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Happy New Year 2017, guys!

Again, I'm writing up a PJO fan fics, with no plot or no direction. Just a simple PWP, I suppose.

Hope to be uploading it soon?


Hello, thank you for visiting my profile page.

English is not my native language. So, yeah, there will be lots of grammatical mistakes. If it bothers you, I apologised. English is just difficult.

Well, back to me! I'm more of a reader rather than a writer. I just love to read and fantasied things in my head.

However, I've also tried to write some of my own fiction. They're not as good as those that I have read, but I just like to pull things out from my head once in a while so that I will have more room to fantasied. After reading so much, you sometimes get the urge of being a creator. (Though I haven't finish anything that I wrote yet)

I love BL, so expect to find a male/male relationship. If you are disgusted by something like this, I wouldn't advise you to continue to browse my account. You might find something that would disturbed your psyche.

If you would like to talk, feel free to PM me. I'll try to get back to you as fast as I can (which is in about a month or two). Happy Reading.

Pairings/Characters that I love:

I usually enjoy mind games between the pairings, so shady/intelligent-type characters interests me. Though Lelouch from Code Geass cracks me up.


Current Obsession:

So yeah, I've been watching those hyped anime that I didn't have time to watch, and fell hopelessly in love with SNK and Shoukugeki no Souma. Technically, all the characters in these two series are supreme. Unbelievably well developed. If you haven't check these two series out yet, please do. Manga or Anime? Both are awesome. Don't let the realistic art style in SNK or food porn scare you. Though you might want to put on a headphone if you decide to watch Souma, people might get the wrong idea.

So, the title of Best Uke for these two series for me?

Ahem, in the red corner, we have a man who have fan girls fainting left and right for his exceptional housewifu abilities, a 30-year old badass, with short-petite stature, the one and only...Captain Levi! (Gasp! How unoriginal! Yes, I'm aware of his influential BL fan club) Laughs. So what's not to love about Levi? He's like those sour bomb candy that's killing you when you first taste it, but gives you a sweet reward at the end. Yeah, that sums most of the Ereri stories basically. So pairing that I like for Levi? Both Eruri and Ereri, I suppose. (Man, these acronyms are confusing, and yes, in that order) Though I do enjoy a good Riren once in a while, but I mostly cringe with stories that Levi forces Eren into *beeping* with him. It's just feels...wrong. To me, Levi character is like a foul-mouthed gentleman. I've also read a doujin with Hanji x Levi. Again, yeah, in that order. (laughs) Hanji is a guy in this. I found it to be weird but entertaining. But there's a story with Levi x Hanji that is also cute. Oh, Levi x Petra is good too. I sometimes like straight pairing. Surprise, surprise. Not a bad choice I say. Too bad Petra is *beep* (No spoilers here.)

Ah, right. Getting off track here.

And in the blue corner, we have one of the first-year trio. A man with a severe case of MPD and who you originally thought was a side character, the raging chef...Kurokiba Ryo! (Gasp! WTF. Why him you ask?) As I mentioned, I love shady/intelligent characters. Ryo isn't shady, but quite the genius in my opinion. (laughs) Confuse? I speculate that most characters in SNS starts cooking from a tender age, most characters have a teacher-like character to guide them through these child-abuse routine. (Seriously, restaurant business is a nightmare) Like Souma has his dad, Akira has Jun, well, you can argue that Ryo has Alice. But that was before he met Alice, he's already making a name for himself. Ryo's back story just mentioned that he's been standing on his own from god knows when. I hope I didn't spoil you with the details, but it's incredible how a small child can survive in a hell's kitchen for so long. Besides his rage are ridiculous that it's funny. He's like a rabid dog. As for the pairings? Hmm, I haven't read any first-year trio BL works yet. But, you know, I'm not interested in seeing Ryo top or bottom. (Gasp! Liar!!) Um, no. Really. No BL pairing for this series. I saw some Souma x Takumi, but it's too sweet. Not my style. Though I love seeing Ryo x Alice. Yes, yes, straight pairing again, I know. But you got to admit that they're damn adorable together.

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