse us as we go terrorize the countryside. Have a super day!

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