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Hi :)

My name's Madeline. And I am completely and utterly obsessed with The Vampire Diaries. More particularly Damon and Elena. Even more particularly Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev. However, I also support Stefan/Elena, Damon/Katherine and Elijah/Katherine. Actually to be honest, I ship everyone with Elena. Including but not limited to Elaric, Elijah, etc.etc.

Other past obsessions include Harry Potter (Of course, because who in the world has never been obsessed with Harry Potter at some point in their lives), Twilight (ditto. Though not as proud to admit), JoBros, Charmed, James Mcavoy, Garrett Hedlund, Rayver/Maja (For the Filipinos out there), and Rayver/Shaina. I'm a total fangirl, which I can say with full confidence since I spend most of my life on the computer obsessing. It's what I'm best at.

I've pretty much gotten over most of the above addictions but TVD still remains as my main source of happiness in my 17 years

I love writing realistic stories. Since most of the stories I read here are somewhat rushed, unrealistic, or bent to accomodate the plot and not the characters. But then again, it is fanfiction. Not saying that my stories are all that great either (really), since I'm a complete beginner. (If you don't count my attempt at Miley/Jake fanfiction back when I was about 11, I think) But instead of whining behind my computer at what should have happened with this or that, I started to write my own FFs. So hopefully you guys enjoy my ramblings, since most of them I attempt to take from my own experiences.

Uhm.. other things that I like to do besides write? Editing, really. I love to edit pictures and videos. I dream of someday working in the film industry, but I don't know how that will work out. I occasionally play my guitar, but not all the time because it's too big for me and I'm too scared to tell my dad that I want to sell it for a smaller one since he bought it for me. I used to love to draw, and I still do but not as much.

I'm a huge introvert, which people often mistake for snobbishness. But, I assure you I'm not snobbish by any means. At least I like to think that I'm not. Maybe it's my Virgo rising?

I'm a Scorpio btw, with a Capricorn moon. Just cuz I'm into that stuff.

And I think this pretty much sums me up. So enjoy, read, review, lick, sniff, you're free to do whatever you want with the product of my imagination in the form of the FF below.

Ohp and for some shameless self-advertising ya'll should follow my personal tumblrblog. ;)

OR the Nian Blog I share with my cousin>>

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