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Hi! my nickname is Sam! As my username indicates:)


Wow, it's been a long time since i've been on here and i'm sorry for the people that have still been reading my stories and expecting updates and some i haven't updated in over a year:( I do have pretty good reasons cause this last year has pretty much sucked. First my uncle died in September and recently my Grandpa died of ALS and if you don't know what that its a REALLY FREAKING SHITTY DISEASE!!!!! Its basically where you slowly (or fast) lose control of your muscles, you lose the ability to do anything by yourself, my grandpa went from being able to walk to being in a wheelchair to not being able to get out of a chair (he didn't sleep in a bed he slept in a chair it was easier for him) within three months. It's was REALLY HARD to watch especially since there is no cure.:( No hope he was going to get better... MY heart goes out to ANYONE that has or had a family member with ALS:(


SECRETS: Since i recently got a review on Secrets about me writing more of it. I decided to try writing it again. BE wary because i have no idea where i had been going with this story sooo i'm basically rethinking about what could happen. Yes i do remember who the blond girl and dark haired boy was:D Dont expect an update til maybe end of September? Summer's ending in the good old USA and cross country practice is starting tomorrow-_-

THE FORGOTTEN: I really do want to continue this so maybe i'll find time to do it during Christmas break:)

ALL OTHERS: discontinued anyone that wants to use the ideas message me:) LOL i don't think anyone will my ideas were pretty shitty!


I'm 15 now and i'm going to be a sophomore in high school! Which i think is crazy cause i still feel like a freshie:) I absolutely love ONE DIRECTION!!!! I adore Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. I admire them equally which is why i alphabetized there names so i don't feel bad about putting my last:D Yes i'm obsessed and weird, but your weird for writing my profile JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading this updated part! PEACE AND LOVE Sam (i always wanted to say that!!! or at least... type it... lol:D )


I'm 14!!!:) I'm Female! Im a Freshman in High School.

I'm American, but I have Irish, English, Polish, Geman, and Norwegian ancestry!!!! Which I am really proud of:) Although at times I'm not proud of being American:(

It may take a while for me to get new chapters up because Im a procrastinator; sadly. . . But dont worry I will eventally get to them:)

Theres been a lot of drama in school lately between my friends well one of my friends and its only the first month-_-

Random Information about me: I realized that life is full of drama and I'm way to sensitive. My natural defense? Getting mad. . . lol:)

I have brown hair with natural higlights in it according to my friends:) and i have blue eyes, but can look green or gray at times... which I think is kind of cool:)

Story updates:

Separate ways: it was a one shot... so no 2nd chapter or other chapters because I frankly have no idea of what to write next!

Liar: on hold permantly:(

Secrets: I know I said the second chapter was going up soon but my pendrive broke, so story updates are going to be really slow until I have the heart to rewrite it... probably on hold permantly now:/ as of 11/27/11/

Good Times: this is one is going to be on hold for a while:/ 11/27/11

Coming back to Yourself: I'll try updating soon... I wouldnt expect anything until late december or january and even then maybe not:/

Changing times: I'll try to update by the end of summer:/ Yeah that didnt happen dont expect another chapter til maybe december. Good news most of its already typed up and has been for like a month. 11/27/11

My favorite books are: Trixie Belden! Night world Series!, to die for, and many more.

My favorite movies are: Twilight because i love making fun of it:) Dear john, The grudge and again many more:)

My favorite bands are: Journey!!! Steve Perry will always to me be the lead singer of journey! Journey will never be the same without him:( For the people that don't know he isn't the lead singer anymore Arnel Pineda is. Steve perry had a MUCH better voice than him. But no the band was greedy and didnt want to wait for him to do his hip surgery. too be somewhat fair the band had already waited 2 years for him or something like that. . . Sorry Arnel Pineda fans! Sorry about that little rant. I always thought it was unfair. Aerosmith, the beatles:), Bon Jovi, 3 days grace, Lifehouse and many, many more:)

My favorite songs: Broken by lifehouse, don't stop believin' by journey, my immortal by evanescence, Dream on by Aerosmith, Faithfully by journey, listen to your heart, and these are only a few!

Random things

A conversation between one of my best friends and me. We are watching a movie

Me: When is the sad part coming up?

Sophie: It's coming up soon.

*The dad dies*

Me: Was that it?

Sophie: Nope it's coming up.

Continues watching movie

*movie ends*

Me: What was so sad about it?

Sophie: When the dad dies! *Gives me a u r so crazy look*

Aren't best friends just wonderful:) lol:)

Another Conversation:

Sophie: "Look there's the pregnant snowman"

Lauren:(one of my other best friends) "We should go and take pictures by it."

Me: "Ya we should."

*Lauren takes out her camera*

Lauren: "Quick Sophie go stand by the snowman before a teacher sees us"

*Sophie stands by it and pretends to be touching its stomach"

Sophie: "Quick Sam your turn."

*I go by it and do the thumbs up sign*

Once that's done we bolt like a cat out of hell. Once out of hearing range we burst out laughing:)

Another Conversation

We were touching snow because it felt really soft. Weird i know, but that's my friends and me:)
Then one of the teachers came up and asked us what we were doing.We told her and then she kind of gave us the look that said okkk.
Then she started to build a snowman so we helped her and Sophie and me found sticks that were totally oppisite of each other.

Then Sophie tried putting one as a tie and she dropped it right near the bottom ball and it was sticking up and then the teacher was like "that's not what I think it is is it?." or something like that.

Then Sophie was like, " No No No No no its suppose to be a tie."

Meanwhile Lauren and I had no idea what she was talking about and then we started laughing like hyenas.

Then the teacher started to walk away and mumbled, but Sophie and I heard it, " Okkk I think i need to walk away now,"

Which just made Sophie and me laugh harder. Which made lauren laugh harder:)

Random things

Night World Oath

When I see a girl with Cancer,

I will remember Poppy North.

When I see James Dean,

I will think of James Rasmussen.

When I look up at the stars,

I will see Mary-Lynnette Carter.

When I see a lazy cat,

I will remeber Ash Redfern.

When I see sibiling rivalry,

I will see Blaise and Thea Harman.

When I see an animal,

I will think of Eric Ross.

When I see snow,

I will remember Gillian Harman.

When I think of Heaven,

I will remember Gary(Angel).

When I see something burn black,

I will think of David Blackburn

When I see an orphan,

I will think of Rashel Jordan.

When I see a cold hearted man,

I will remember John Quinn.

When I get deja vu,

I will think of Hannah Snow.

When I see sadness in someones eyes,

I will remember Thierry Descouedres.

When I see fire,

I will see Jezebel Redfern.

When I see someone being cocky,

I will think of Morgead Blackthorn.

When I see someone who's determined,

I will remember Maggie Neely.

When I see royalty,

I will think of Delos Redfern.

When I see a black cat,

I will see Raksha Keller.

When I see a golden Lepard,

I will see Galen Drache.

If you think Twilight is getting way to famous, copy and paste this to your profile

If you want fan girls to SHUT UP AND REALIZE EDWARD CULLEN IS NOT REAL AND STOP SCREAMING IN MY EAR, copy and paste this to your profile

If you think Night World Vampires are better than uh..Twilight ones, Copy and paste this to your profile

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If you Love Love Love LOVE LJ Smith, Copy this to your Profile

If you think Twilight gives vampires a bad name, copy this on your profile. I mean come on? What kind of vampire sparkles?

People call me crazy, but I'm just random! If you're random and proud of it, copy and paste this in your profile!

If there are times when you wanna annoy people just for the heck of it, copy this into your profile.

If you ever forgotten what you were talking about in a conversation copy and paste this into your profile. *Happens all the time:)*

Someone told me that it’s illegal to kill someone just because they piss you off. . . . . . crap . . . . .

Just so you know: I have a shovel . . . I have a basement . . . and A LOT of people who owe me a FAVOR.

I did not hit you. . . . I simply hi-fived your face.

Sometimes I do things that make me think I’m insane. That’s when I talk to you . . . and realize we’re all pretty fucked up.

Sometimes it’s best not to question your friend; just help ‘em dump the body bag into the river.

You’ll always be my friend . . . you know too much!

The best accessory a girl can have is her best friend:)

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