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Author has written 18 stories for Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and Resident Evil.

Hey, I'm Diao Lover. I've been unable to update due to not having a Laptop and just being really busy in general. I've deleted most of my stories, mostly because I wanted to change and mostly because they were terrible.

Now I do have a laptop and will start slowly and steadily writing chapters again, now I just need to find my notebook and I'll be all set!

Major works in progress/Future stories:

The Dance Trilogy: Essentially remakes of my Dance of Death/Deception/Destiny. A short tragedy, it will go through the story of Diao Chan and detail her sad life, her fate. It'll be a trilogy ranging from 192 to 199. The 1st being Dance of Deception, 2nd being Dance of Destiny and 3rd being Dance of Death. Will have some Lu Bu x Diao Chan in it and will be semi-historic or close to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms cannon.

Hunger Games: A what if Madge was reaped for the 74th Hunger Games, will feature Gadge as well as Glato and the obvious Peeta & Katniss. Need to think of a title.

The Hearts series: My main Diao Chan series, most likely going to be between 4 to 7 stories, whereas the Dance Trilogy will be historically based and won't drift too far from history, the Hearts series will diverge from history starting right from the first story, A Change in Heart. The series is still under planning and my currently posted ones (bar Betrayals of the Heart) will eventually be taken down.

Starving: Cindy Lennox gazed up into those glossy, white eyes. Flesh peeled off onto her, she struggled to hold back those yellow, dirt-stained and bloody teeth as it groaned loudly, ferociously as it shoved it's jaw closer to her throat. The nightmare wasn't over, it was just beginning and she realised she may very well start to feel that hunger they know. She didn't want to be starving. Chapter 4 is up and Starving is almost 1/4th complete. Won't be updated for a while, on short hiatus.

Forgetting: Her throat burned, the situation seemed so unreal, why was this happening to her? "How do you forget? How do you cope?" Her raspy voice asked, tilting her head in defeat. The tall figure, one she knew from long ago, simply laughed. "Cindy, you never forget, there is no forgetting. But coping, well that's something you'll have to figure out on your own.

Redemption: Michelle glared at the all too familiar white fox mask, her eyes burning and brimming with rage, anger and confusion. Why was that ninja here, she had no right to be knocking on her front door. "Get out." When the red haired demoness made no attempt to move, Michelle shoved her, "Get out!" She repeated, her anger was boiling to the extreme and it was about to overflow, Michelle couldn't contain it anymore.

Will be started once Starving is complete, whenever that is.

Gods Of The Arena: A modern day fighting game based Dynasty Warriors story, featuring 16 legendary fighters from across China fighting in a tournament to obtain a prize. More detail coming soon, plans for it to become a series. - Zhu Rong scoffed, her eyes narrowed as she stared at the relatively young man in front of her. The fire within her was beginning to burn brighter than ever before, determination filled her veins as she looked him up and down. There was no way that she was going to lose to that nervous wreck, she'd never be able to look the Nanman in the face if she lost to a shoe maker. - Started. Third chapter is up, won't be updated for a while.

The Blast Legends: Tales of almost all the female characters introduced in DWBlast. Will generally follow traditional folktale or history of the woman but will sometimes diverge or not focus on an important event of her life. Next one is going to be Bianshi.

An untitled Ancient Rome/or Greece styled DW or SW story. With Emperors in a time of war in the country and gladiatorial rebellions and all that stuff.

Amazon: Set in the early 200's. Sun Ce's death came as a shock to everyone, it hit them all hard but the hardest was choosing a successor. Sun Quan or Sun Yi, but before a decision could be made Sun Quan is murdered. Sun Shang Xiang is forced to rise up and take control for herself, she needs to prove that she is a powerful warrior and a great leader. Sun Shang Xiang must become an amazon, she must remain strong for her army. In an age where women are underestimated, Sun Shang Xiang must prove not only to herself or her army but also to her enemies that she is a force to be reckoned with and will not be considered weak or unable to lead.

Lover's Peril: A remake of my deleted SW story of the same name, with a more realistic plot. Will be split into two stories.

Nene's Final Struggle: A remastered version of the remake I'm working on, with a few new characters and in general to make it more upto date with SW4 and rework the chapters and make them longer/better. Will be updated after A Change in Heart is complete. May possibly be re-titled the Tragedy of Osaka.

Ninjitsu: A kunoichi tale, Kunoichi must choose between loyalty or love. A ninja trained by Chiyome Mochizuki and employed by the Sanada, she revels her master Yukimura loyally. However, she is in a time of war and there comes a day when every man and woman must make a choice. Will she follow the ninja code or will she be defiant and proclaim her love for her master, will it make a difference either way?

File 3: The eight survivors of Raccoon City had all moved on with their lives. The year is now 2008; Alyssa Ashcroft had moved up in the world of reporting, now a famous host on a award winning talk show. Yoko Suzuki now works for Tricell, putting her sinister past behind her and unaware of what's really going on in Tricell. George Hamilton has since returned to his job as a surgeon, attempting to move on with his life and put it all behind him. Jim Chapman has been working odd jobs here and there, just trying to make a living and find a girl. Mark Wilkins, now retired and settled down to live a quiet life with his family. Cindy Ryman, formerly Lennox, accepted Kevin's proposal and now works at Terrasave while also working as a nurse in her spare time. Kevin Ryman, one of the 11 founders of BSAA continues to fight against bioterrorism . And David King? No one, not even Yoko who's being seeing him on and off knows what he's been doing in the 10 years.

All eight are now faced with something they haven't come across before, thrown back into a situation that none of them want to be in again. Animosity and distrust runs throughout the group as they must all rely on each other in order to survive. They've done it once before in the past but can they do it again?

Excellence: A story on Excella Gionne before Albert Wesker came into the mix. All Excella knew was greatness, all she had been told every since she was a child was how beautiful she is, how intelligent she is, how she could bring ruin to whoever she chose and get whatever she wants. So why isn't she getting what she wants now? The Gionne family, respected and treasured were still an off-shoot of the Travis family and when Excella finds herself working at Tricell, she is merely in a secretarial position despite her prodigal rise in her teens. That was going to change, Excella would prove to them the true excellence of her capabilities.

Running: Rebecca Chambers had fled after Raccoon City, she cut off all communication with Chris Redfield and the other former STARS members all to forget what happened on that night. She wasn't strong like Chris, she wasn't resourceful like Jill nor was she helpful like Barry. But eventually, no matter how much running you'll do, it will always catch back up.

Better Than That: Excella grimaced, clutching her stomach as she stepped out onto the floor dramatically, making sure she put on a good show for Albert. Her dear, sweet Albert who thought he could fool her. Ha, nobody got the one up on Excella. "Albert, you should know better. You tried to deceive me but it is like I sad, I have my eyes set on something much bigger." Albert eyes widened with rage, she had deceived him? That woman had actually tricked him. "Albert dear, you can do better than that."

Resident Evil: An AU situation where much of the cast is alive at the same time - No one could have foreseen this, it was all just a mess and Richard Aiken was feeling helpless. He was a respected member of STARS, not some rookie cop but he had been unable to save them, he could barely save himself. Now all that was left to do was to find Rachel, he prayed that she was still alive. They had been through a lot together, far too much for him to fail in protecting her. He failed in protecting Rebecca but he wouldn't fail in protecting Rachel, that he was sure of.

Jill walked around with care, gun raised and both hands on it. She had just seen one of those monsters devour a civilian, she was too late to save the man as when she heard the screams and arrived, the man had already been made into a meal. It had spread quickly, far quicker then she had anticipated. How could these monsters even exist? It was way too surreal, she just hoped Chris was ok.

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"A mere woman? This army is nothing. The Sun family has fallen from grace if it's leader is a mere woman." The haughty voice of the enemy taunted and Shang Xiang's eyes narrowed, a ferocious snarl appearing on her face as her grip on her chakram tightened. Such a foolish mistake would cost them their lives, she wasn't a mere woman. She was an amazon, something to be feared, admired
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