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Author has written 3 stories for Warriors.

I am Mintheart:

description- white and fluffy she-cat with orange and black patches.

status- warrior

mate- Fuzzpelt

kits- none

Ideas for stories:

-what would of happened if windclan was never brought by fireheart or graystripe ( either from windclans point of veiw or what would of happened in the forest

- some tribe of rushing water stories, i don't think thet talk about them enough

- how bluefur should of handled her having kits


-purdy's former life before they meet him in Midnight

This is really sweet...

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You Know You're a Warriors Fan When. . .

1. You say "moons" instead of "months."

2. You wonder what mouse tastes like. probably yummy

3. You're in love with Jayfeather (or any other awesome cat!). nope in love with Brackenfur though

4. You want to follow a shooting star.

5. You're scared of clouds covering the moon.

6. You say "fox/mouse-dung" instead of "crap." sometimes

7. You hate it when others are on your territory.

8. You want your own forbidden love. would be sweet but hard

9. You talk constantly to yourself about how a certain tabby "aunt" is actually a "mom." What?

10. You knew all along that Squirrelflight was not mother material. yeah how did they cover that up so well

11. You're scared of running across a road. unless i don't look both ways

12.You think Lionblaze will be evil. NO

13. You think Hollyleaf will be evil. just insane

14. You think Jayfeather is a god. (this doesn't apply to me) heck no he is messed up

15. You desperately want Tigerstar to come back to life so he can die nine more times. he is only bad because of Thistleclaw who taught him evil ways

16. Repeat 15.

17. Repeat 16.

18. You're afraid of crippling your leg. I wouldn't do something stupid enough for that to possibly happen

19. You make up pairings for fun.

20. You grow out your "claws." no, not really

21. You think that all people who act suspicously are reincarnations of ShadowClanners. ShadowClan is not that bad, think of Tawnypelt

22. You either hate Crowfeather, love him, or have a love/hate relationship with him. Hate him, how did he get 3 girls to fall for him? i will never know

23. You think ruling the forest would be awesome. a little

24. You never stop to think what you would do after you took over the forest. kind of

25. You love Ashfur. Uh, no.

26. You hate Ashfur. yes! he is messed up

27. You think that Twolegs riding horses is mouse-brained. no i luv horses

28. You would love to be able to tease everyone in ThunderClan becuase you know all their weaknesses. not really

29. You think Ferncloud will explode in T-minus two moons (thats how long a cat's pregnant) yeah. Dustpelt needs a hobby

30. You think Firestar has no sense of adventure anymore. he is sooo boring

31. You're scared to go in the garage because you think there are monsters in there. just don't want to get locked out

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You love the books so much that you refuse to read anything else. My Reading teacher told me the same thing

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You have accidentally said things like, "What in StarClan's name...?" or, "StarClan, help me!" or "you mouse-brain!" sometimes

You've given yourself a warrior name. Mintheart

You suddenly began calling kittens 'kits'. already do

You wish your kitty could fight like that! prefer her not to

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You write Warriors fanfiction. Totally!

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You've made up a little profile on your cat-self, including your name, Clan, appearance, status, personality, mate, and your kits (if you have any). yep

And that's how you know you're obsessed with THE WARRIOR CATS!

Parents spend the first part of our lives teaching us to walk and talk, and the rest of it telling us to sit down and shut up. so true

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