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Hey Everybody! A little personal background, I am a college student so my writing is still in the progressive stage. I'm doing this to try and work on my writing style a little. Practice makes perfect, as they say so reviewing my story would be great (hint hint) :)

I'll admit... I do not like to write in the slightest. I know, what do I think I'm doing on a fanfiction site posting stories, right? Well, I realize writing is important, I also realize that I have a bit of talent that if I actually tried, I could be really good, thus while I'm not going to really push myself (I'm not going to be an author or anything) I also don't want it to go to waste entirely. I do enjoy expanding off ideas which is why I do rewrites. I am forever impressed by those of you who write new ideas and are so creative with them. I'm just trying to do what I'm good at and making up stories is not my strong point. However, I warn you, I'm very susceptible to writers block. Sometimes I think my college work is more fun... and that's sad lol.

Anyways, I'm a big fan of Charmed, NCIS, Harry Potter, etc...

My favorite Charmed character is Prue with my favorite ship being Prue/Andy of course which is why in my story, neither are going to die. Piper is my next favorite, followed by Paige, and lastly Phoebe. I still like Phoebe, so my story will always be a Power of Four story. It's my perfect Charmed story... the way I think it should have gone. Check it out please. All my stories will eventually be Power of Four. Paige revelation is fun to play with.

As you can probably tell from my favorite stories list, I'll read about anything that has Prue and Andy in it as long as one of them doesn't die XD. So if you have anything, I love suggestions. Bare in mind that I don't actually favorite stories until they're finished except for a few rare cases otherwise the writer still has a chance of killing one of them off in the last chapters. I always assume the worst in a story but feel free to pm me if you have a story or something.

My favorite character in NCIS would have to Abby, but I love Tony and Ziva. It's close. I'm definitely a Tiva ship except that I wouldn't actually want it to be confirmed on the show (unless it was ending or something). I just like the idea and Tiva moments on the show.

In Harry Potter I love pretty much everyone though if I had to choose I would probably choose the Weasley Twins. Hermione is up there along with Ginny, but I hold the most interest in the generation before them. James, Sirius, Lily, and all them making The Prisoner of Azkaban my favorite book. James/Lily Forever! I'll also read any James/Lily stories although I prefer reading ones where James and Lily don't hate each other and spend most of the fic yelling. Not that those are bad but I feel they would at least tolerate each other most of the time.

That's all for now... Thanks for reading!

My Stories: (if you see that I've been stuck in the same spot it might help to PM me some encouragement. Writing isn't my favorite thing to do but when someone acts interested, I get more excited to actually write and thus, get things done faster. I try to update this whenever I write.)

Season 1 Rewrite: The Power of Four-

Season One except Paige has lived with her sisters since she was ten years old. Andy has a magical bond to the sisters but neither party knows of it until the last two chapters which are a replacement of Deja Vu All Over Again. Mostly minor changes to the episodes to fit in Paige although a few have major changes.


Season 2 Rewrite: Charmed and Fabulous

Follows my Season 1 Rewrite. With the addition of Andy in this season as well as Paige means there are more major changes to this season than the last one. In my opinion, it's much more entertaining than Season 1 because of that.

Episode 16- Ex Libris

Written so far- 46%


Season One except I've switched the sisters ages so that Phoebe is the oldest and Prue's the youngest. Andy is therefore also younger and not as experienced with cases. It also allows me to come up with a new perspective for the sisters as they've grown up in different situations but also attempt to keep true to their personality. I really like the idea and actually have a good place to go with it but it's not top priority and I'm not sure how most people feel about it. Not really a story but more of one-shot episodes put under the same name.

Next Episode would be: The Fourth Sister

Written so far- 43%

Prequel to my Season Rewrites: Before There Were Four

It will explain how Prue found Paige at such a young age, the events surrounding Paige coming to live with them, how the prophecy of three was altered to include Paige, how the magical community reacts upon finding out about another Charmed One, the sisters' reactions to having a baby sister and how she slowly begins to fit in after the car crash. Mostly focuses on the relationship between Prue and Paige. My attempt at tying up loose ends that I created early on.


Being Posted

Beta Wanted! if anyone is interested

Charmed Rewrites Info

Andy/ Expellers:

Many of the old and powerful witch families have an expeller family line that follows them. Expellers are drawn to their witch family and usually stay nearby their witch counterparts. (Andy's family line can be traced back to the Salem Witch Trials along with the Warren family line)

There is no gender preference so an Expeller can be either male or female. Sometimes their powers can skip generations or only one sibling receives the powers but not always. (Andy's grandmother and great aunt were Expellers but his great uncle didn't have any magic. Andy's father was an Expeller and then Andy himself was)

Expellers are generational. Andy's grandmother and great aunt were Expellers to Penny; Andy's father was an Expeller for Patty; Andy is Expeller for the Charmed Ones.

There's not a set number of Expellers to witches. As in there can be four Expellers to one witch, three Expellers to three witches, One Expeller to two witches... it doesn't matter.

Their powers are connected to their witch family. The closer they are to their witch family, the stronger their magic is and the more powerful their witch family, the more powerful they are as well. If their witch family loses their magic then the Expeller does too. (The sisters' powers were bound which effectively bound Andy's; Andy's father lost his magic after Patty (the only witch in his generation) died). This is because an Expeller's job is to help the witches. No witches= no need for an Expeller but their magic can still be passed on to the next generation.

In the case of Expeller/Witch children which is not an uncommon occurrance, if they are blessed with the ability to orb then they are considered Expellers while any witch powers they inherit become part of their inheritable powers. Otherwise, they are considered ordinary witches. This definition is arguable in the magical community as sometimes Expeller powers are split such as despite not receiving the orbing power, a child may still be able to sense different degrees of magic like an Expeller but are still not considered one. However, more often then not, all Expeller powers go hand in hand and the splitting is uncommon. Expeller powers are rarely inherited when competing with witch powers thus their numbers have greatly diminished in recent years as more Expellers fell for the witch partners.


Expellers can sense different degrees of magic (as in whether someone is more powerful magically or not) as well as whether they use good or evil magic.

They're more sensitive to magic working around them. (Andy was more suspicious of the sisters and magical cases then Darryl because of this)

They are granted the power to orb by the Elders but they also have an inheritable personal power. (Andy can absorb and reuse powers temporarily and also negate powers used against him)

Witch Practitioners:

I introduce the idea of Witch Practitioners in That Old Black Magic and added this to limit confusion regarding them. I took the idea that was used in the Charmed Novels. I realize that they weren't officially cannon stories but nothing in the show ever contradicted what the novels suggested as a witch practitioner.

"According to the book, witch practitioners are mortals with a natural affinity to magic. Hence they can use magic. However, the witch practitioner must rely upon external sources of power from which to draw upon in order to use the three basic witch powers (ie: scrying, potion making, and spell casting). For example, Abigail Thornwood was able to curse her daughter at Mystic Knoll, because the place was a natural reservoir of magic which she could tap into and use as 'fuel'. Magic may also be drawn from magical people such as when Harriet Thornwood cast a spell using both Mystic Knoll and the Charmed Ones magic." Charmed Wiki

I believe being around the Manor would be as good a place as any for a witch practitioner to be able to use the basic powers. The Nexus is powerful magic of itself and the Charmed Ones add to it.

Prue’s wedding dress

Yeah, it's obviously not Prue posing but this is the dress that I like, personally. I promise, there's not viruses with it.

Brianna "Bree" Trudeau

No pictures, sorry, but I'll try and describe her as best I can.

I imagine her looking very similar to Prue. However, she'd have darker blue eyes, more like Andy's. As a teenager, I think she'd distinguish herself from her borderline famous mom by dying a front strip of her hair a bright red. She'd get up a couple hours early just to put loose curls in her hair and I see her wearing more fearless attire, particularly leather. Her favorite accessory would be her leather high-heeled boots. She'd keep her hair a little past the shoulders.

At around fourteen, I see Prue giving her the heart necklace that she would make a habit of wearing almost religiously. She's a little more cautious and I can see her as the 'angel' of the family despite the impression that her attire can give. She'd listen to her parents the majority of the time and would probably be very nervous at attempting to disobey any rules (although she's easily dragged into things by her more reckless and go-lucky siblings/cousins; namely PJ (yes Phoebe's daughter PJ)). When she does get into trouble, she's very good at sweet-talking her Mom and Dad into not punishing her and frequently is begged by her younger sister to take the blame for something since she won't get into trouble.

She's a Momma's girl from the very beginning so she'll try to act more and more like Prue as she gets older. It also means that if she needs anything, she goes running to Prue and woe to anyone who upsets her because Prue will know of it very quickly.



Molecular Immobilization


There are more obviously but that one is the only one you guys know about at this point. Will be updated as more are revealed.

Alexandria "Andie" Trudeau

Andie, frequently called "Andie Candy" or just "Candy" is more on the sporty side than her elder sister. Her hair is a lighter brown color kinda like Phoebe's and she keeps it very long and straight although she often has it tied into a long ponytail to keep it out of the way. She used to play softball and was very good at it but she had a tendency of using her powers to make sure her team won so Prue and Andy pulled her out. She's trouble, often not knowing when to stop talking and gets sent to see the principal on a weekly basis for telling someone exactly what she thinks. She has her mom's icy blue-grey eyes.

She finds entertainment in creating potions (most notably love potions) and mixing them with Brianna's chocolate bars and seeing how Brianna reacts. As in with the love potions, she finds it entertaining to watch Brianna go off on a love spree with random guys although she wouldn't let things go farther than flirting.

She and Bree get along surprisingly well for being as different as they are but they have the same ideals in what really matters. Both are extremely protective of each other. Bree, however, prefers not to have to fight whereas Andie will run right into it.



Orbing (Red in color from Prue's Astral Projection)

Piper has been known to tell Prue that she had the easiest child to raise in Brianna but also the hardest in Andie

TBA soon.

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