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(Updated 24th of September 2007)

Gods, it really has been AGES since I've updated this... 22 years old - ha, I wish.

So, let's see. No, I am no longer 22 years old, it's actually 25 by now. Time flies when you're having fun, huh? Well, WE are having fun, at least - I wouldn't be so sure about the characters. •evil smile• I am, however, still reading Archaeology and Ancient History, which just might be one of the most useless combinations of all time, at least if you're planning to actually get a job one day. I am now in my ninth semester, which around here means that I'll be done in a few more months. Well, considering that I have to start writing a huge thesis in a month or so, it'll be more than a few months. I guess it will all be over by June next year, one way or the other. •gulps•

That, my dear friends, is also the reason why I'm not updating as frequently as I used to. It's my Master's degree (or rather two of them) that's at stake here, and I really, really have to study a lot at the moment - and it's only going to get worse in the next months. So, it will probably happen that I won't update more frequently than every two or three weeks - nah, let me rephrase that. It will most definitely happen. You can be sure about one thing, though: I will never, ever, abandon a story. The plot bunnies wouldn't let me, not to mention my alter ego. So, no matter how long it takes (and, considering my luck, it often takes quite a while), the next chapter WILL be coming. Trust me. •trustworthy smile•

What else? I have a younger sister and an older brother. By now they have driven me mad (Gods, you have no idea), which is also the reason for some of my stories. I am blameless, I tell you! My mother moved to Portugal a while back - which is, generally speaking, nice, because I now have a really nice place to stay in the summer -, but it can also be quite inconvenient, especially communication-wise. Phoning there can be expensive, let me tell you. She took all the cats (now 6) and the dog with her which is really sad, but they're far happier there than they could ever be in the city. If you add to that the geckos that live there and the rats that the cats catch - and bring into the house, both dead and alive •shudder• -, I am spending my holidays in a zoo.

I may no longer have any cats, but I now have a very nice flat mate who bravely bears the terrible weather with me. She also bears my strange moods, the fact that I talk to almost any inanimate object I can get my hands on, and the fact that I rather often sit in front of my computer giggling evilly. She's an exceedingly good person, I know. •g•

And that's it, I think. If there are any new catastrophes that impede with my updating schedules, I will post a note here, so if you haven't heard from me in a while, have a look here. There's probably a rather good reason for my tardiness.

Right now I am busy writing my ... what is it ... yes, my eighth story, I think, namely "Visions of Betrayal", a sequel to the sequel to the sequel to the sequel to "An Eye For An Eye". Confused yet? •g• Yes, that's what I thought.

NEWS (12th of August '09): Yay! Nili's alive! I'm not quite back yet, but getting there. So, what happened? Well...

I had to write my thesis and disappered for what felt like years in the library. I re-emerged completely traumatised at the end of last month. So, what happened then? After a few completely sleepless nights, I handed in my thesis on Monday, moved out of my flat on Tuesday, painted my room, the corridors and the bathroom on Wednesday, cleaned the whole place on Thursday, flew to Portugal on Friday, prepared my stuff on Saturday, and took a 9 hours bus ride to the north to my first excavation this summer on Sunday. That's where I disappeared to the past five weeks.

So, I am now back at my mother's place, recuperating from the Most Badly Organised Excavation EVER. It really was interesting in some regards. So I'm back, have free time on my hands, and, after more than four month of not even opening my story's open office file, do firmly intend to finish the bloody thing once and for all, hopefully before my next excavation in October or before I have to seriously think about where to get my PhD.

You can therefore expect a new chapter soon, I'd say ... in about a week? Fingers crossed, of course. Forgive me for keeping you waiting for so long. But, to be honest, if I have to choose between writing ff and writing my thesis, I choose the thesis. Sadly. g• So, see you soon!

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