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Hi the name's Emzeekay. As you can probably guess, that's not my real name, just my initials. MZK :)

I'm in my teens, preparing for my IGCSE's, and that's all you really need to know. Unless you're extremely creepy like the german guy who's stalking me (yikes) and absolutely need to know some random thing like my hair color, just PM me. I'll answer unless it's just too odd.

I like reading novels and going in depth into characters who haven't been quite explained. I also like writing quick-witted humour and funny one-shots.

Music is the love of my life. I listen to all sorts of music, rock being my favourite. Some of my work is inspired by music from several artists and I'll mention them in my work.

I also am obsessed with Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and PJO. I just can't wait for The House of Hades to come out! I'm telling you, Rick Riordan will be the death of me.

Writing is a hobby, not a profession, so I would appreciate if you reviewed. I write because it makes me pour my emotions into words, sentences, paragraphs and eventually, a story. My work expresses my mood, and I'm a very fun-loving person. At times, I'm cheesy, but sometimes I think deeply. That's when the many character traits come out!

I take a positive spin on life. I think that since you only get one life, you have to live it to the fullest. Don't let others bring you down or define you. Your life is beautiful, if you choose to make it so, but if you're entitled to everybody else's opinion, you're alive, but barely living. Stereotypes aside, you're a different kind of person. There might be similarities but nobody's like you, nobody can ever be you. That's what I think. And i'm following my dreams and making it a reality. So far, it's working out great for me, and I'm loving life.

Another thing, get inspired. There are so many things around you that can inspire you. A song, a place, a person, one tiny little thing that means nothing to no one but you. I take inspiration from music, as in not the songs, but the melody. The strumming of an acoustic guitar maybe, which I can play by the way. Books inspire me a whole lot too. There's this one by Kathryn Erskine called Mockingbird which has had a huge impact on my life. It's one of my favorites. And I don't know why, but How I Met Your Mother inspires me too, because it's a comedy, but there's so much to understand from there. Maybe it's just me, but if you dig a bit deeper you might find something more.

And if you have any other questions, check out my Formspring, which is set as my homepage. Or just PM me. I'll answer just about anything.


And I'm back, thanks to your threatening PM's.

But I guess it was useful enough since I've answered them all and have started working.

Collision seems like a dead end, I know where to go with it, but I'm kind of too lazy to go into that much of detail.

I'm discontinuing Grace's Tale because it's way too sad for my liking. I've lost the inspiration.

However, both these stories will still be here, just in case I want to continue it someday.

I'm working on a Percabeth story, and don't worry, I'm done writing 17 chapters already so updates should be pretty regular. I'm not posting it till I'm done though. You can expect it by the time Mark of Athena comes out :)


I'm stopping Beta. Seriously, have you guys ever heard of spell check? I hear it's pretty darn useful. (who can't spell 'drums' properly?) Plus, there are other beta readers out there. Go look.

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Call me Hopeless, but not Romantic reviews
Annabeth and Percy have reached a tough point, they're both off to different colleges. After four years apart, will things fall back in to place? And this isn't just their reunion, but everybody from high school. From weddings, to hot rebounds, to friendship, this story's got humor and heart. AU Percabeth. Rated T for certain reasons. Give it a look.
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Nico is a successful businessman while Thalia is a part-time waitress and taxi driver. Will love conquer all despite the difference in class? Thalico. R&R. UPDATE- Discontinued. Check profile for more information.
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