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Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Happy Fourth, to all Americans who stalk me. It seems I enjoy going on hiatus, and I apologize for that. But in the time I've disappeared - this time - I've also moved, and been almost a month without internet, aside from my phone. (The horror!) But now, that's all over, and we're live once again! Yay!
Now, I'm just waiting to get a hold of my beta, and ask her very nicely to review the next chapter of Desire to Begot before posting it. But I'm still working! I haven't forgotten, I promise!

I'm also playing with the idea of posting some other one-shots on here, but it's all a matter of getting them finished... I tend to take my one-shots and drag them on...

Anyway, I'm still around! Thanks for your patience, folks!

Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm back from the dead! Okay, so it wasn't death, but an unintentional hiatus... Life sucks, as usual, and then I got my hands on the Mass Effect 3 demo, which was followed by the game itself. My reviews, they are mixed. I accidentally spoiled some minor things for myself, but I managed to keep the ending itself unspoiled until I finished it. So, because I know that at least one person that reads The Desire to Begot also likes ME3, I'll say no more.

So, I'll hopefully get my rear in gear on this fic and get some work done on it =) Still have a couple chapters done ahead of time, but I'd like to try and keep it that way, rather than post everything I have at once and leave everyone hanging eventually.

But not much to report here, just letting you all know I'm still around, just dealing with stuff. And playing my Xbox because I can only deal with so much stupid before I need to shoot something, or blow it up. 0=)

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Happy New Year! It's late, but oh well. I'm finally getting something up and posting, which I'm really excited for. It's called The Desire to Begot, and it's not finished yet - as in I went against my better judgement and started posting it before I finished it. The good news, I know how I want it to end, so if for whatever reason I'm unable to finish - or I lose interest... - the last post will be whatever else I have finish for the fic, and where I was planning on taking the entire thing.

I'm planning on making this a three-part story, one for each act. But I also plan on doing a one-shot at the end of it; it's another one of those ideas that won't leave me alone.

Besides noting that I'm doing a fic, the main reason I'm posting is because I might be a bit slower to update The Desire to Begot, there's been a tragedy in our family. There was an accident, and my boyfriend's cousin lost their baby boy. I have never heard or seen anything more chilling than the cry of a mother who's lost a child - most especially so soon. The little boy was only a few months old; it wasn't my child, and I was devastated. There were no words, and there still aren't...

I'll still be around, but we have a family emergency going on. Thank you for your patience guys, I'm still here.

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Hullo! I'm still here! And still plotting! XD

Now, I currently have two fics that I'm plotting, one of which is going to be done with my partner in crime =3 Just waiting on her to finish her play-through with Sebastian =X That fic is going to be very tricky to write, but the idea won't leave me alone, so I thought it best if I bring in some help -

While waiting to start that, it give me time to work my second idea that the thought of makes me giddy! This one I think I'll post as I go along with it =) Hopefully, that will be all the more motivation to finish it. If for whatever reason I don't keep up with it and end up dropping it, the last update for it will be where I was planning to go with it - as in how it will end.

Seeing as how I have other ravenous plot bunnies that I've started on my computer, I'll probably be distracted by those (And will hopefully get a finished product somewhere along the way...) it's very likely that both those projects will take longer than I'd (and other readers) might like them to.

Just a warning in advance, and letting anyone who dares follow me know I'm still here XD;

Thanks for stalking me! It makes me feel special... /melts.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

And another fic is up! =D A one-shot called Appeal. It's a fill for the DA K!meme, but it was actually inspired by the initial fill for the prompt =)

Here's the link for the prompt, as well as the posts following it (including the original fill and mine)

The initial fill is AMAZING! It's called Incubus and it inspired me so much, that I had to start on my fill for the prompt before I actually finished reading it XD;

So, I'm still working on other fics, but still distracted by my new DS >.>; (Twas a birthday/anniversary present to myself since my significant other got one too =3 )

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh, how the ideas flow! ;;;;; I have too many - unfortunately - and none want to leave me be long enough to finish just one of them. I have one other one finished, I'm just waiting for my beta to read through it and fix the typos that I know are hiding. It's a fill for the K!meme, and I'm proud of it It's not overly long - I think, I can't remember, it's been a little bit since I've had the chance to look it over - and it's pretty much just some good ol' fashioned PWP XD;

Let's see... I also have an idea for a Sebastian/Hawke fic that I posted a prompt for on the K!Meme, again, meant as a PWP, but the idea for it wouldn't leave me alone. So, I posted the prompt, and slowly began working on my own idea for it. This one shouldn't be overly long, and shouldn't take too long to finish. (Now, if only I could put my DS down long enough to finish it >.>;

I've also got some other ideas for Andra and Anders swimming around, I just need to sit down and start/finish writing them.

And there's a Dom!Alistair/Cousland fic I'm trying to work on - again for the k!meme. (Oh, how I love and hate how it gets my creative juices flowing! lol) I think I'm almost done with that, but I'm not sure.

Thanks so much for the reviews for Of Possession and Contention! I love reviews! Believe it or not, when I'm in a fowl mood, I'll go through and read my reviews, and they make me feel better! - I also had the chance to find a prompt for the k!meme it fit and posted it there - which I was very excited about! Loved the reviews there too! - I also changed/edited a few parts before posting it there, nothing major so no need to worry about jumping over there and reading it for 'delete-scenes' and the sort. It was mostly done to fit certain parts here and there into the post XD;

That's all for now! Time to get back to the grindstone - I mean getting ready for work T_T; - I'll be around! LOL

Monday, August 1, 2011

And so, my first fic is posted! =D Of Possession and Contention is up for your viewing pleasure It's a Dragon Age 2 fic based around Andra Hawke and Anders.

And I've gotten my hands on 'DA2: Legacy', and am in the process of playing it. Depending on how the game turns out, I may post something related to it, once I get to it ;

Like I said at the end of OPaC, I have ideas for other pics pertaining to Andra and Anders, but if people don't care either way, I'll just post them at my leisure. But if I have people interested in seeing more of them, I'll try and put some more effort into writing them. But like with this one, I wouldn't post any of it until I'm finished writing it, and the first part of the fic is proofread (by me or a beta). I have a habit of losing interest in fics/stories that I'm writing, and I hate reading something that isn't finished because I don't like being left hanging on something that's not going to be finished. So, to prevent that, I'll be posting fics once they are finished.

Speaking of a beta, I'll probably be looking for one, considering how many typos keep popping up in OPaC ;;; I'm a horrible proofreader of my own works, as I'm sure many other people are.

That's all I have to report for now, thanks for sticking around, and I hope you enjoy Of Possession and Contention. Thanks again! =D

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ideas for the K!Meme won't let me finish writing one solid fic... >.> I don't want to post one that's unfinished, and leave it unfinished (I have a horrible habit of not finishing something I've started, I.E: Fics, drawings, paintings, conversations... >.>; LOL

Anyhow, I have one I'm hoping to finish very soon =3 It's a F!Hawke/Anders one-shot that takes place after DA2. I think I'd consider it about half way done... Maybe.

Well, that's all for now!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So, I have a few "projects" in the making =3 All of which are still untitled... ; Oh, and I have a new source of inspiration! =D k!memes! - Yay! I have one I'm working on atm, and two fics of my own inspirings that I'm working on =)

While I've yet to actually post anything, I've been putting my profile to good use by reviewing! I only hope that others return the favor when I start posting something besides profile updates XD

Another thing that has captured my interest lately is Christine Feehan's 'Dark Series' =3 I didn't realize how much smut was in it when I started reading into it on Wiki >.>; I'm not complaining, I just wasn't expecting it XD; I just finished the second book of the series (though I know reading them in order isn't necessary) and I have the third one ready and waiting to be tackled on my phone. I also have a request put in for the fourth one at my local library XD; (I finished the 2nd one in 6 days, would have been sooner if I didn't have stuff going on lol) Dunno if I'll ever post a fic on it, though a one shot did cross my mind >3

That's all for now =) Hopefully - again - I hope to have something up soon >.>;;;;

Sunday, March 26th, 2010:

Hello =) This is my second profile with (my first one was lost to an old e-mail >.>; )

I've recently started writing fics again, and I'm hoping that the ones I've started won't become too lengthy, so that I won't get bored with them, and people won't have a massive story to read.

What I've been dabbling in lately is Dragon Age =3 I've done some anime-based fics in the past, and those are in old computers here and there, so if people are still curious, I might be willing to dig them up. (Keep in mind NONE OF THEM are finished)

Now, as I said, I'm currently working on Dragon Age-based fics, and a beta or two might not hurt =) If not, then please excuse my horrible grammar, sometimes I don't catch my mistakes and I don't have a grammar check on my word program.

As for interests, I like playing video games (obviously) and I prefer fantasy-based games. I also enjoy roleplaying, I have a GaiaOnline account that's pretty much for that. (I also have a no-name message board for me and my friends to use, but that's only if we're bored enough and don't feel like sticking to the PG-13 of Gaia.) I enjoy reading, though it's difficult for me to find a good book most of the time. I'm addicted to my iPhone and am constantly checking FML and 'Not Always Right' apps, as well as an occasional trip to MyLifeIsAverage =3

In regards to anything overly personal, know that I'm a girl and over 21, so, there's a good chance I'll be posting mature content, whether it be gushy romance or gushy gore. (Hopefully, I won't be overly excessive with either, but I'm quite fond of romance. >.> You've been warned.)

Also as an FYI, I prefer writing hetero romances. Whilst I have absolutely nothing against Yaoi or Yuri, it's not my cup of tea when it comes to detail and sex scenes. (Reading or writing them) Otherwise, if it's in my fics, I have no problem with implications, same-sex flirting, and some schmoozing here and there, but don't get your hopes up. >.>

Reviews are appreciated, flames aren't minded (much, and in the form of constructive criticism, please. Blatant insults and reviews intended to be nothing but rude and immature will be deleted. Continued attempts to post such reviews will be reported.), but pestering/begging for another part or chapter will be ignored. I'll post when I get the chance to or when writer's block hasn't gotten it's dirty paws on my laptop. I have a job and a life outside of fics (while it might not be much of one) and I put that before anything on the internet, whether it be games, roleplays, or fics. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Anything else that is noteworthy will be posted here in the future, I.E.: Fics in progress, completed fics, and possible upcoming fics/ideas I'm considering, or changes in preferences/interests.

Thanks for scouting out my profile =) Hopefully, I'll have something up soon ;

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