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Hi unfortunate people to stumble across my profile.

I'm Shynah (duh) and I'm from the Netherlands meaning I'm Dutch so English isn't my native language.
I try to write without mistakes but sadly enough that's impossible so just bear with it.
The words I use can vary from standard to weird ones I picked up while reading books/fanfiction in English and I probably use a comma where it doesn't belong etcetera.
It doesn't mean my English is just rubbish (I've read stories in wich even I a 14 year old student can see the mistakes clearly) but it has its flaws, more than I like.
That's about it.

About my stories:

I am now writing Three stories , Purple glory, Apples and Of princes, promises and weddings , and will continue writing them in my free time.
It's no Gary-Stu story, At least I try to keep him real, and no Legendary pokèmon will be owned, ever because in my world Arceus would blast you away and Mewto could use his awesome powers to instantly destroy your precious masterball.
Pokèmon will be eaten (I don't believe that everyone there is a vegitarian, no offense) so meat/fish= Magikarp/Weedle/Rattata etc (No you won't find a Lugia on your plate)

I'll keep the gymleaders (I'm lazy, so I won't create my own) but no Misty/Ash/Brock (In books/records but not in person)
No: ''I'm-going-to-destroy-an-evil-team-on-my-own'' stuff (but the infamous Rockets will make an appearance)

Apples is about our very own world suddenly having pokèmon, it will be my very own take on this subject and I hope it turns out the way I want it to.

Of princes, promises and weddings is a random thing that popped in my mind, imagine the pokémon heroes being princes/princesses/cooks etc.
Writing just for fun, updated : probably daily.


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