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Poll: Now in my story The Second First Pokemon the main Pokemon that I use is a Zorua. Now unlike Pikachu who in the anime doesn't evolve I wish for Zorua to evolve into a Zoruark and since I know this is a major changer in the story I want your help. I want to hear your opinion on what season I should have him evolve in. Vote Now!
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Hey welcome to my profile page.

My name, well wouldn't you like to know. My pen-name though is Fanmanbookman. I love to write Inheritance books and for those of you who don't know what that is, god you are dense!

I'm positively addicted to fanfiction whether its writing or just reading it and I'm always looking for new stories to read. Though I definitely prefer to read and write stories about OC's I find we get more personality from the author that way.

Well thats all I'm putting up here ohh and if you have any suggestions on stories that you really like that I should read feel free to send them to me.

This just came to me I don't know why, but please, give this a once over.

Writing takes a lot of work, work no one seems to understand. Its taxing and straining, like a kite being pulled by too much wind. People believe that you can just slope some words onto a page and voila, a perfect piece, no mistakes, and no lapse in judgement on if this is right or wrong, it’s just there. No one, not even the one that writes knows quite what they’re doing, sure some may claim to know what they’re doing, that they know what their next piece is be it story, poem, song or article. Maybe they know the names of their characters but not what they look like, maybe it’s the opposite. Know the problem but not how to show it.

Writing is just writing, nothing else. To write is to breathe for most people, you can be good, you can be bad but it’s always writing. Take storytelling for instance, you can make up a wonderful story right there on the spot, it can hold your audience captivated for ever and you won’t feel any prouder. But then you want to write it down and it slips through your fingers, like you just tried to catch rain with a strainer.

It doesn’t make it any easier to write, to read or even to think. You can write out this wonderful outline that is just shy of being a word for word story itself, but when you get to writing, maybe you don’t like it, maybe you love the idea, but hate the story. People or so fickle, even the writers, they know what they want, how they

want it, but they don’t know how to get it.

The whole problem if you haven’t noticed isn’t that writing is hard, or complicated it’s that it’s writing, its grabbing your very thoughts and slapping them on a page in something resembling order. IT. IS. WRITING!

Fanmanbookman Out...Peace

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