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Welcome, welcome to my little piece of the internet / my virtual home! Please do wipe your feet on the way in on my welcome mat... I don’t like an unclean profile! (You know who you are!) Plus, Professor Layton taught me that politness is a virtue! Yeah, I lied, there isn’t a welcome mat... BUT THE KIDS NEED THEIR SHOES!... *awkward silence...* But, do, please come on in, sit on my lime green virtual couch, make yo’self at home. Hey, I’ll bring y’all a cocoa! Marshmallows? Cream? I bought 'Cool Whip', I knew you were coming! Oh, and yes! I made cookies with my noona BetsyFriday ( They're shaped like Alpacas and strawberries xD.

Yeah, so help yo'self to cookies + read some fanfics... oh, and enjoy! :D

By the way, I’m Kasha/kwednesday/Wednesday The Great/ The girl before Thursday/ Ka$ha! My friends call me ‘Wednesday’ because we used to be in a group called KND whi-

We don’t need to go there.. :/ Plus, I am friends with The Awesomely Great Friday :)(BetsyFriday) So yeah, that's why it's Wednesday!

Bits about me, y'all! Read up, motherbeeeeeeeeeepers!;

Name: Ka$ha

Nicknames: kwednesday/Wednesday The Great/ The girl before Thursday/ Ka$ha

Age: 12 going on 5/30 years old - I can't decide wether i'm immature with 'that's what she said' (teeheeteehee xD) or correcting people's punctuation...

Job: I'd love to be a Apple employee at some point... I'd also love to be a actress/comedienne/writer, but right now I'm bust working at SM Ent. being a SHINee shawol/oppa budae!

Languages spoken: Brilliant English (One might ponder the intelectual abillities of a young lady, but Wednesday was not a fool, undecidedly not a fool.), basic Korean, good Spanish (MAMI, MAMI! Mi Papa es omosessual!), good Japanese, basic Welsh (Daffyd's the only gay in the village! And.. I watch S4C! ;) ), oh - and I can sing along to the whole of Lucifer by SHINee! :D

Favourite Pastime: Writing, acting, dancing, gettin' buzzed on Skittles and 34p Red Bull, eating, Tweeting, Re-Tweeting, Re-Tweeting Re-Tweets that have been Re-Tweeted. You get the idea.

Catchphrase: "Oh, Kasha! Wa, wa, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" And, "IS THIS THE REALITY YOU GUYS WANTED? (Neoye deuri wonhaeun rieolitiga ireongeonya!??!)

Species: Anything between Human and Penguin.

Favourite food: STRAWBERRIES! Plus, you can't beat a good Roast Dinner.

Favourite TV shows: Family Guy, American Dad!, SHINee's Hello Baby,Friends, Russell Howard's Good News, TV Burp, Coronation Street, Glee, Midsomer Murders, Poirot, Little Britain, =3 with William Ray Johnson... CO ZA ASY!

Favourite Films: Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva ( I cried, alot.)

Favourite Gadgety thing or iDevice: iPOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DSi/ My limited edition RED Wii. I'm proud of that :')

Favourite Game: Professor Layton series!!! DAMMMN STRAIGHT!

Favourite Singers: SHINee, SNSD, BoA, Buono!, 3OH!3, Super Junior, TVXQ, Girl's Day, f(X), P!ATD.

Favourite Pairings:
Professor Layton - LAYTON/CLAIRE, LAYTON/CLAIRE, LAYTON/CLAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Layton/Luke, Luke/Flora.

Britannia High - Jez/Ronnie, Lola/Stefan, Danny/Claudine love it ;)

Favourite Anime: Death Note / Shugo Chara!

Favourite Manga: Ouran High School Host Club, Betsy got me one and I've read it 15 times - I can't keep off it. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! ZING! *High fives y'all*

Anime or Manga: Anime, forever! But, Ouran anime is SCARY!

Favourite Stalkee: BetsyFriday... I'm secretly living in her wardrob- what?? Who said that? 0.o

You may have noticed this does look an awful lot like Betsy's ( profile... I didn't steal it... 0.0


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