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Ciao a tutti! (Disclaimer: Once I start writing, I just go and go and go, so this will probably get a bit long. Please, do not feel obligated to read any or all of this if you so choose. Again, once I start, it's a bit difficult for me to stop. Haha! That is all. :D )

So a little bit about me: Music/singing, writing, and Italy. These are my three passions and make up me. There's definitely more to me than that, but I define myself by my passion for singing, my love of the written word, and my deep-rooted love for my heritage. I am the daughter of Italian immigrants and have grown up speaking the language and learning to appreciate my culture for all that it is, positive and negative. I've been lucky enough to visit that breathtakingly beautiful country many times, the most recently being during my junior year at college when I studied abroad for a semester in Rome. To say that that trip changed my life is an understatement. I truly cannot express how crucial it was for me. I hope to return within the next year.

My pen name comes from my nickname of "Siren" that has followed me since I was a little girl. I am currently 22 years old and grew up during and was HEAVILY influenced by what is now being called the "Disney Renaissance," i.e. the flourishing of the incomparable 2D masterpieces that, unfortunately, are now considered obsolete thanks to technology. Of all the Disney films/princesses, the one that I always identified with was Ariel, the little mermaid, and though I cannot remember this far back, according to my family, singing and talking happened at the same time for me, with "Part of Your World" being my theme. It was the first song I learned to sing and to this day, remains "my song." I've been singing in choirs since a little girl but once I started college, I let my first love go in favor of focusing on my studies. It wasn't until Rome, where I performed in my first musical ever, as Maureen in RENT, where I was reacquainted with my passion for singing, and upon returning to my home college, I enrolled in private vocal instruction and have since performed is various recitals and Broadway-style numbers, as well as being accepted into the prestigious Chamber Singers and Glee Club ensembles. I am currently training in musical theatre style, particularly focusing on my belt. Though my degree is in Psychology, I plan on continuing singing, and should it ever lead to something more (i.e. a role on Glee...I WISH!), then psychology will have to take a backseat. I have recently been dubbed the Rachel Berry of my Glee Club. I hope our similarities end at our vocal style and fashion and don't extend into personality! ;)

My third passion, writing, has also been there since I was a child. Drawing, unfortunately, was never something I was good at, and as my friends and peers drew images of their families, or their dogs, or what have you, during class time, I would fill the margins of my notes with one-sentence stories and poems and drabbles about the crazy world in my head. Narrative writing is definitely one of my favorite things to do, and I have currently focused more on nonfiction rather than fiction (save for my recent foray into fan fiction!). I've never been published and that's okay. My writing is something that I do for me, to let go of the swirling vortex of thoughts that cloud my consciousness and subconsciousness. In terms of style, those who have read my work often comment on my attention to detail, some of it minute. Perhaps it stems from my secret desire to be an artist, but I try to "paint" images for my readers, hoping that they see my worlds exactly, or as closely, as I do when the muses bless me with ideas.

I could keep going and rambling but I think I'll stop here. Bless you if you've read all of my rambling and thanks so much for your support of my work!

P.S. Just got me a Tumblr (though I have no idea how to use it but I hope I figure it out soon. Come on over, ask me something, be my friend. I like friends. :) -->

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No Place Like Home by ImaginedInsanity reviews
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Smoke and Mirrors by LPBekka reviews
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Pseudonymity by RidgelessRidgeback reviews
Blaine begins an online love affair, but his target ends up being best friend Kurt, forcing him to live double lives. Latest: Blaine and Kurt make love for the first time, unaware that the Warblers are liveblogging it from a hacked webcam stream.
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El Fuego Del Tango reviews
Smoke, wine, drums, and a pair of angry, lust-filled eyes. Everything about the situation screamed danger. Yet Kurt couldn't fight against the invisible force that pulled him towards the stranger with the fire in his eyes... ONE-SHOT.
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Until the Curtain Falls reviews
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And We Could Sing Together In Perfect Harmony reviews
"'AHH'" Kurt screamed, tearing the curtain open in terror. His eyes searching madly for the intruder, he caught sight of his boyfriend, who was biting his lip in an effort to keep from cracking up." One-shot dedicated to my 104th reviewer!
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