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Oh My Goodness Gracious! What is up everyone? Hi, I am OMGG and this is my little bio page. I picked this as my username cuz I like to say this alot. Like seriously, i say it at least once every hour or something. Well, here's alittle about myself and such. Oh, i am not much of writer, just like to check out the stories on here. But i do have this good idea that i am working on for a Harry Potter fanfic, so maybe ill but it one here. Just to give a sneak peek, its going to be a HarryxHarry type of story. Yeah, i know it sounds weird, but it is coming out pretty good so please look for my story when i finish the first few chapters! Thanks and muchas gracias amigos! (btw, im not spanish, lulz) Okay, so Ill introduce myself and tell a bit about me...

About Me!!
My first name is Kendra and i am fourteen years old and am a freshman in high school. Yeah i knew what youre thinking if youre older or whatever. Youre probably thinking "Oh, freshman" or something else like that. Yeah, pick on the freshman, thanks so much. Anyway. I live east coast of the US and amazingly there is still snow here. I have a younger brother who likes to annoy the living hell outta me. Dont mention Star Wars to him or he will freak out. Yeah, my brother is a nerd who, i swear to god, knows everything there is about Star Wars. Okay, enough about him. I am MAJORLY obsessed with Harry Potter. Like you have no idea how badly. Like i have gone to the past 4 movies (5-7) on the day before it came out. I practically know the Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets movies by heart and some of the Prisoner of Askaban. I looooooove "A Very Potter Musical/Sequel" on youtube. It is the funniest thing and my favorite character there is Joey Richter (Ron Weasly) and the girl who plays Draco Malfoy. Good stuff there, check that out if you havent. Also I am a big fan of Smosh/IanH and Shane Dawson on youtube. They are super funny people and not to mention super cute ;). So yeah..., that's all i got so far and ill probably post more later... Okay so bye!

My Top 5 Favorite Harry Potter Characters:
1.) Tom Riddle (dude, he's suuuuper hot!)
2.) Luna Lovegood (the girl who plays her does an excellent job of acting her)
3.) Harry Potter (who can not like him? Unless your like Voldemort or have serious issues. Sorry, but its true)
4.) Draco Malfoy (cut him some slack okay? the guy's had a rough life being a death eater and such)
5.) Hermione Granger (we all have a bit of "know it all" in us. Dont deny it)

My Top 5 Least Favorite Harry Potter Characters:
1.) Ginny Weasly (idk she just bothers me alot, although she is hilarious in A Very Potter Musical)
2.) Cedric Diggory (or was it Edward Cullen...?)
3.) Voldemort (have you SEEN his face?)
4.) Doloris Umbridge (grr pink. im not a big fan of pink)
5.) Victor Krum (he's all like "look at me im a famous quidditch player, der der der.")

My Top 5 Favorite Harry Potter Couples: (even though some are not seen together)
1.) Harry Potter and Hermione Granger (you have to admit, the part in the Deathly Hallows where they were dancing was cute and they are cute together i think)
2.) Remus Lupin and Nyphadora Tonks (they are just awesome. i cried when i read the part where they died in the book. Im Serious! Im serious as Sirius Black!)
3.) Tom Riddle and Bellatrix Lestrange (the two bad-asses were like made for each other)
4.) Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood (strangely, i could actually see this happen, and aparently so can other writers who wrote their fanfics about them)
Fred or George Weasly and Katie Bell (personally, i like her with either one of the twins. You dont see much of her in the books/movies and i just looove the twins, who doesnt? hah!)

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