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HI Y'ALL!!!!!

So, here's my story:

I was dragged into "FanFictiondome" by my sister, who is OBSESSED with writing fanfiction!! I became very interested and I started writing my own stories, but had no clue this site existed, so I was sad because I couldn't share my ideas with the world! So, yet again, my sister came to the rescue and showed me this site. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

My Likes:

>Sherlock. Yeah...it's kind of a big deal. Although I haven't posted anything on here for this show, I love this show with a burning passion. I could write essays on this show.

>Mr. Selfridge. I know, a bit of a obscure one, but it's good. I've written some stories and will probably post them so keep watching. Favorite pairings include : Rose/Harry (because he needs her) Agnes/Henri (because it's destiny) and Mardle/Dupont (because Josie is my girl and I will fight for her happiness with my dying breath)

>Jane Austen. I am a Jane Austen fanatic!

>Dr. Who. This is my sister's personal favorite, and she would KILL ME if she knew I liked the show and liked reading fanfiction about it. She is The Expert on Dr. Who, but I watch it enough to say that I am a devoted viewer.

My Dislikes:

>Crack!fics. they scare me.

>Unrealistic character pairings.

>Inconcievable/Unnatural/Unlikely/Impossible/Unrealistic story plots. I can't stand when people write about things that would never, in a million years, happen for real. I know that that is why fanfiction was made, but I just don't believe it is a fan's right to take brilliantly created characters, feed them through a shredder, cover them in gasoline, set them on fire, and turn them into something completely different all for the sake of a story. It's unethical.

>Cliffhangers. Unless they are really, really awesome. But give them some sort of closure, PLEASE.

> People who don't review. I need feeback! I live on my audience's opinion and criticism. It shows that they actually took time to read the story.

My Style:

I am the overthinking sort of writer. I love to dig deep into a character's mind and figure out what makes them tick. Why did that character do this? or...Why did that character give this other character that look? or..I wonder how that character would have reacted if this happened? Character study is my thing.

I also like to find hidden meaning behind what is going on. If one incident slightly resembles a previous incident, then my little mind goes crazy as I point out all the similarities and symbols. If one character subconciously rephrases something another character said earlier then I jump up and down as if I've uncovered buried treasure! I love creating connections within my stories and I like forcing the reader to think about why one thing might be connected with another thing. Allusions, symbolism, and connections are my specialty.

Basic things like spelling and sentence structure are not particularly my areas of expertise. In fact spelling may be considered my weakness, but I am confident enough in my writing and I feel that my stories are worth reading.

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