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Rukaio101 here, Writer extraordinaire! (By which I mean I'm an extremely ordinary writer)

If I was asked to describe myself in one word, I'd punch the person who asked me that simply because it's impossible to sum up my genius in one word. So yeah, some people might call me egotistical because of that, but I'm sure it's because they're all jealous of my magnificence.

I'm about 50% English, 25% Scottish and 25% Welsh, which is a pretty decent mix of genes. Because I'm English, I can't resist a bargain but, because I'm Scottish, I'm also a massive scrounger with my money. As for my Welsh genes... Well no-one remembers the Welsh really, do they? The English are posh. The Scots are drunkards. The Irish are insane. The Welsh are just... there. Anyway, enough about my anti-Welsh rants.

On a more serious notes, what are my tastes/likes/dislikes? I'm a pretty big film fan. You know those massive DVD folders which hold like 200 DVD's? Yeah, I've filled one of those with films alone. Admittedly, I'm not really into foreign films (anime is an exception), but I reckon I've watched enough to call me a film buff. My favourite genres are action, comedy (naturally), Tarantino (he's practically a genre unto himself) and recently I've become more obsessed with Westerns. A list of my top 10 is below.

Another thing I'm a massive fan of is anime/manga, more specifically manga. I currently read about 10 weekly series, although they're not all at the same quality (*cough* Bleach *cough*). I also own approximately 100 physical manga volumes. I know what you're thinking. 100 manga volumes? Over 200 films? How sad do you have to be to buy that much? Well, how sad do you have to be to spend £100 on clothing! Probably slightly less sad, but still!

Finally, I love video games, most specifically Pokemon. I'm a massive fan of Pokemon since R/B, although I can't stand the anime. I can remember the names of pretty much all the Pokemon released, which is no mean feat. I've also recently grown an obsession with Fire Emblem, since I got Sacred Stones from the 3DS ambassador program. And I also love Phoenix Wright. Typically I prefer video games with a decent amount of plot and great characters, although Pokemon's kind of an exception. I generally prefer handheld games, but there are a few home console games I enjoy (TF2 GTA). Steam sales have robbed me on multiple occasions. I never play most of the games I buy, but for that price...

Favourite Films

1. Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Wererabbit. (Odd choice, I know, but I love it)

2. Summer Wars

3. 12 Angry Men

4. The Dollars Trilogy (I couldn't leave any of them out)

5. Die Hard

6. Airplane

7. The Shawshank Redemption

8. The Producers

9. Evil Dead 2

10. Redline

Favourite Manga Series

1. Pokemon Adventures (Like it could be anything else)

2. Fullmetal Alchemist

3. One Piece

4. Vinland Saga

5. Bobobo-bobo-bobo

6. Death Note

7. Gintama

8. Black Cat

9. The World God only Knows

10. Sket Dance

Favourite Video games

1. Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

2. Super Smash Bros Brawl

3. Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

4. Phoenix Wright: T&T

5. Team Fortress 2

6. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire

7. Portal 2

8. GTA Vice City

9. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

10. Dragon Quest IX

And that's about everything.

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