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... Hi...

My favorite books:

Drake Chronicles

Gallagher Girls

Maximum Ride

Percy Jackson

Teehee just because I want to I will do one of my friends "girfts" on this. This is how I ended up with my nickname "happy cupcake". Yeah dont ask:

the starting word: Flowers

When I think of flowers I think of bugs.

When I think of bugs I think of bug bites.

When I think of bug bites I think of bandaids.

When I think of bandaids I think of first aid kits.

When I think of first aid kits I think of Soccer.

When I think of soccer I think of Running.

When I think of running I think of sweat.

When I think of sweat I think of showers.

When I think of showers I think of water.

When I think of water I think of swiming pools.

When I think of swiming pools I think of my brothers.

When I think of my brothers i think of boys.

When I think of boys I think of cliffs.

When I think of cliffs I think of this one guy I know.

When I think of this one guy I know I think of my friend in a wheelchair.

When I think of my friend in a wheelchair I think of happy smiling faces.

When i think of happy smiling faces I think of my smiley face F!sh.

When I think of F!sh I think of bob.

When I think of bob I think of a friend of mine.

When I think of a friend of mine I think of math.

When I think of math I think of grades.

When I think of grades I think of my parents.

There you have it. From flower to parents. I sware my friend could go on FOREVER. She some how got hobo out of my name... can you belive that?

love life people and shin on! :)p (my computer image of F!sh)

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